Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Best of Friends

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This year, let's celebrate the women in our lives with Galentine's Day! Here are some fun gift ideas to show your friends how much you appreciate them.

Valentine’s Day is almost here! That may mean romantic dates or hot lingerie for some, but I’ll take any excuse to celebrate my friends. That’s where Galentine’s Day comes in! Sure, the name is kind of cheesy, but hey, so is regular ol’ Valentine’s Day.

This holiday celebrates platonic love and our friends that have been there for us through just about everything. Is it newly made up? Yes. Is it lots of fun, though? Absolutely. So mark your calendar for February 13 and gather all your greatest gal pals. These Galentine’s Day gift ideas are the perfect way to show your appreciation for your besties.

Prism Pot Concrete Planter

handmade rainbow planters
Northfernside via Etsy

Plant moms can’t ever get enough plants, but they need some cool planters, too. This one is as functional as it is stylish. The Prism Pot is a hand-poured concrete pot and is sure to add a splash of color to your friend’s home.

Easy to Grow Houseplants

6 pack of easy to grow houseplants

What’s even cooler than giving a plant lover a new pot? Giving them more plants! Whether your friend has a seasoned green thumb or is brand new to houseplants, this assortment of houseplants is a great gift idea. It is actually a six-pack of Easy to Grow Houseplants, but it’s a surprise which ones you will get – kind of like a blind box, but for adults! For other easy-to-care-for plant ideas, here are nine houseplants that are almost impossible to kill.

Birth Month Gemstone and Flower Candle

birth month candles
New Moon Beginnings

Candles always make nice gifts, but this one is extra meaningful. That’s because it is made with your friend’s birth month in mind. These Birth Month Gemstone and Flower Candles are handmade with a blend of flowers, birthstones, herbs, and essential oils that are meaningful to the specific month. It is sure to bring a smile to your friend’s face, and hopefully, it will usher in plenty of love and prosperity, too.

Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears

champagne gummy bears

Raise a toast to your best friend this Galentine’s Day with Champagne Gummy Bears. Sugarfina is like a luxury candy shop, and these are definitely some sophisticated, grown-up gummy bears! They are non-alcoholic, but sparkle with the flavors of vintage Brut champagne. Eat your heart out, Cupid.

DIY Friendship Pins Gift Set

DIY friendship pins set
Uncommon Goods

Remember making friendship bracelets, pins, and necklaces when you were in grade school? Tap into nostalgia and give your friend this DIY Friendship Pins Gift Set. The kit includes assorted sizes of gold safety pins, alphabet beads, a rainbow of seed beads, plus mini gift tags and envelopes. You and your bestie can create all kinds of cute pins together to decorate clothes and accessories.

Crush and Color: Keanu Reeves Coloring Book

Keanu Reeves coloring book

Does your friend swoon over Keanu Reeves (and who doesn’t, really)? If so, this is the coloring book of her dreams. Keanu’s quiet magnetism fills more than 35 completely unique pages that are ready for some color. The Crush and Color: Keanu Reeves Coloring Book contains familiar images of Keanu playing a concert, sitting on a park bench, holding kittens, and more. The pages are perforated, too, so your friend can hang the completed pictures on their wall.

Why We Cook: Women on Food, Identity, and Connection

Why We Cook book
Uncommon Goods

Food is often at the center of our lives, and there’s usually a talented woman behind those amazing dishes. This book is a celebration of those women. Why We Cook: Women on Food, Identity, and Connection features interviews, essays, and recipes from more than 100 chefs, restaurateurs, home cooks, and more. They are also beautifully illustrated with lively watercolors.

Binge Watching Beauty Kit

binge-watching beauty kit

If your bestie loves to binge-watch the latest shows on Netflix, she can turn that couch time into a spa on the sofa. The Binge-Watching Beauty Kit includes all kinds of beauty essentials, like a face roller, facial cleanser, lip balm, and more. But perhaps even better, it comes with a decision coin to help your friend decide if she should watch one more, and there are coasters that say “Yes, I’m still watching.” Oh, and it comes with socks that say “One more episode” and “Lies I tell myself.”

Paint-By-Numbers Kit

hummingbird paint by number kit
Uncommon Goods

If your friend loves arts and crafts, they are sure to love this adorable Hummingbird Paint-By-Numbers Kit. It comes complete with everything needed to create a frame-worthy masterpiece that your friend can display with pride: a pre-printed image on an 8×10” canvas, two paintbrushes, water-based acrylic paints in all the colors needed. Uncommon Goods also has other paint-by-number kits, like this Springtime Paint-By-Number Kit that features a pretty pink floral arrangement.

