What Main Character Are You Based on Your Sign?

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Are you the main character? And if you are, what kind of main character are you? Read on and find out!

TikTok is obsessed with the idea of being the main character. Everybody wants to be the main character, but what kind of main character would you be?

Today we are pairing the signs with their ideal main character trope. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun sign. You can check your birth chart here.

Aries- The Main Character of the Side Plot

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You know that character who is not technically the lead but quickly becomes the fan favorite because they are adorable and/or have the best dialogue? That would be Aries! Maybe they are the sassy best friend of the actual main character. They may not have much to do with the main plot of the story, but they get to have a fun side plot where they go on their own adventure and get into their own wacky hijinks.

Taurus- The Beleaguered Main Character Who Takes Care Of Everyone Except Themselves

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If Taureans were the main character of the story, they would be the character who bends over backward for the people they love. These characters make sure their loved ones’ emotional needs are met. They make sure that their kids are taken care of. They may even have to bail the Aries character out of jail. But as the plot progresses they learn to take care of their own needs by following their dreams and/or meeting the love of their lives.

Gemini- The Main Character Who Is Trying To Find Inspiration For Their Next Novel

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If Gemini was the main character in a film, they would be a writer who is suffering from a particularly nasty case of writer’s block. Maybe they travel to a small yet charming town to either “get away from it all” or because they have to save their distant relatives’ cookie shop/cafe/dog boutique. The town and its denizens are just quirky enough to get Gemini’s creative juices flowing and they are able to pen The Great American Novel.

Cancer- The Main Character Who Overcomes Heartbreak

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If a Cancerian was the main character, their story may start off a bit sad. Maybe they lost their job or a loved one. Maybe their partner recently broke up with them. They may be feeling heartbroken and helpless. But then a situation arises where they have to overcome their heartbreak. Or maybe a dashing stranger comes to town and shows them they are capable of loving again.

Leo- The Main Character Who Is Not Technically The Main Character (But Totally is)

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Have you ever seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Labyrinth? If you have, then you know that Brad and Janet are the main characters in the former and that Sarah is the main character in the latter. But none of that matters because we all know that Frank N. Furter and Jareth the Goblin King are truly the main characters of their respective films. And that is precisely the kind of character that Leo would be. Not necessarily the main character, but certainly a scene stealer.

Virgo- The Main Character Who Needs To Believe In The Power Of Love

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Virgo would be the cynical main character with a chip on their shoulder. They’ve been burned in the past and they’re never going to let anybody hurt them again. That is until they meet a dashing prospective love interest to teach them the meaning of true love. This love interest could be a charming stranger or an old childhood friend. Either way, it will probably be Scorpio.

Libra- The Hopeless Romantic Main Character

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Unlike some of the other main characters on this list, Libra would be the character that holds on to their optimism throughout the entire story. Even at the beginning of the third act conflict when all seems lost, this main character will summon the confidence and good cheer to win the heart of the person whom they love.

Scorpio- The Broody, Intellectual Romantic Interest Of The Main Character

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Scorpio would totally be the baddie with a heart of gold. Maybe the main character would prejudge them and think that they are nothing but trouble. But as they get to know them, they would see that there is much more to them than meets the eye. Sure, they drive a motorcycle and wear a leather jacket. But they also volunteer at animal shelters and visit their sick granny.

Sagittarius- The Villain Who Everyone Loves More Than The Main Character

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I often call Sagittarius the dark horse of the zodiac, so it only makes sense to pair them with a more nefarious trope. This character may technically be an antagonist. But they are smart, charming, and make pretty decent points. By the end of the film, the audience may find themselves in love with the bad guy. What I’m saying is, Sagittarius would basically be Loki.

Capricorn- The Workaholic Main Character

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To paraphrase John Mulaney, Capricorn would be a “busy business person who only likes business.” This main character wants nothing more than to run a Fortune 500 company and live up to the impossible expectations of their overbearing parents. Or they want to keep the small family business afloat in their charming small town. They don’t need help from anybody until a charming stranger comes to town and teaches them that there is more to life than work.

Aquarius- The Main Character Who Is Not Like Other Main Characters

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Aquarius would be a hyper-independent main character who is happy being a lone wolf. They’ve been let down by the people they loved in the past, so they’re not too optimistic about love or friendship. But then they meet a group of friends who teach them that it’s okay to be part of a community. They may even meet a prospective partner who warms their icy heart.

Pisces- The Manic Pixie Dream Main Character

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Pisces are known to be imaginative and empathetic. And if they were the main character in a film they would probably be the one to help Aquarius come out of their shell. Or maybe they would be Gemini’s muse. But hopefully, they would be written better than how most manic pixie dream girls have been written in the past. Maybe they could actually have a well-developed personality and not only exist for the emotional development of other characters.

Ophiuchus- An Unnecessary Side Character

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Ophiuchus is not a real zodiac sign so they would not be a main character. They would probably get that part in the film that was only written because the producer’s nephew wanted to be in the movie.

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