The Best Fashion TikTokers You Should Follow

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Your new favorite folks in fashion aren't on the cover of Vogue. They're on TikTok! All kinds of creators from fashion commentators to style bloggers are bringing us the future of fashion in just sixty seconds.

When it comes to fashion, it can be hard to keep up. What’s hot and what’s not is constantly changing! Thankfully, fashion TikTok is here to help.

These quick videos are a gold mine for the fashion-minded. No matter if you’re looking for next season’s trend forecasts or need a little inspiration to help you embrace your body, there’s a TikToker out there creating great content.

Don’t know where to start? Check out our top picks for the best fashion TikTokers you should follow. Be careful though — once you’re on fashion TikTok, you won’t want to get off! 


The first fashion TikToker you should know is @Denisemmercedes. The Dominican plus-sized influencer currently has an impressive 3.2 million followers on the video app, and she gained her large following by proving that all clothes can be worn by all body types.

From office-chic to black-tie dinners, she shows that no matter your shape or size, you can pull it off. Her style ranges between classic and sexy with a lot of peasant tops and tight pants. Her outfits look chic but attainable by the average person. You won’t have to go to Nordstrom to find her fits! 


Me and @mariacastellanos_ri were tired of transitions so we danced it out 🖤 Looks from @abercrombie #stylenotsize

♬ Own Brand Freestyle – FelixThe1st & Dreya Mac
TikTok | DeniseMMercedes

Another element people really enjoy about her channel is the outfit comparisons she does. Posing side-by-side in the same outfits with her straight-sized friend, @mariacastellanos_ri, she shows folks everywhere that all bodies are fashionable! You just have to find clothes that work for you instead of trying to make your body work for the clothes. Many of her followers say her account helps them reclaim their confidence and let go of the fear that certain dresses, shirts, or pants weren’t “made” for their body type. We love to see it! 


The second fashion TikToker you need to follow is @Wisdm8. You might assume his account isn’t super popular with such an unsuspecting @, but Wisdom has 7.4 million followers on the app! People can’t get enough of his fancy fits.

Wisdom’s fashion ranges from suave suits to elevated street style that doesn’t rely on hypebeast brands like Supreme and Bape. No matter the look or occasion, he’s sure to impress. His fashion is so impressive that he regularly gets invited to designer’s parties, with the most recent being Ralph Lauren. 


Reply to @hungryfawn idk about all that but thanks doe ☺️ #metgala #fashion

♬ Let’s Groove – absolutesnacc
TikTok | @Wisdm8

Some of the best men’s fashion you’ll see these days are worn by Wisdom. He can take a peacoat and a pair of sweats and turn it into a look you’d find in Vogue. And get this, he’s only 20! We can’t wait to see his fashion evolution. It’s going to be a great one. 


For our next influencer, we’ll have to give you a little background because you might not like Clara’s style at first. @TinyJewishGirl is the embodiment of camp. But what is camp when it comes to clothing? Basically, it is fashion at its most absurd. It’s fashion making fun of fashion to the point where the look itself becomes fashionable.

We know that’s kind of hard to follow, but Clara’s page explains it all. As you might expect, the NYC-based influencer pulls out some pretty wild looks! From rainbow leg warmers to pearl pink hot pants, Clara’s closet seemingly has endless opportunities for expressive looks. 


K i feel so cute in this and the suit/top are the same brand! 💗 #fashion #style #outfit

♬ original sound – clara
TikTok | @TinyJewishGirl

At first, a lot of folks on TikTok made fun of this fashion TikToker’s bold looks. They just couldn’t understand Clara’s confidence! As of late though, people are getting with the program. They love @TinyJewishGirl’s funky fits, and a lot of her followers say she’s helped them embrace the truest version of themself. They also like that most of her fashion is thrifted, vintage, or gifted. You can create camp without breaking the bank (or the environment)! So don’t be afraid to break out that whacky thrift find. 


If you’re searching for more of a fashion commentator, @JasmineInNyc is your gal. As her username notes, she’s based in NYC and embraces living in one of the world’s fashion capitals — but not in the way you’d think. Rather than showing off clothes and giving fashion tips, Jasmine reviews the most popular people’s outfits. From red carpet events to Instagram pictures, she covers it all. 

