Marshalls Shopping Hacks That’ll Get You the Best Deals

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If you're a frequent Marshalls shopper you need to be following these hacks in order to get the best deals.

There’s something about shopping at Marshalls that brings such joy and excitement. I don’t know if it’s the countless racks of clothes or the thrill of not knowing what you’re going to find, but it’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience. 

If you go to your local Marshalls at least once a month, you probably know what I’m talking about. We’ve already covered all the “haxx” you need to know about when shopping at TJ Maxx, so now it’s time to share all the Marshalls’ shopping secrets.

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From when to go the store to what each tag means, these Marshalls’ shopping hacks will save you time and money. Happy shopping!

Pay Attention To Those Tags

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Like when shopping at TJ Maxx, it’s important to pay attention to the tags at Marshalls. A white tag is a normal price, a red tag is a clearance price, and a yellow tag is a final clearance price.

So, if you really want to get the best deals, make sure to look out for those yellow tags, as that’ll most likely be the lowest price possible.

Know When to Shop

Any casual shopper knows it’s never smart to shop on a weekend, but did you know the best time to shop at Marshalls is on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday morning? Well, it’s true! 

The store gets stocked in the mornings before they open, so showing up right when the store opens is always the best way to find great new items and deals. Friday is also a smart day to shop, as they’ll be stocking the store for the weekend crowd. You may find new arrivals or something you thought was sold out.

However, you should avoid the store the first couple of days of the week, as that’s usually when the store is recovering from the weekend.

Make Friends With the Workers

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If you really want to call yourself an expert Marshalls shopper, it’s imperative you become friends with the workers. You don’t have to go up and introduce yourself to every worker you see, but be friendly to faces you recognize and let them know you visit the store a lot.

Don’t be afraid to ask one of the workers what their restocking and arrivals schedule looks like! Some stores operate differently, so it doesn’t hurt to go straight to the source.

Not to mention, retailers want to make their recurring customers happy, so they may be more inclined to help you find the best deals or look out for something you really want.

Every Store Is Different

While most Marshalls carry a lot of the same products, some are different than others. In fact, some Marshalls stores will get new product launches to see how well they perform.

Because of this, it may be smart to alternate between a few different Marshalls (if you live within driving distance of a couple). You may find totally new things! Or, if you have a friend that lives in a different city or state, ask them to check out their Marshalls every once in a while to see what they can find.

Don’t Wait to Buy

Marshalls towel display

Unlike some other retail stores, Marshalls doesn’t carry unlimited backstock of every item. In fact, it’s unclear how much of one item they’ll actually have in stock. 

So, if you see something you really like, the safest thing to do is to buy it. Sure, you could put it on hold or wait to see if it’s still around tomorrow, but you’ll be playing a dangerous game! 

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