Making Waves: In Defense of Cancerians

Are they cynical crabs ready to snap at everyone around them? Or empathetic moon children in touch with their — and everyone's — emotions?

It’s the last day of Cancer season, and today, we’re celebrating the moon children.

We all have our preconceived notions about certain zodiac signs. I mean, I write articles based on some of these notions. Some of the conceptions are so deeply ingrained in us that we end up treating people a certain way. I have had people physically and deliberately walk away from me when they learn that I’m an Aries. (We are nice, I promise!) Are these beliefs warranted? There must be a kernel of truth to them right? Well, let’s discuss it. 

Today, we are going to talk about stereotypes most commonly attributed to Cancer. Are they cynical crabs ready to snap at everyone around them? Or are they empathetic moon children who are in touch with their own emotions and the emotions of those around them?

Let us dive a little deeper and see what makes these compassionate creators tick. And if your sun, moon, or rising sign is in Cancer, then this is the article for you! If you do not know your birth chart, you can check it here.

Also, this article is dedicated to the memory of Robin Williams who would have been 71 years old today. 

Cancer: The Moon-Child of the Zodiac


Try to picture a Cancerian in your mind. Are you picturing an intellectual type sitting in a cafe working on their novel? Maybe you are envisioning a wistful figure who is ready to fall into a puddle of tears at any given moment. Or maybe you are picturing three Pisces in a trench coat. However you picture them, you have to admit there is something deep and intense about these cute little crabs.

Cancerians are creative, compassionate, and just a little bit cynical. They are cardinal water signs, but they do not go with the flow like Pisces. Nor do they personify the flow like Scorpio. They control the flow just as the moon controls the tides. That being said, they can be just as mysterious and empathetic as their fixed and mutable counterparts.

Cancer is ruled by the great glowing orb herself, the moon. The moon governs our emotions and our inner self. So it is pretty safe to say that their moods go through rapid phases just as the moon does. Astrologers might say that Cancerians’ mood swings could be attributed to the fact that the moon forms several different aspects a day.

Like Pisces, they have a great deal of empathy. However, it could be argued that Pisces’ empathic nature comes from their understanding of people and possibly an almost metaphysical ability to feel the emotions of others. Whereas Cancerians are empathetic because, well, they kind of have no choice. Due to their moony moodiness and their mom-friend nature, they have felt and have grown to understand every difficult and indescribable emotion a person could possibly feel. So if Katy Perry were to ask them if they ever feel like a plastic bag, they would say, “yes, I understand that feeling completely.” Because they understand certain feelings so well, they are usually always willing to help or cheer up a loved one.

It is easy to think of them as the ever-changing moon. But it helps to think of them as the ocean because they are deep, tumultuous, and oh so inspirational.

Cancer at Work


In school, many subjects may have been easy for the cardinal sign. But they truly excel in subjects where they are allowed to be creative. They love using their creativity as a way to problem solve. It makes them feel like Sherlock Holmes.

Cancerians also seek out careers where they can utilize their creativity. Because they are so in touch with their own emotions and are not afraid to be vulnerable, they make excellent actors and performers. Even the shyest moon children tend to come alive on screen or in front of a camera. The huge list of talented Cancerian actors includes Tom Hanks, Kathy Bates, Mindy Kaling, and Meryl Streep.

An immature Cancer may get a little too wrapped up in their own creative process. There is nothing wrong with wanting to do things a certain way. However, this self-assuredness can make them over-sensitive to criticism. This can make them a little hard to work with.

A mature Cancer can differentiate between constructive criticism and unnecessary comments. They do prefer to handle things via their own process, but they are always happy to get a fresh perspective on their work.

Cancer in Love


It’s hard not to love one of the most empathetic signs in the zodiac. Cancerians are like Taureans in the sense that they love providing safe spaces for their loved ones. But Taureans want their partners to feel physically safe, and Cancerians want their partners to feel emotionally safe. The moon children will go to the ends of the earth to make their significant others feel loved and supported.

An emotionally unevolved Cancer (they are rare, but they do exist) will want to keep their partner safe. But they may go about it the wrong way. They believe that they need to fix their significant other and will try to guide them. But this “guidance” will often take the form of emotional manipulation.

An emotionally evolved Cancer will take a more hands- off approach to support and guidance, because they know they can’t control their partner and shouldn’t want to. They always want to keep the lines of communication open. They may not be into grand gestures, but they will always show their adoration and appreciation in small but meaningful ways.

Cancer and Friendship


If you can get a Taurus and a Cancer in your friend group, you will be set for life. Like the fixed earth sign, Cancerians exude mom-friend energy. When they tell you to text them when you get home, THEY MEAN IT! Moon children are driven by their overwhelming compassion for those around them. They are always quick to offer advice and support.

A crabby Cancerian tends to get trapped in their own feelings a lot. When they are feeling low or unappreciated, they tend to snap at those around them. If they feel hurt, their cynicism will turn their watery nature to ice. 

A merry moon child also gets trapped in their own feelings. And they work through it. Just as they guide and support their friends, they are not afraid to ask for guidance and support. They understand that they can’t pour from an empty cup. They seek out empathy as much as they give it.

Yes, the moody little crab can be compared to the always-changing big ball of cheese in the sky. But we should view them as the ocean. They are deep and full of knowledge. Their moods may change as quickly as the tides. But they can guide you to shore and bring you peace.

I am forever grateful for the moon children in my life.

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