Astrology Meets Tarot: What Is in the Cards for Pisces?

What do the Moon, the Hanged Man, and The Wheel of Fortune cards have to do with Pisces? Read on and find out!

Every week I pull one card from my grandmother’s tarot deck and write about what that card can mean for each sign. But today I want to focus on one sign in particular. Each zodiac sign has specific tarot cards assigned to them. I don’t mean just one card. Every sign has a specific card for them, their ruling planet, and their element. But what do these cards mean? Let’s find out.

Today, we are talking about Pisces. The empathetic sign deserves a little attention from our trusty tarot deck. Last week, we listened to a sweet Pisces playlist. But today, we are going to explore the traits of the mutable water sign by seeing what the cards have in store for our tender-hearted and dreamy Pisces.

Pisces is connected to the Moon card. Its ruling planet, Neptune, is connected to the Hanged Man card. Its ancient ruling planet, Jupiter, is connected to the Wheel of Fortune card. And its water element is connected to the Cups suit. Now let’s dive in a little deeper and see what these cards mean.

The Cups


Every water sign is connected to the Cups suit. Cups represent harmony and matters of the heart. Though the suit can represent love and friendship, it can also represent peer pressure and hypersensitivity.

A Cup card advises us to lead with our heart rather than our heads. It reminds us to form emotional attachments with those around us. But it warns us against codependency and peer pressure.

The Cups speak to Pisces’ empathic nature. When a Cup card is pulled during a reading it can mean heightened psychic abilities and/or romantic relationships. It can also mean a dissolution or lack of harmony in certain relationships. This is the suit of emotional connection, and touches on Pisces’ emotional intelligence.

Wheel of Fortune


Pisces’ ancient ruling planet is Jupiter, and the tarot card for the celestial giant is the Wheel of Fortune card. This card belongs to the Major Arcana and it is believed that Major cards hold deeper and more specific meaning. The card is often depicted as an orange wheel surrounded by a yellow snake, a blue Sphinx, an orange fox-like creature, and the four tetramorphs

This card represents opportunity and luck. When it pops up, it usually denotes a positive turn in, well, fortunes! Though this card may signify a lucky break, your luck is not likely to change on its own. The Wheel of Fortune also represents a risk-taking opportunity. Like a contest or a reasonable wager.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained! 

Jupiter governs our luck, our prosperity, and our philosophical worldview. It is Pisces’ ancient ruler not because the water sign is just luckier than other people but because Pisces’ eternal optimism allows them to create their own good luck. This card illustrates Pisces’ positive outlook on life. However, it could also speak to Pisces’ naiveté and apprehension. This card wants to encourage the mutable water sign to take whatever chances they are presented with.

The Hanged Man


Pisces’ modern ruling planet is Neptune and the tarot card for Neptune is the Hanged Man. For those of you who are unfamiliar with tarot, I feel the need to tell you that most decks will NOT portray the Hanged Man as a deceased person hanging from their neck, though I can not speak for all decks. I know some of you may be sensitive to that image and I want to put your minds at ease. In some decks, the card is depicted with a masculine figure hanging upside down by one foot that is tethered to a tree branch. They wear a blue shirt and red trousers and appear to have a halo around their head.

This card represents the act of letting go. When it pops up in a reading, it means that it is time to release whatever is holding you back from living your life to the fullest. That could be a bad habit, an addiction, or a toxic person in your life. This card also warns against wasting your energy on something that no longer serves you. 

Neptune governs our intuition, dreams, and spirituality; however, it is also the planet of delusions. This card reminds Pisces that even though they may feel a strong emotional connection to a specific person or situation, it is important to walk away when the connection is doing them more harm than good.  

The Moon


The tarot card for Pisces is the Moon. I know what you’re thinking. “Shouldn’t the Moon card be reserved for Cancer or at the very least, the actual moon?” I mentioned in my Pisces playlist that the Moon card has a lot to do with empathy and Pisces is the most empathetic sign. This card is sometimes depicted with a dog and a wolf howling at a giant full moon as a lobster inexplicably looks on.

The Moon card represents creativity, compassion, and spirituality, which are things that Piscean people value greatly. It also represents the need to move on to the next phase of your life, which speaks to the mutable sign’s “go-with-the-flow” energy. This card discourages the querent from taking the easy way out or staying in a situation that is no longer good for them. 

If this card pops up in a reading, it may be warning you about people that expect too much emotional labor from you. Empathy is a wonderful gift to have, but you have to be wary of people who will take advantage of your compassion.

There You Have It, Pisces!

We have an intuitive tarot spread for the zodiac’s empathetic escapist. Whenever these cards pop up in your reading, know that they may have an extra special message for you. 

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