What Robin Williams Film Should Each Zodiac Sign Watch?

In loving memory of the best comedian of all time.

Eight years ago, the world lost one of the best comedians of all time. I dedicated this article to him last month, but Robin Williams deserves more kind words written about him.

Robin Williams has portrayed genies, robots, Teddy Roosevelt, and the boy who never grew up. Today I thought it would be nice to celebrate his life by pairing some of his greatest films with the zodiac signs. 

Don’t forget to check your sun, moon, and rising signs.

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Aries – Good Morning, Vietnam


Aries are known to be the warriors of the zodiac. But they are also known to be vivacious. So they will love this wartime flick featuring Robin Williams as the lively comic relief Adrian Cronauer. After watching this poignant film and Williams’ nuanced performance, Aries will feel enlightened as well as entertained. They will never be able to hear the film’s titular catchphrase without smiling.


Taurus – Aladdin 


Taurus gets paired not only with one of Williams’ most iconic films, but also with one of the best-animated feature films to come out of the 90s. Taureans are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and luxury. So they will not only love the romance between a princess and a street rat, but they will love watching the Genie bestow the title character with riches. 

We will never forget this film or the Genie.

Gemini – Dead Poets Society


Gemini is one of the most communicative as well as one of the most poetic signs in the zodiac. As a whole, Geminis have a great talent for writing and a great appreciation for the written word. So they will love this film where Williams plays a passionate English teacher whose unorthodox methods inspire and motivate his students. 

Oh captain, my captain!

Cancer – What Dreams May Come


The sweet moon children are quite empathetic, meaning they feel emotions intensely and can relate to other people’s emotions. Even if those people are fictional. This film about a man in Heaven, portrayed by Williams, trying to rescue his wife from Hell, will tug at the caring and compassionate water sign’s heart strings. 

Leo – The Birdcage


The fixed fire sign will adore this film based on the musical La Cage aux Folles. This film tells the story of a young man trying to impress his fiancée’s stuffy, conservative family by hiding the fact that two dads raised him. But thankfully, he learns that a loving family is nothing to be ashamed of. Leos will enjoy Nathan Lane’s bombastic and theatrical character and also love the film’s warm-hearted message.

Leos are schmecken for schnecken!

Virgo – Patch Adams


Virgos are the workhorses of the zodiac because they like to help others at any cost. Does that sound like a certain clown nose-wearing doctor who we know? The mutable earth sign will relate to Williams’ titular character because of his kind heart and undying devotion to his patients. Though they will probably wish the character was a bit more practical.

Libra – Mrs. Doubtfire


Libras are known to be even more adaptable than the mutable signs. So they can relate to the adaptability of Williams’ character, Daniel Hillard. The sweet and sociable yet somewhat self-pitying Daniel effortlessly takes on the persona of a Scottish nanny so that he can spend more time with his kids. 

Scorpio – Jumanji


If there is one thing that Scorpios love, it is a good adventure. And this film is filled to the brim with adventure. The fixed water sign will not only enjoy the non-stop action of this fun family film. They will also enjoy the subtle sentimentality of the storytelling.

Now, if only someone could roll a five or an eight.

Sagittarius – Good Will Hunting


Sagittarians are known for their wanderlust and their entertaining nature. However, they are also known to be introspective intellects. So they will absolutely adore this film about Will, a janitor who is secretly a math prodigy. To avoid jail time after assaulting an officer, he agrees to study mathematics at the college he works for and to attend therapy. The mutable fire sign will enjoy Williams’ therapist character, who helps Will reflect on his life and inner demons.

Capricorn – Man of the Year 


I have often called Capricorns the executive of the zodiac, because most of them are natural-born leaders. So they love a film where Robin Williams takes over the executive branch of the government. Williams plays a late-night host/comedian who jokingly runs for President but ends up winning. Capricorns will enjoy the perfect blend of humor and serious storytelling.

Aquarius – Flubber


Okay, Aquarians, put down your pitchforks and hear me out. I know this is one of Robin Williams’ stranger film endeavors (however, nowhere near THE strangest), but it is also one of his most iconic. The fixed air sign will be able to relate to his intelligent yet scatterbrained scientist character, Professor Philip Brainard. And let’s be real, Aquarians would totally build a robot best friend if they could.

Pisces – Hook


Pisces are empathetic escapists whose imaginations are even bigger than their hearts. So naturally had to pair them with this visually stunning sequel/reimagining of Peter Pan. The mutable water sign will relate to Williams’ character Peter Banning’s need for a return to his fantastical childhood home after living his stressful and unsatisfying adulthood.

Ophiuchus – Popeye


Everyone deserves to be paired with a Robin Williams film. Even Ophiuchus, who does not exist.

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