What Is Your Ideal Brunch Cocktail Based on Your Sign?

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Here's to the sun signs who brunch! Discover your new favorite cocktail with a little help from the zodiac.

Who doesn’t love brunch? Nothing is better than getting together with some of your favorite people and enjoying a delicious meal of sandwiches and breakfast foods. But no brunch is complete without a refreshing cocktail.

Today, we are going to be pairing the zodiac signs with their perfect brunch beverage. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun signs. You can check your birth chart here.

Please drink responsibly.

Aries- Bloody Mary


This drink will make the cardinal fire sign dance dance dance with their hands hands hands above their head. That reference is super appropriate since Lady Gaga is an Aries!  But the drink’s association with the viral hit song is not the only reason for this pairing. I often refer to Aries as the warrior of the zodiac. And as the warriors, Aries will enjoy this drink while pretending it’s the blood of their enemies! Plus, the fiery sign will love any drink that has a spicy kick to it.

Taurus- Orange Mimosa


Taureans love to host parties and have friends over. So if they were to ever host brunch, they would have to serve the quintessential brunch drink. This drink matches the fixed sign’s personality perfectly. Taureans are known to be sweet-natured, and the orange juice will pair with that sweetness nicely. And as earth signs, they will enjoy the dry, earthy flavor of the champagne.

Gemini- Espresso Martini


You know those people who sit in coffee shops and write on their laptops or in their journals while drinking huge cups of coffee? Chances are, they have Gemini in a prominent place in their chart. I should know because I have Gemini in my third house, and I am writing this article in a cafe. Since the mutable air signs love their caffeinated beverages, it just makes sense to pair them with a caffeinated brunch beverage.

Cancer- Peach Bellini


Peach Bellinis are commonly made with Prosecco, an Italian white wine, and peach purée. Cancerians are known to be dedicated to their homes and loved ones. They love their houses to serve as safe spaces for the ones that they care about. This drink is perfect for them because it is believed in some cultures that peach branches can protect one’s home from evil spirits. So rest assured that the cardinal water sign will feel safe when drinking this cocktail at brunch.

Leo- Aperol Spritz


Leos love basking in the sun during summertime and feeling fancy. And that is why an Aperol spritz is the perfect drink for them. This refreshing drink is the perfect cocktail for Leo to enjoy on a hot day. The drink even looks like a golden sunset, which is just perfect for a sign ruled by the sun. Plus, the fixed fire sign will feel luxurious as they sip it.

Virgo- Pimm’s Cup


This cocktail probably has the cutest name on this list. But don’t let the cute name fool you. This gin-based beverage can pack a punch. I paired this drink with Virgo because the mutable earth sign is known to be one of the most health-conscious signs in the zodiac. And if you can believe it, back in the early 1800’s, this drink was considered a health tonic.

Libra- Mojito


Libras are all about balance. So naturally, I had to pair them with a drink that has a perfectly balanced blend of flavors. A Mojito is a nice crisp cocktail made with white rum, soda water, lime juice, mint, and sugar. If the drink is made just right, none of the flavors will overpower the others. It will be the perfect blend of sweet, sour, and minty.

Scorpio- Screwdriver


Scorpio and Taurus are solar opposites. Meaning that though they complement each other but are still quite different. I had no choice but to pair Scorpio with a cocktail that was similar, yet very different from Taurus’ cocktail. Some people order a mimosa when what they really want is a screwdriver. And the latter pairs much better with Scorpio’s sweet and sour personality.

Sagittarius- Sangria


Sangria is a punch that is often made with red wine and fruits such as peaches, berries, and nectarines. Though it originated in Spain and Portugal, the locals do not drink it as much as the tourists who visit the Iberian Peninsula. So it only made sense to pair this drink with the mutable fire sign that is driven by their insatiable wanderlust. 

Capricorn- Irish Coffee


I mentioned earlier that Taureans like earthy flavors because they are fixed earth signs. Well, that must mean that Capricorns LOVE earthy flavors since they are cardinal earth signs. The strong sea-goat will love this strong classic beverage. And since Capricorns are always busy, they will appreciate an alcoholic beverage that is just caffeinated enough for them to focus on whatever situation they find themselves in.

Aquarius- Earl Grey Southside Cocktail


Remember what I said about Geminis always needing huge cups of coffee? Well, Aquarians have a similar quirk with tea. The intellectual air sign loves nothing more than to have deep conversations with fascinating people over a nice cup of tea. So if they find themselves having one of these deep conversations over brunch, they will love this refreshing tea-infused cocktail.

Pisces- Jon Daly


Did you know that an alcoholic Arnold Palmer is called a Jon Daly? Well, you do now! Pisces are driven by their nostalgia and childlike innocence. Imbibing an alcoholic version of a childhood favorite will satiate their sentimental sensibilities. Like the mutable water sign, this cocktail is sweet and simplistic. And it pairs nicely with a brunch omelet.

Ophiuchus- Yoo-Hoo 

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Ophiuchus is not a real zodiac sign, and Yoo-Hoo is not a real brunch drink. It should not even be considered a drink. It tastes like sewage!

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