Weekend Activities for the Zodiac Signs!

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Everybody's working for the weekend! Read on to find out what the zodiac signs should do on their days off!

We work hard for the money, so we should treat ourselves right! After a long, exhausting week of emails, meetings, and long commutes, we deserve to treat ourselves to a little fun. 

Today, I am pairing up the zodiac signs with fun weekend activities that will reinvigorate their lust for life. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun sign! You can check your birth chart here.

Aries- Hiking

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Aries are born with an inherent need for adventure. You love being active and you love exploring. Hiking allows you to satisfy both of these loves. If you are feeling particularly restless this weekend, research some of your local hiking trails. If hiking is already one of your hobbies, then try out some trails that you have never hiked before. 

Taurus- Brunch

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As earth signs, Taureans work hard. And after an exhausting week, there is only one thing that will help the fixed sign relax. Breakfast food, sandwiches, cocktails! Well, I guess that is technically three things. Some of the other signs may be satisfied with staying active during the weekend, but you have been active all week! It’s time to sit back and enjoy a nice meal and gossip with your friends.

Gemini- Journaling 

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Geminis are so intelligent and studious, they probably grew up loving school days more than the weekend. (Let’s see if my Gemini editor agrees.) (Editor’s Note: I feel personally attacked.) But the weekend can be an inspirational time for the mutable air sign to think up some great stories. No sign is more qualified to capture a wonderful weekend on the page than the verbally gifted Gemini.

Cancer- Swimming

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As the cardinal water sign, Cancerians love to be near water. After a long week, you can cool off in the community pool. Or if you live by a lake or the ocean, you can plan a beach day. And if you like water but swimming isn’t your thing, you can sit by a lake or pond and relax with some music or a nice book.

Leo- Spa Day

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If there is one thing that you and Taurus can agree on as far as the weekend is concerned, it’s that the weekend is for relaxing, not being active. So after you sip the booze and spill the tea with Taurus over brunch, take yourself to your favorite spa. Treat yourself to a massage, a facial, a mani/pedi, or a nice soak in the tub. You can even see if the spa offers a yoga class.

Virgo- Puzzles


It’s okay to be a homebody on the weekends, especially if you’re a workhorse like Virgo. The mutable earth sign can put their favorite film on in the background and tackle a giant jigsaw puzzle. And you don’t have to do it alone. Invite Taurus! They can bring you brunch cocktails and turn it into a drink puzzle weekend!

Libra- Date Night

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Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and romance. So it stands to reason that you would be one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac. So this weekend you should go on a romantic date! Go out to dinner or get ice cream with your significant other. Or ask your crush out for coffee. Or, if you are feeling particularly independent, take yourself out on a date! You deserve it!

Scorpio- Dancing

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I don’t know about you, but I have never met a Scorpio who couldn’t dance or, at the very least, move with an inherent grace. So I think the fixed water sign should dance the weekend away. Maybe you can find a club with a great DJ or band. If you are looking for something a bit more structured, maybe try a dance class.

Sagittarius- Day Trip

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Sagittarians are known for their well-developed sense of wanderlust. Normally, I would suggest an extended road trip for the mutable fire sign. But there are only 2-3 days in a weekend, so you may have to settle for a day trip. Plan a trip to the city or to a state park. You can see if Aries needs a hiking buddy or if Cancer wants company for their beach day.

Capricorn- Rock Climbing

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Like Aries, you have an inherent need to explore and stay active. But you also like to push yourself. And there is no better way to push yourself than natural rock climbing. If you are an experienced climber, check out some natural rock climbing groups near you. If you prefer a more controlled environment, look up your local rock climbing gyms.

Aquarius- Camping

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If there could be a poster child for “van life,” they would definitely be an Aquarius. As fixed signs, Aquarians are pretty good at turning any space they occupy into a homey setting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a secluded cabin or tent; you can find peace and solitude anywhere. You have no problems being on your own. But if you want a travel companion, I hear Sagittarius wants to travel. 

Pisces- Going to a Concert


You are one of the most musical signs in the whole zodiac. You have a wide range of musical tastes and you’re open to listening to just about anything. See if one of your favorite bands is playing close to you. Or maybe you can step out of your comfort zone and check out a band or an artist whom you never heard before.

Ophiuchus- Detention

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Ophiuchus doesn’t get to have fun on the weekends because they don’t exist! In fact, they get detention! They get two months worth of detention like Bender in The Breakfast Club! Don’t mess with the bull! You get the horns! 

Note for Gen Z: The Breakfast Club was like the 80’s version of Euphoria.


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