Which Norse God Are You Based on Your Sign?

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Read on to find out what Norse God your zodiac sign is paired with!

Last year I paired the zodiac signs with Norse goddesses. But today ,I am going to pair the signs with the Norse gods! Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun signs! You can check your birth chart here!

Aries- Thor, God of Thunderstorms and Strength


I have written before that Aries has the attention span of a lightning bolt. And you can’t have lightning without thunder. I paired the cardinal fire sign with the cinematically-inspiring deity because they are both known for their anger and protective nature. Also, Thor is often depicted with red hair and a red beard, and red is Aries’ power color.

Fun fact: Thursday is named in honor of Thor.

Taurus- Freyr, God of The Harvest and Fertility


Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet named for the Roman goddess of love and fertility. So it only makes sense to pair the vernal earth sign with the Norse god of fertility and the harvest. But that is not the only reason I paired these two together. Taureans are known to be driven by pleasure, and Freyr is also regarded as a god of pleasure.

Gemini- Odin, The All-Father


You all may be scratching your heads with this one. Why did I not pair Odin with a cardinal sign? I’m so glad you asked! Yes, Odin is known as the Allfather, as well as a god of war. But he is also the Norse god of wisdom, poetry, and frenzy. So naturally, I had to pair him with the mutable air sign. Geminis are known to be quite studious, eloquent, and just a tad bit erratic sometimes.

Cancer- Aegir, God of The Sea


Cancerians are often associated with the moon, but as cardinal water signs ,they are also associated with the ocean. I have often compared the deep sign with the deep blue sea. So of course, I had to pair them with the Norse god of the ocean. He and his wife, Rán, personify the sea. They also have daughters who personify the waves.

Leo- Dellingr, God of the Dawn


Like Aegir, Dellingr is also a personification of nature. He is the personification of the dawn and is often associated with the sun. I paired this shining god with the fixed fire sign because Leo is ruled by the sun. The god is also believed to be the father of Dagr, which is the personification of the day in Norse mythology.

Also, Dellingr is a more obscure god, so it was difficult to find video links for him.

Virgo- Heimdall, The Watchman of The Gods

I have often referred to Virgo as the powerhouse of the zodiac. Like all earth signs, Virgos tend to be quite protective over the ones they love. So they will relate to the god often referred to as the protector of humans and deities and guardian of the passages to the Nine Realms. 

Libra- Forseti, God of Justice


All air signs are dedicated to justice, and since Libra is the cardinal air sign, you could make the argument that they are the most dedicated to justice. So it just made sense to pair them with the Norse god of justice. And Libra’s will also relate to Forseti’s desire for peace.

Scorpio- Váli, The Avenger


Though Scorpios are known to be driven by their passion and desire for self-actualization, they are also driven by revenge. The fixed water sign is endowed with a great sense of vengeance. And that is why they will identify with the god Váli. Váli was created with the sole purpose of avenging the slain god, Baldr. 

Sagittarius- Loki, The Trickster God


Loki is known as a trickster god who infamously orchestrated the death of Baldr. But he is also known as a shapeshifter. In many legends, he has turned himself into a fly, a salmon, and a mare. So it stands to reason that the mutable sign Sagittarius would identify with him since mutable signs are known to be adaptable. The broody fire sign may also identify with Loki’s self-aggrandizing nature.

Capricorn- Baldr, God of Light


Capricorns are known to have exemplary leadership skills, so I had to pair them with a Norse god who is regarded as a hero. I also paired the cardinal earth sign with Baldr because Capricorn season ushers in the winter solstice, a time when the sun begins to stay out longer during the day. And Baldr is regarded in Norse mythology as the god of light.

Aquarius- Tyr, God of War


I could have paired Tyr with Aries since he is regarded as a god of war. But, like Forseti, he is also referred to as a bringer of justice. And revolutionary Aquarius, like all air signs, are dedicated to equality and justice. Plus, placing a hand in a giant wolf’s mouth as a show of good faith just sounds like something that the fixed air sign would do.

Pisces- Bragi, God of Music and Poetry


I could have paired Bragi with Gemini since he, like Odin, is a god of poetry and wisdom. But the reason I ultimately paired him with the mutable water sign is that he is also the god of music. And as we all know, Pisces is one of the most musically-inclined signs in the zodiac. 

Fun fact: The name “Bragi” comes from the word “Bragr,” meaning poetry.

Ophiuchus- Jeff Goldblum


Ophiuchus is not a real zodiac sign, and Jeff Goldblum is not a god. But he did play the Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok…so that’s something, right?

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