Cocktail Herb Garden Grow Kit

cocktail herb garden kit
Uncommon Goods

For your friends who love plants and cocktails, this Cocktail Herb Garden Grow Kit is the perfect choice! The kit includes seeds to grow thyme, basil, mint, and sage – all the aromatic herbs to take cocktails to the next level. The kit includes everything your friend will need to grow them, too: pots, peat pellets, markers, instructions, and even some cocktail recipes.

Chunky Knit Chenille Throw Blanket

chunky knit throw blanket
SOFTYinc via Etsy

If your friend likes to snuggle up under a good blanket (and who doesn’t?), this Chunky Knit Throw Blanket would make an excellent gift. It is made from ultra-soft oversized yarn that will keep your friend cozy and comfortable. It’s chenille, so it’s extremely soft and doesn’t shed, either. One reviewer likened it to wrapping themselves in a marshmallow, which sounds heavenly!

Bad Girls Throughout History

Bad Girls Throughout History

For Galentine’s Day, let’s empower our friends with stories of 100 women who made history. They were bad, they were revolutionary, and they made their mark on the world. They’re all here in Bad Girls Throughout History. Some of the figures highlighted in the book include Joan Jett, Ada Lovelace, and Marie Curie. It features bold watercolor portraits and illuminating essays.

Long Distance Friendship Lamps

long distance friendship lamp
Uncommon Goods

If your best friend is too far away, these Long Distance Friendship Lamps can help you feel closer. It doesn’t matter if they are across town or across the country. The lamps are set up via wi-fi so that you can stay connected always. When you touch your lamp, it will light up your friend’s lamp to let them know that you are thinking of them.

Rosé Instead of Roses

Tesoro Della Regina Prosecco Rose
Total Wine & More

Roses are so last year. Instead of bringing a bouquet, bring your bestie a bottle of rose! You can enjoy each other’s company while you also enjoy a pretty pink glass together. You can find tons of options at your local store. Or, if you don’t have time to venture out on a shopping trip, stores like Total Wine & More offer delivery options to eligible addresses, too.

Rose Bath Bombs

wild rose bath bombs
Moonflower Soap Co via Etsy

Okay, if your friend really does love actual roses, order her some Wild Rose Bath Bombs. Not only do they boast that classic, wonderfully floral rose scent, but these bath bombs also include dried rose petals. She can soak in the tub and relax, while the bath bombs ingredients leave her skin feeling moisturized and nourished. These small-batch bath bombs are handmade with oils, botanicals, and mineral-rich salt.

Bamboo Expandable Bathtub Tray

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

Speaking of soaking in the tub, your bestie could probably make use of this Bamboo Bathtub Tray. It will really bring that spa-like feeling to her bathroom and take a relaxing bath to the next level. It’s expandable so that it can fit a variety of tub sizes. Plus, it’s got space for all the essentials: a stand to hold books and tablets, a wine glass slot, room for a candle or snacks, and a secure space for her phone.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

hot sauce kit
Uncommon Goods

Does your friend like to keep it spicy? Kick Galentine’s Day up a notch with this Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit. Anyone who loves climbing the Scoville scale will love to try their hand at making their own signature sauces. It comes with ingredients like dried whole peppers, curry powder, cayenne, and more. It also includes six glass bottles and labels that your friend can decorate. Who knows, maybe you’ll see your friend’s concoction on Hot Ones one day.

Pick Your Peppers: DIY Hot Sauce Class

DIY hot sauce class
Uncommon Goods

If you really want to bring the heat, you can even give your friend this 60-minute live virtual experience: a DIY Hot Sauce Class. Chef and social media star Kai Kani will have your friend mixing, straining, and bottling hot sauce like a pro.

Tiny Baking Set

tiny baking set

If your friend is a fan of Tiny Kitchen – and really, who doesn’t love all those tiny tools and foods – give her a Tiny Baking Set for Galentine’s Day. You can spend the day recreating all those miniature dishes together, which sounds like a hilariously good time.

Tie-Dye DIY Kit

Tie Dye DIY kit
Uncommon Goods

Tie-dye isn’t limited to summer camps and hippie communes. It can be used to make a myriad of colorful items. Your friend can take her textiles to the next level with this Tie Dye DIY Kit. It comes well-stocked with gloves, colors of dye, bottles, rubber bands, and more. It also includes a couple of cotton bandanas to get things started, but you can use the kit to add color to your own t-shirts, tote bags, and more. The kit comes with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions, too.

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