Moon Magic Monday: The Moon and Mercury Have Us Feeling a Little Erratic

Mercury might be going retrograde this week, but the moon's got some plans of her own.

I would not blame you if you focused more on Mercury in retrograde rather than this week’s lunar transits. That being said, the moon is going to have a pretty busy week so it may be a good idea to pay attention while she’s making moves.

The moon may only be moving into two signs this week, but it’s going to be forming several transits with every single planet this week. There are going to be plenty of trines and oppositions, so don’t be surprised if you experience intense mood swings.

Funny enough, the only transit we have on Friday the 13th is a favorable trine between the moon and Saturn. Maybe our luck won’t be so bad.

Monday, May 9 


The week starts off with the moon in Leo forming an opposition with Saturn in introverted Aquarius. Under this opposition, it may be difficult for us to be honest with others about how we feel. We may find it hard to trust others as well. This distrust of others may cause us to feel isolated from our community, especially our loved ones. It may be time to reach out to a close confidant, spiritual leader, or mental health professional.

Around dinner time, the moon moves into Virgo. Under this transit, you are overcome with the need to take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Do some stretches before bed, or fix yourself a yummy and healthy midnight snack.

Tuesday, May 10 


Early this morning, The moon forms a square with Mercury in Gemini. Under this square, we may not take full advantage of our talents or resources. We may feel insecure and cynical. It may be particularly difficult to hear constructive criticism. At this time it may help to reflect on our own accomplishments. This reflection may help us build trust in our own decisions.

As we get ready for bed, the moon forms a trine with Uranus in Taurus. Under this trine, we feel sharp and ambitious. We are forging our own path and finding new-fangled and innovative ways to solve our problems.  We are eager to help our friends and colleagues. Our amicable demeanor is helping to influence people in a positive way.

Wednesday, May 11 


Around breakfast time, the moon forms an opposition to Mars in Pisces. Under this placement, we may be particularly excitable. We might be reckless with our decisions, and become belligerent when things do not go according to plan. We may be at odds with an authoritative feminine figure in our lives. Be careful when repressing your feelings. Keeping it all inside now could lead to an outburst later.

Almost two hours later, the sun in Taurus forms a trine with the moon. This constellation brings joy into our lives. Together, these signs crave partnership and harmony. We are getting along with our family, our community, our partners, and most importantly, ourselves. Not only are we nurturing our relationships, we are also taking care of ourselves physically and mentally.

Later, the moon forms an opposition with Neptune in Pisces. Under this placement, we may feel emotionally unbalanced. We may find it difficult to assert ourselves. At this time our feelings can be easily hurt, but we may have trouble expressing that hurt. It will be beneficial to communicate our thoughts and feelings openly and honestly.

The moon forms a trine with Pluto in curious Capricorn right before midnight. We are feeling a lot of emotions right now. Others may not understand our feelings, but that does not matter as long as we understand them. We have a desire to have new experiences and travel to new places. Satisfy your curiosity. Set out on an adventure.

Thursday, May 12 


In the wee hours of the morning, the moon moves into Libra. Under this moon, we feel light-hearted and open-minded. Just as Libra craves balance, we, too, desire harmony. At this time, we are concerned with matters of love and our relationships. We are feeling particularly romantic. Spend quality time with your partner. Or, if you’re unattached, venture out and meet someone new.

A few minutes later, the moon forms an opposition with Jupiter in Aries. Under this opposition, we do not like to be ordered around. We may behave defiantly towards authority figures. We are on edge, and this edginess may lead to arguments and problems with our loved ones. 

Around breakfast time, the moon forms a trine with Mercury. Under this trine, we are open-minded and willing to learn. Our minds are sharp and our speech is clear. We think for ourselves and do our own research rather than blindly believing what we are told. At this time, we can easily influence others with our charisma and leadership qualities. However, it is important that we wield this power with great discernment. We want to keep our influence a positive one.

Later, the moon forms an opposition with Venus in Aries. Under this opposition, we feel every emotion intensely. We feel very passionate but also incredibly inhibited in our relationships. We might find ourselves dissatisfied in our personal lives. It is important that we practice caution because serious injuries could occur at this time.

Friday, May 13


Today, the moon forms a trine with Saturn. Under this trine, we see things clearly and tackle our goals with a great level of dedication and care. We feel organized and responsible. There is a desire to sort out our space as well as our thoughts. We are setting our intentions with care and consideration. There is no immediate rush to see our plans come to fruition. We are happy to take methodical and deliberate steps toward achieving our goals.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.

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