What Movie Should the Zodiac Signs Watch With Their Moms?

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Happy Mother's Day! Read on to find out what film you should watch with your mom or maternal figure.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. And what better way to celebrate our mothers, mom-friends, and maternal figures in our lives than by watching a heartwarming film with them?

Today, we are pairing the zodiac signs with sweet films that they will love watching with the chosen and/or biological mother figures in their lives. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising sign as well as your sun sign. You can check your birth chart here.

Aries- Turning Red


Of course, I had to pair Aries with a movie that has their signature color right there in the title. Turning Red tells the story of Mei, a 13-year-old girl who discovers that whenever she experiences an intense emotion, she turns into a giant red panda. Hyperactive Aries will relate to Mei’s struggle to keep her emotions at bay. The cardinal fire sign can watch this film with their mom or maternal figure and understand the tumultuous yet wholesome relationship between Mei and her mother.

Taurus- Fried Green Tomatoes


This film has everything that Taureans will love. Family, friends, food, and romance. The film tells the story of a woman who learns to love and empower herself by bonding with a woman named Mrs. Threadgoode, who becomes a surrogate maternal figure for her. She tells the younger woman stories about the amazing lives of two remarkable women named Idgie and Ruth. Also, Idgie and Ruth are a couple. This is not up for debate or speculation. There are contextual clues in the book that they are in a relationship. 

Gemini- Akeelah and The Bee


Gemini’s are the most poetic and studious sign in the zodiac, so they get paired up with a movie that tells the story of an incredibly smart girl who competes in a spelling bee. Keke Palmer plays the titular character, who, under the tutelage of Morpheus himself, a.k.a. Laurence Fishburn, hones her talent for spelling and learns a thing or two about self-confidence along the way. This is a great film to watch with a maternal figure, a sister, or a friend who has overprotective big sister energy.

Cancer- Steel Magnolias 


Sometimes all a Cancerian needs is a good cathartic cry. And no film can deliver that tearful catharsis better than Steel Magnolias. You and your mom or mom-friend will be moved by Shelby’s desire to have children and Sally Field’s Golden Globe-nominated “I can jog all the way to Texas and back” monologue. Since Cancerians are compassionate mom-friends, they will identify with the characters M’Lynn, Truvy, and Clary. And the moodier water signs will identify with Ouiser.

Leo- Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood


I have a Leo mom. And whenever I fight with my Leo mom (which is inevitable because I’m an Aries), I watch this movie to help me reconcile with her. Leo may identify with all of the bombastic Ya-Ya sisters, but they will definitely identify with the Ya-Ya Queen Vivian “Vivi” Joan Abbot Walker. Like a Leo, Vivi has star quality, and she tends to take up all of the space in a room. She is also temperamental and stubborn. But also like the fixed fire sign, she has a warm heart though she seldom shows it. 

Trigger warning: This movie depicts alcoholism, medical neglect, and child abuse. If you choose to watch it, practice self-care while viewing.

Virgo- Where The Heart Is


Virgos are earth signs, so they are driven by their need to put down roots. But they are also mutable signs, so they are adaptable. The main character in this film, played by Natalie Portman, exemplifies these traits. The movie tells the story of a teenage mother who, after giving birth in a Walmart, builds a life for herself by surrounding herself with a loving and supportive community. This is a perfect film for Virgos to watch with their chosen or biological family members.

Libra- My Big Fat Greek Wedding


My Big Fat Greek Wedding follows the story of Toula. Against her Greek family’s wishes, she gets engaged to a non-Greek. Libras will appreciate watching Toula’s many attempts to keep the peace between the two families. The cardinal air sign will also love the genuinely sweet chemistry between Nia Vardalos and John Corbett. Libras will enjoy watching this movie with their family, especially if that family is as meddlesome as Toula’s family.

Scorpio- Matilda


This pairing may have the fixed water signs scratching their heads in confusion. But there is a good reason I paired Scorpio with this iconic childhood film. Because they are water signs, Scorpios are deep and intelligent. So they will relate to the smart and well-read Matilda. They are also vengeful, so they will be utterly delighted when Matilda uses her telekinetic powers to get revenge on her mean family and abusive principal. This film also delivers the sweet message that a person doesn’t have to be your biological parent to love and care for you.

Sagittarius- Mermaids


I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t I pair a movie called Mermaids with a water sign? Let me explain. This film tells the story of a neurotically religious teenager named Charlotte, who moves to a new town with her immature mother and younger half-sister. The mutable fire sign will relate to the mother’s wanderlust as well as the daughter’s philosophical ideologies. Plus, Sagittarians will enjoy watching Cher’s performance with their moms and mother figures.

Capricorn- Beauty Shop


I have a theory that every Millennial watched at least one of the films from the Barbershop franchise at least 20 times. For me, it was Beauty Shop. The film tells the story of a woman named Gina, who has moved to Atlanta so that her daughter can attend a private music school. She quits her job working at a salon for a domineering employer and opens her own beauty shop. Capricorns and their moms and mom-friends will relate to Gina’s enterprising nature and business acumen. They will also relate to how protective she is of her family and staff.

Aquarius- Lady Bird


I have often said that Aquarians have stormy personalities. And that description fits the titular character, Lady Bird, to a T. It could also describe her mom as well. You could argue that Lady Bird and her mother have a tempestuous relationship because they both exhibit Aquarian traits. Lady Bird is temperamental and rebellious. And her mom is just as temperamental but also compassionate. This is a great movie to watch with your maternal figure if you two are exactly alike.

Pisces- Practical Magic


Of course, the sign most likely to be blessed with psychic proclivities is paired with the film about witches. The movie gets slightly dark in certain parts but is mainly a wholesome story of two sisters reconnecting. The mutable water signs and their mothers and mom-friends will enjoy watching the witchy characters perform their spells and rituals. And they will also appreciate the main characters’ telepathic bond. 

Ophiuchus- Mommy Dearest


Ophiuchus is not a real zodiac sign, and Mommy Dearest is NOT a wholesome movie that you should watch with your mom or maternal figure.

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