Delight Your Valentines With These Easy DIY Gifts

DIY valentine
Ready to get creative this Valentine’s Day? Check out these 7 crafts that make great gifts!

Have you seen the Christmas party episode of The Office where Michael says that a present lets you know that “I love you this many dollars worth?” It’s pretty cringy, and it’s just plain false. How much you spend on a present doesn’t say anything about how much you love someone. 

DIY gifts prove that true love, whether it’s romantic love, love between friends, or love in a family, doesn’t depend on money. You might just want to show someone that you care enough to put time into their gift. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to cut down on how much you’re spending during this time of high inflation. It’s a smart goal to cut down on your spending to make 2022 your best year. No matter what, DIY Valentine’s Day gifts are a fantastic option. 

Also, remember that you don’t need to be romantic partners to exchange Valentine’s Day gifts. Galentine’s Day is a great reason to give your friends a small present, and there’s nothing wrong with giving your family members Valentine’s Day presents either! DIY Valentine’s Day gifts are the way to go. Fortunately, you don’t need to be super crafty to make these 7 gifts. Take a look and see if there are any that fit your Valentines!

Heart Rope Coasters

Cup of tea next to heart shaped rope coaster with flower petals

This cute craft only requires a few supplies. You can use cardboard from a box or boxes you already have, or you can buy card stock. You’ll also need felt, a hot glue gun, and rope or twine. Cut the cardboard or cardstock into a heart shape, and then trace that heart shape onto the felt.

Next, cut out the felt heart and hot glue it to the top of the cardboard or card stock. Then take your rope (or twine, if that’s what you have!) and, starting at the edge of the heart, glue it to the top. Ta da! Now you have cute heart-shaped rope coasters to give to whomever you like!

Balloon Cards

Here’s an idea that works especially well with kiddos! First, find a white or light-colored backdrop. Take a picture of your child standing in front of the backdrop with their arm raised up above their head and their fists closed like they are holding on to a balloon. Then print off the picture in color. 

Next, draw black wavy lines pointing up from your child’s raised hand. Then, using any medium you like (paint works great, but so do water colors, colored pencils, and crayons) draw hearts in red and pink at the end of the lines to symbolize balloons. It’s a cute and extra-personal card that your friends and family will want to keep!

Lavender-Filled Heart Sachets

Dried lavender and sachets

The scent of lavender is said to be extremely relaxing and tension-relieving. Who doesn’t need to relieve a little tension every now and then? That’s why these sachets are such a fantastic gift for anyone, and especially for busy moms who don’t have a lot of time to slow down!

While it helps to have sewing experience, you can create this gift even if you’re a novice. There are plenty of tutorials out there for sewing a sachet online. You’ll need pinking shears, an embroidery needle, and embroidery floss. Fiberfill and dried lavender are the other key components for this craft! 

To make it special for Valentine’s Day, choose fabric patterned with hearts for your sachets. Or, you can cut a white heart and attach it to a red sachet (or a red heart and a white sachet!). You also don’t have to stick to the Valentine’s theme. Choose the colors and patterns that you think will make your intended recipient happiest!

Heart Bookmarks

Do you have any readers in your life? You’ll want to check out this DIY idea if you do! There are so many different directions you can take when you craft Valentine’s Day-themed bookmarks. All you really need is cardstock, scissors, markers or pens, and glue. Many readers love the traditional long narrow bookmark. Create one from red or white cardstock and decorate it with a quote about love. You can make your own tassel out of thread and attach it to the top to make it extra special. 

Is the regular old bookmark shape not your thing? Try making a heart-shaped bookmark instead. You can cut letters out of the heart to make it more decorative and spell a message like “I love you” or “Read your heart out.” Drawing them directly on the heart is an option, too! 

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can add a Cupid’s arrow (pointing directly up, instead of diagonally through the heart) to your bookmark. Make it out of black cardstock and glue it to either end of your heart-shaped bookmark. Remember that it’s the thought that counts, so know that you’re giving your reader friends joy when you show them that you remember their passion.

Decorative Carved Candles 

Pink pillar candles and gray background

This is a cute and simple DIY craft that won’t take you much time. In addition to a white (or pink!) pillar candle, you’ll need a gold leaf pen and a linoleum cutter, as well as a ballpoint pen and a design on paper. How intricate your design is should depend on your hand-eye coordination. Personally, because I’m not very coordinated, I would choose a simple design such as a heart with initials (M+S) inside. However, the design is up to you. It’s always fun to personalize it for your recipient! 

After you choose your design, either draw it on paper in black marker or print it off from your computer. Tape the design to the candle. Next, take your regular ballpoint pen and, pressing down firmly, trace over the design. You want to make sure that you’re really pressing down hard so that the impression on the candle is clear. 

Remove the taped design from the candle and take your linoleum cutter out. Use it to trace over the impressions. Cut down wide and deep enough that the tip of your gold leaf pen can fit inside. Next, take your gold leaf pen in and go over the inside of your carving.  It’s recommended that you fill the carving with at least two coats of gold leaf. Once you’re finished, you’ll have a sweet personalized gift!

Button Hanging Hearts

Small red 3d hearts in shape of large heart on pink background

Do you have a box or bag of buttons stuffed away in a drawer somewhere that you’re just not sure what you’ll do with? Here’s the answer: create a DIY gift! A button hanging heart is a cute decoration that requires a moderate amount of time and supplies to make. In addition to buttons, you’ll need a wire hanger, craft wire, and a necklace chain. 

Cut apart your wire hanger and then bend it into the shape of a heart, gluing the ends together at the bottom. Next, attach the necklace chain to the top of the heart. This is what you’ll use to hang it on a nail, thumbtack, or hook. Arrange your buttons into the pattern you like the best. They don’t have to be red, white, or pink, by the way. Choose the color (or colors!) that you think your intended recipient will like the best.

Once you’ve decided on your pattern, take the craft wire and thread it through your buttons. Then, flip the wire over so that you are looking at the back of the buttons. Use your hot glue to attach the buttons to the wire hanger. It’s recommended that you glue two buttons to the hanger, wait for them to dry, and then move on to the next two. You should also use the hot glue to secure the chain in place – so make sure it’s in the right spot! Once all the glue has dried, you’ll have a delicate but cute DIY décor ready to gift!

Friendship Bracelets

Four arms wearing friendship bracelets

Here’s a simple DIY project that will show your friends and loved ones how much you care. All you need is thread, scissors, and if you choose, supplies to make a card. You can find so many different tutorials for making friendship bracelets online, including bracelets with heart patterns! Remember that you don’t have to use red, pink, or white thread in your bracelet. Choose the colors that you think the recipient will like the best. 

Take your time to make your friendship bracelets. As a finishing touch, take a piece of cardstock and draw a hand shape on it including the wrist (trace your own to make it personalized and special!). Take a hole puncher and make a hole on either side of the wrist, and then thread the friendship bracelet through the holes. You can write a cute message on the card or in the hand, or you can simply decorate it with hearts!

 If none of these ideas interest you, take a look at our guide to homemade gifts for more inspiration. When you choose to give a friend a DIY Valentine’s Day gift, you’re showing that you care enough to give up your time for them. They’ll love whatever you give them because it’s from your heart.

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