TikTok | @JasmineInNyc

What makes Jasmine really stand out is her intelligence and tact. No matter how she feels about the celebrity, she always credits the stylist, notes the pieces’ designers, and makes fair criticisms. For example, her followers know how much she loves Harry Styles, but that didn’t stop her from pointing out the lazy styling of his latest shoot!

She also talks about fashion in terms of PR and marketing. Celebrities’ styles are part of their brand, of course! Her recent series on Ariana Grande does a great job of explaining the nuances. It not only takes you through Grande’s fashion journey, but also the how and the why behind it. Her content is just so well-nuanced and researched, it’s like sitting through a 4000-level course for free! 

We will warn you though, her account is a target for TikTok bans, so make sure to follow her back-up @JasmineInNY too.


Another fashion commentator you should follow is Mandy, also known as @OldLoserInBrooklyn. Something must be in that NYC tap water because these girls really know their fashion.

Mandy is a special kind of fashion influencer even for NYC though — she’s psychic. Well, not actually, but her trend forecasts are so accurate you might think she has a crystal ball! She predicts both high fashion and casual wear trends too. 

TikTok | @OldLoserInBrooklyn

Mandy takes a look at all the latest fashion shows and designs as well as the chronology of fashion cycles to make her predictions. She’s rarely wrong, so we definitely trust her vision. Last year she even predicted the resurgence of Y2K fashion from butterflies to low-rise jeans!

Another one of her predictions that was a little less expected was the balaclava hat. If you told an average person that a neck-to-head knitted hat would be popular, they might think you’re crazy, but something about Mandy’s intuition is just spot on. She did just recently release her trend forecast for 2022, but we won’t spoil it for you. You’ll just have to head over to her page to find out! 


Have you ever seen someone wearing an outfit, and it made you think, “I’m just not skinny enough for that”? Well, your fashion TikToker @TenleyJoelle is here to help. Her TikTok series, “Not Skinny Enough” takes outfits from Instagram and Pinterest and makes them mid-size! Instead of feeling like you can’t wear that oversized buttondown and sweater vest combo because you’re not a size 0, Tenley styles the exact outfits in a way that works for your body. 


NSE Winter Edition! Comment styles you’d like to see! You can pull anything off no matter your size! #midsize #bodypositivity #fashion #curvy #style

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz
TikTok | @TenleyJoelle

Outside of her series, she does get ready with me videos as well as outfits of the day. We especially like her content because she’s based in LA — a place notorious for its impossible beauty standards. So, not only is she flipping fashion on its head, but she’s also changing up the LA influencer scene.

Tenley’s platform isn’t massive compared to people like Wisdom and Denise Mercedes, but we’ve got a good feeling she’s on the come-up. Her comments are constantly blowing up with positive messages and encouragement — a rare feat for TikTok! 


Another TikToker you should follow is @Nemahsis. The Muslim influencer takes modesty and makes it fashionable! Her version of modesty isn’t what you’d expect though — it’s beyond unique. Her style is like a hybrid of futurism and modernism while finding the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. She wears just about everything from trendy leather bustiers to vintage skirts and shoes. It might be a little tough to recreate her looks because her personal style is so strong, but it’s encouraging to see that modesty can be incredibly cool! 


Reply to @yontee @ezraspearpoint

♬ Frozen sickmix – Sickickmusic
TikTok | @Nemahsis

Even if modesty isn’t your concern, her fashion is a good guide for those cold months. If you don’t know how to dress warm without looking like the Michelin Man, this Toronto influencer has your back.    


Last but not least is the one and only @LoganRaeHill. Logan’s content ranges from get ready with me vlogs to unboxings, but what makes her special? Well, Logan is short and a size 6-8, sometimes 10, and the oldest sister of a family of supermodels. She says that growing up alongside ultra-skinny model sisters devastated her self-esteem, and she wants to help people who felt the same way.

TikTok | @LoganRaeHill

While this doesn’t seem super revolutionary to many because she’s still straight-sized, a lot of women in their early 20s don’t get to see other people growing into their “adult” bodies. She is so positive, kind, and honest about the clothes that fit and the ones that don’t.

People really like her because she’s transparent about how different sizing is across different brands and even within the same brand. Her goal is to make women feel comfortable with their real-life bodies, and with 8 million likes, we’d say she’s accomplishing it. 

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