A Cozy Playlist for the Zodiac

cozy playlist
Relax with this calm and cozy zodiac playlist!

I made a list of cozy activities for the zodiac not too long ago. But what is the point of participating in relaxing pastimes if you don’t have cozy music to listen to?

If you are having trouble relaxing, try unwinding with a comforting song that I picked out just for your sun sign. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising sign as well as your sun sign. You can check your birth chart here!

Aries – Fire and Rain


Written and performed by James Taylor

This is one of the few times I have paired the cardinal sign with a more somber song. This song reminds Aries that they don’t have to be upbeat and optimistic all of the time. Though I do think James Taylor was trying to channel his sanguine Aries moon when he wrote the lyrics “I always thought I’d see you again.” Aries will definitely love the title of the song since they’re a fire sign whose season is known to be quite rainy.

Taurus – Save Me A Place


Written and performed by Fleetwood Mac

Of course I was going to pair a sign ruled by Venus with a love song. Taureans work hard so that they can play hard, so the lyrics “Don’t know why I have to work, don’t know why I can’t play,” will resonate with them. The fixed earth sign goes out of their way to make room for their loved ones, so they will probably identify with a song that begs the listener to make room for them.

Gemini – Blowin’ In The Wind


Written and performed by Bob Dylan.

This is a poetic song from a poetic Gemini. The mutable air sign is very inquisitive and likes to ask questions even if those questions don’t really have answers. I have often likened Gemini to a voice that is carried on the wind and this song will remind them that sometimes the answers they seek are just blowing in the wind.

Cancer – Runaway


Written and performed by Aurora. Co-written by Magnus Skylstad

Upon first listening to this song, you may wonder why I didn’t pair the wanderlust tune with Sagittarius. I’ll explain. The song opens with a reference to the ocean, and I have compared the water sign to the deep blue sea. Cancerians are also homebodies who love to reside in their safe space surrounded by loved ones, so they will appreciate the lyrics “take me home where I belong.”

Leo – Put Your Records On


Written and performed by Corinne Bailey Rae. Co-written by John Beck and Steve Chrisanthou

I once paired this song with Cancer on the karaoke playlist. But today is a new day and this is a different article. Leos feel the need to be “on” at all times because they feel like they always have to entertain those around them. This song will remind them that the only person they need to entertain is themselves.

Virgo – We Are Gonna Be Friends


Written and performed by The White Stripes

School starts back right at the start of Virgo season. And a lot of students just went back to school after a long winter break. So what better way to observe that than by listening to this wholesome song about two classmates forming a friendship? Virgos are known to be incredibly loyal and this song speaks to their true-blue nature.

Libra – Peaceful, Easy Feeling


Written by Jack Tempchin and performed by The Eagles

This is kind of the perfect song to have on a cozy playlist. This is a song that a Libra can listen to after a long day to unwind. It’s a song of peace, love, and being happy in the moment. It reminds Libra that it is always okay to have your head in the clouds as long as you keep standing on the ground.

Scorpio – Ophelia


Written and performed by The Lumineers

Since Scorpio is known to be one of the most sensual songs in the zodiac, I had to give them a love song. But because they are also one of the broodiest signs in the zodiac, I had to pair them with a love song that has a cynical edge. The mutable water sign will appreciate the lyrics “you’ve been on my mind girl since the flood, Oh, Ophelia, Heaven help a fool who falls in love.”

Sagittarius – Traveling Song


Written and performed by Ryn Weaver

I feel like this is the perfect cozy song for Sagittarius. With a title like “Traveling song” you know it’s going to appeal to the mutable fire sign’s sense of wanderlust. But it will also resonate with their introspective nature. The lyrics are reminiscent of the sagely musing of a wise confidant.

Capricorn – Vienna


Written and performed by Billy Joel

If any zodiac sign needs to hear the words “slow down you crazy child,” it is the cardinal earth sign. This song is perfect for the Capricorn who needs to stop and smell the Roses every once in a while. The lyrics “you can afford to lose a day or two,” will inspire Capricorn to relax and stop overworking themselves.

Aquarius – Nature Boy


Written by eden ahbez and performed by Nat King Cole

I really wanted this song on the playlist but I had trouble figuring out what sign to pair it with. I ultimately landed on Aquarius for a few reasons. The song describes the titular Nature Boy as strange and shy. And I’m sure the zodiac’s standoffish visionary has often felt strange and shy before. The compassionate air sign will love the lyrics “the greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.”

Pisces – I Wish I Was The Moon


Written by Merle Travis and Ned Fairchild. Performed by Neko Case.

I know what you are thinking. “This is a song about the moon. Shouldn’t it be paired with Cancer?” Don’t worry, I have paired tons of moon songs with Cancer in the past. I chose this song for Pisces because of its dreamy and romantic lyrics. Also, the tarot card for Pisces in The Moon. But I have already talked about that. 

Ophiuchus – Party Rock Anthem


Written and performed by LMFAO. Co-written by David Listenbee and Peter Schroeder

This song is neither cozy nor is it relaxing. And Ophiuchus is neither real, nor is it a zodiac sign.

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