Keep Calm and Retrograde On!

I know! Mercury is in retrograde again and everybody is freaking out. But is this astrological event really as scary as everyone thinks it is?

It’s our first Mercury in retrograde of 2022 and everybody is on edge. Mercury went retrograde on Friday and we all went into panic mode. I bet you wanted to stay in bed all week didn’t you? I mean, who would blame you? Our relationships are in peril! Our jobs are on the line! If we step one foot outside of homes, we will get hit by a falling meteor right?!

Calm down, I promise you it is not that bad.

Worry not, my sweet star-gazing friends! Mercury in retrograde is not as scary as those hyperbolic internet memes make it out to be. Read on to find out what this transit has in store for us.

What Does “Retrograde” Actually Mean?


Let’s get one thing clear. All planets retrograde. We just hear more about Mercury because it goes into retrograde more than other planets.  When a planet goes retrograde, it appears to be going backwards, but it is really just an optical illusion. In reality, the Earth is just lapping the other planets during their orbits, making it seem like the planet is retreating.

Astrologers believe that retrograding planets can have a tumultuous impact on our lives, though some planets may have more of an impact than others. The outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, have less of an influence. And yes, I know that Pluto is now classified as a dwarf planet, but astrologers still acknowledge its planethood. The inner planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, are referred to as personal planets and are believed to have a tremendous amount of influence on our daily lives. 

When Venus goes retrograde, our finances and relationships may become unstable. When Mars goes retrograde, we may have less drive and passion in our interests. But what exactly can happen when Mercury goes retrograde?

Let’s Talk About Mercury


Last week Mercury — the planet that rules our communication and business sense — went retrograde. But that is not the only thing happening with Mercury. Mercury is currently residing in individualistic yet temperamental Aquarius. This can be a very good thing for creative and intellectual types because this transit increases our instinct and originality. But it can also make us overthink the smallest thing, which can be way more detrimental to us during a retrograde.

At this time we can expect a slight breakdown in communication with this transit. This means texts can be misconstrued or emails may be skimmed rather than read thoroughly. This lack of communication can lead to disagreements with our loved ones and make us feel emotionally distanced from our partners. It is incredibly important to keep the lines of communication open at this time. However, don’t be surprised if people from your past make an unexpected appearance in your life.  

Mercury also rules our travel and technological prowess so it is important to be extra careful when operating your vehicle. Always be sure that your gas tank is full and your tires are properly inflated. Check your emails thoroughly to make sure you have not missed any relevant messages. And be sure to back up any important files. You also do not want to start any important projects at this time.

Mercury in retrograde has a way of keeping us on our toes, and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, it is not really a bad thing at all.  

So… Mercury Retrograde Can Be a Good Thing?


A lot of weird things may happen around this time. But it can also give us a chance to reconsider some things. 

“Retrograde” does not have to be a scary word. Think about some other “re” words like renew, reinvent, and reinvigorate. I know I said earlier that we should not start any new projects right now. However, now is the perfect time to finish projects. Retrograde allows us to revisit and reevaluate certain business and romantic decisions. Mercury reminds us to read the fine print carefully and thoroughly before signing a contract. It also allows us to reflect on how much we have changed and grown when an old flame pops up into our lives again. 

Sometimes it will even shut down a whole social media site for several hours so we are forced to stop doom-scrolling and interact with each other face to face. Just kidding. Or am I?

At this time, it is important that we make our words and intentions as clear as possible. If you are unsure what a text means, ask the sender to explain themselves. When you feel like you are being misunderstood by a loved one, state your needs in clear and certain terms. If you see the social media profile of someone in your past who you have lost touch with, consider reaching out to them. Now is not the time to beat around the bush. 

Also, keep in mind that this is a wonderful time to practice shadow work — in other words, deep emotional and psychological work — especially during the post retrograde shadow. And speaking of post retrograde…   

When Will Mercury Go Direct Again?


Right before midnight on February 3rd, Mercury, once again in Aquarius, will station direct. But the post retrograde shadow will end on February 23. The shadow refers to the two or three weeks after where we can still slightly feel the effects of retrograde. When Mercury goes direct, our communication becomes clear and precise. Thanks to our enhanced communication skills, we are able to understand the emotions and mentality of our loved ones more easily. Our friendships and partnerships feel strengthened and we gain awareness and perspective. 

So the world is not ending. Your relationships and jobs are not in any imminent danger. And thanks to Jupiter, I highly doubt that you will be hit by a meteor. As long as you keep the lines of communication open and don’t jump to any conclusions, you will be fine. I hope this helps to put your minds at ease.

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