Astrology 101: What Does Your Mercury Sign Say About You?

In our birth charts, the planet Mercury rules our intellect and communication. Ready to find out what your Mercury sign says about you?

Last month we discussed our “Big Three,” our sun signs, our moon signs, and our ascendant signs. This month we are talking about our inner planet signs. Mercury, Venus, and Mars are commonly referred to as the inner planets. Today, we are going to discuss what our Mercury placements mean. If you do not know what your Mercury placement is, you can calculate it here.

Mercury is named after the Roman god of eloquence, messages, and travel. So it is only fitting that our Mercury sign governs our communication, our decision-making skills, and how we take in and understand our surroundings. Read on to find out how our Mercury placements affect how we relate to the people around us.

Aries Mercury


People with their Mercury placement in Aries do not beat around the bush. They are quick to tell you exactly what they think and feel. Because of this, others often assume that they are abrasive and a bit vulgar. Mercury-in-Aries people often get emotionally invested in their own opinions and become personally hurt when they feel like their opinions are being challenged.

People with this placement prefer to understand the big picture rather than the smaller details. They can be quite enthusiastic and idealistic and enjoy promoting their ideas and motivating people.

Taurus Mercury


People with their Mercury placement in Taurus have a tendency to hem and haw around making decisions. This is not because they are poor decision-makers. Quite the contrary. They just like to consider all the information they are given before making a crucial decision. When communicating, Mercury-in-Taurus people are straight-shooters but can be very sarcastic.

People with this placement rely heavily on their senses when taking in the information around them. They tend to be more realistic and practical when it comes to education.

Gemini Mercury


Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury, so people with their Mercury placement in Gemini are quite clever and knowledgeable. They tend to have many interests, but they can’t dedicate a lot of time to just one. They are jacks of all trades, but masters of none. Mercury-in-Gemini people are easily bored and need an energizing environment to learn.

People with this placement are led more by logic and reason rather than emotion and fantasy. That being said, they do try to approach new information with an open mind. They are cunning and communicative and are generally good at making decisions.

Cancer Mercury


People with their Mercury placement in Cancer are still waters that run very deep. They are not quite as talkative as some other signs and can come off as a bit isolated. But when engaging in conversations, they can be perceptive and gentle. Mercury-in-Cancer people can take in a lot of information and have excellent memories.

People with this placement form opinions and make decisions quicker than most people think. They are contemplative and empathetic. They are also good listeners and people feel comfortable opening up to them.

Leo Mercury

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People with their Mercury placement in Leo have a very commanding presence. Like Mercury-in-Aries people, they are preoccupied with the big picture rather than the smaller details. They can be quite tenacious and hyper-sensitive, but they are also passionate and innovative. Mercury-in-Leo people can be easy to talk to and usually tell the best stories.

People with this placement can come across as overly-confident and arrogant. But if they are emotionally mature they can be warm and incredibly expressive.

Virgo Mercury

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Like Gemini, Virgo’s ruling planet is also Mercury, so people with their Mercury placement in Virgo are intelligent and detail-oriented. They are punctual, organized, and helpful. When it comes to education, they enjoy doing research. Mercury-in-Virgo people are humble and practical, but they do like it when people acknowledge their intellect.

People with this placement can be hard to talk to sometimes. It is easier for them to open up to people if they feel like they share a common ground. 

Libra Mercury


People with their Mercury placement in Libra are natural mediators. They do not like intense opinions and are convinced that there is always a way to achieve a middle ground. When communicating with others, they are always tactful and diplomatic. Mercury-in-Libra people will do almost anything to keep the peace.

People with this placement are abstract thinkers and gentle communicators. When faced with a dilemma, they like to weigh the pros and cons. However, when making a personal decision they will almost always ask someone else for guidance.

Scorpio Mercury


People with their Mercury placement in Scorpio like to dive in headfirst to get to the root of a problem. Because of this, they prefer deep conversations. They are not ones to passively ask about the weather. Mercury-in-Scorpio people are more observant than most and they hate pretension or insincerity. 

People with this placement can be suspicious and have a tendency to see everything as a puzzle or mystery. They can be a bit too honest at times and their honesty can come off as hurtful. However, they are fiercely protective and loyal to their friends. 

Sagittarius Mercury


People with their Mercury placement in Sagittarius usually have grandiose ideas. Like the other mercurian fire signs, they prefer the big picture and do not like getting caught up in the details. They are intellectual and a bit restless and live their life by their own strict moral code. They are very optimistic, but their optimism borders on idealism.

People with this placement are not very organized with their thoughts and are a bit too blunt when they speak. These people are always ready for a good debate. When they are not debating, they are usually trying to make people laugh.

Capricorn Mercury


People with their Mercury placement in Capricorn communicate in a slow yet orderly manner. They are resourceful but can get overwhelmed easily. They are natural-born leaders but they can be a little judgemental and impatient when people don’t understand what they say or need. Mercury-in-Capricorn people are often practical and skeptical.

People with this placement like to converse in a clear and concise way. They are no-nonsense and they choose their words carefully. Because of this, they can come across as smooth talkers.

Aquarius Mercury


People with their Mercury placement in Aquarius may come off as quiet, but their minds are often swirling with ideas. They are very observant and intellectual and often assume that they are the smartest in the room. Though they can have a superiority complex, they can be quite fun to talk to.

People with this placement march to a beat of a different drummer. Though they can be seen as quirky, they are insanely perceptive. When it comes to education, they are drawn to scientific and preternatural pursuits.

Pisces Mercury


People with their Mercury placement in Pisces are great listeners who are easy to talk to. They are empathetic and have a tendency to feel the emotions of the people they are talking to. Because of this, they tend to be overly tactful and inoffensive. Mercury-in-Pisces people can be quite poetic in communicating their own feelings.

People with this placement sometimes communicate indirectly because they don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. They are more preoccupied with their own imaginative ideals than practical facts.

Ophiuchus Mercury

If your Mercury placement is in Ophiuchus then you do not exist… because Ophiuchus is not a real zodiac sign.

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