“Be kind whenever possible—and it is always possible.” –Dalai Lama

What does it mean to live your best life? That answer is different for everyone, but at HeyPumpkin we think it starts with kindness. Our lifestyle tips are rooted in the idea that kindness to others—as well as to yourself and even the environment—is the best way to approach your social life and relationships, your career, your home and garden, and every other facet of how you live your life!

These lifestyle tips will carry you from the office to happy hour, from traveling the globe to volunteering in your community. In our archives, you’ll find out the best ways to shop for vintage clothes, master growing your own vegetables at home, and turn your home into a peaceful oasis on a budget—plus so much more.

Green Thumbs: Our resident garden experts have been growing their knowledge of gardening for decades, and they’re more than delighted to share it with you. From beginner tips to houseplant troubleshooting, you’ll find answers to every plant puzzle here.

Adventure Awaits: If you’re passionate about travel or merely dreaming of the day you can finally take your dream vacation, then you’ve arrived at the right destination. Pick up some budget travel tips, learn safety for solo travelers, and discover the world’s best-kept secrets before they get trendy.

Get Organized: A tidy home makes every other aspect of your life so much easier—trust us! We’re always trying the latest trending methods for decluttering and testing cleaning hacks to see if they really work.

Design Divas: Do you ever feel too inspired by design ideas on Pinterest or Instagram? We get it. That’s why we focus on simple, easy-to-follow tips and projects to revamp your living space a little bit at a time.