8 Satisfying Weekend Projects To Try

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Feeling stressed but not sure where you start? Try these weekend projects to improve your home and lift your spirits.

Is there anything better than a weekend with nothing to do? Probably not. Once Friday afternoon finally rolls around, pretty much all I can think about is how I’m going to spend my Saturday. I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready to leave the week behind me and to enjoy my time away from work.

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A free weekend, or even a partially-free weekend, is the ideal time to relax. And you definitely should! But if you have plenty of free weekends, then it’s also the ideal time to tackle projects that you’ve been ignoring. Even if your home is in pretty good shape and you feel organized, you’d be surprised by how much better you’ll feel after you take some time to tackle a small project. 

While the cold weather’s keeping you indoors, take the time to start and finish these 8 weekend projects.

Clean Out Your Bag(s)

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We’ll start small with a project that won’t take you more than a couple of hours (if that!). When was the last time you cleaned out your purse? Your work bag? Your lunch bag? These bags are like an extension of your home that you carry with you.

Just like how a messy home can make life more stressful, a messy bag can, too. According to Apartment Therapy, “Even though the mess is contained, it has the potential effect that any mess can have on your psyche: Disordered environments might make you feel uneasy, scattered, and even vaguely unsafe, to varying degrees. 

A messy purse or backpack, just like a messy room, can make it hard to function smoothly.” 

Make your next weekend project deep cleaning your bags. Start with the main bag you use the most. Totally empty it out and clean all the way into the corners. Throw away old gum wrappers, receipts, lip balm tubes, etc. 

Then, only put back what you’re actually using. If you haven’t used that mascara that you put in your bag four months ago, it’s probably time for it to go back with the rest of your makeup. 

Make sure you clean out your work bag and lunch bag as well. Clean and organize your reusable grocery bags while you’re at it!

Declutter One Room (Or Closet)

Which space in your home gives you the most anxiety? For me, it’s my bedroom closet. I have so many clothes, pillows, sheets, and shoes stuffed in there that I don’t even want to think about it! But, I know that never addressing the mess will only make life harder down the line. 

The next time you have a free weekend, take the time to totally declutter and deep clean that stressful space. Because it’s so stressful, you might want to set a reward for yourself that you can only have once the space is totally finished. 

Go ahead and bring out a box for items that need to be donated. Put objects back where they’re supposed to go. You may need to spend most of Saturday decluttering and most of Sunday deep cleaning – and that’s okay! While you’ll get to enjoy that reward you set for yourself at the end of the weekend, the real reward is being able to enjoy that space in your home again.

Completely Finish All Your Laundry

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Parents, this one’s especially for you. When was the last time you were able to say you were completely finished with all of your laundry? You might not even be able to remember, and I can’t blame you! 

For your next weekend project, totally do all of your laundry. That doesn’t mean just wash and dry your clothes. Gather all the towels, blankets, and other items that you don’t always remember to wash, and launder them too. Once your clothes are dry, iron any items that need it and then put them away.

It may sound easy, but it’s definitely a time investment, which is why so many people struggle with totally finishing their laundry. Put on a good audiobook, podcast, playlist, or album, and get in the laundry zone. Before you know it, you’ll be able to enjoy the satisfaction of knowing all your clothes are clean and where they should be!

Deep Clean Your Toilets

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It might not be fun or pretty, but deep cleaning your toilets is a weekend project that will leave you feeling better about the state of your home. It’s also a project that, while it might take time and energy, it probably won’t take the whole weekend. 

Start by dusting off the toilet with a dry rag, duster, or vacuum. Then you’ll need a screwdriver. According to Apartment Therapy, “Unscrewing your toilet seat lid will allow you to get the muck that’s lurking around the screws of your lid. Often, this is the culprit of bathroom odors.”

Clean this area with a disinfecting wipe or your favorite bathroom cleaner. If there are any stains, use a pumice stone to remove them. Then, give your toilet bowl a deep clean. Baking soda or Bar Keepers Friend are great options. Again, it’s not necessarily pretty or fun, but deep cleaning your toilets will make you feel better about the state of your home (and your life!).

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Clean Out Your Fridge

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Here’s another weekend project that is important, but it’s definitely not my favorite because of how much time it takes to totally finish. I’m committed to recycling everything I can, so any food that gets forgotten and ends up old and moldy has to be disposed of properly. It’s not pleasant, but it’s important. Then, then the container needs cleaning out, which is also usually a pretty gross job. For me, cleaning out my fridge is definitely a time-consuming project – but once it’s finished, life feels lighter. 

Getting rid of old food is the first step. Then, take out all the food that you’re still going to eat and place it on a table or countertop. Start by removing food from the shelves first, and then move to the fridge door. You’d be surprised by how many expired condiments you’re accidentally hanging on to!

Once your fridge is completely empty, dust out any crumbs and then wipe it down with either a disinfecting wipe or your favorite cleaner. Get into all the corners, nooks, and crannies. Of course, make sure whatever cleaner you use is safe for food!

Put back all your food neatly and carefully. The sight of all that organized food will make cooking easier and life lighter! If you have any extra time, tackle the freezer – or make that your next weekend project.

Cancel Subscriptions

There are services out there that will cancel subscriptions for you, like Rocket Money and Hiatus, and but usually you have to pay for them – which kind of defeats the purpose. But there’s a reason why those services are so popular, and that’s because they do the work for you. 

If you’ve got a free weekend, then you do have the time to put that work in yourself. Yes, it’ll take time and it’ll definitely feel like work, but your bank account will thank you. 

Start by looking at the last three months of your spending across all your accounts and cards. Make a list of all your recurring charges. Then, decide which ones you can definitely live without, and cancel them!

Stock up on Essentials

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Do you ever find yourself running out of a household item right when you need it the most, and if you do, don’t you hate it? I’m always mad at myself when my sponge is falling apart and I realize that I don’t have any new ones in the drawer. It causes so much unnecessary stress! 

Make your next weekend project stocking up on all those home essentials. Look through your drawers and closets, and then make an inventory of what you already have, and what you’re missing.

Are you running out of batteries? (While you’re at it, check your smoke detector and make sure you have a backup battery for it.) Do you need more dishwasher detergent or laundry detergent? What about air filters? Spending time stocking up on the essentials now will save you so much stress the next time you need them!

Read a Book

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Last but not least, one life-changing way to take care of yourself is to take a weekend to really dive into a book. Choosing what book to read is pretty personal, and here’s the truth: there is no “right” or “wrong” book. As long as you’re reading, you’re doing something good for your brain and body. 

So, choose a short fun read or a long classic – whatever feels right to you, on your free weekend, at this point in your life. Put your phone in another room and close your laptop. Sit back and lose yourself in your book for the weekend. You may be surprised by just how much you learn.

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