Which Roman Goddess Are You Based on Your Sign?

Read on to find out which Roman Goddess relates best to your zodiac sign!

For thousands and thousands of years, human beings from various cultures worshiped pantheons of deities. Last week, we talked about Greek Goddesses and today we are talking about the Roman goddesses. I have paired up a goddess with each zodiac sign, and yes, I have even paired up Ophiuchus. Read on to find out which Goddess you are! Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun signs.

Aries – Bellona, The Goddess of War


Bellona, also known as Duellona, was so revered in Roman society as a wartime deity that the Senate held meetings there to receive foreign ambassadors and discuss triumphs in battle. In some traditions, Bellona is either the wife or sister of Mars, the war god whom Aries’ ruling planet is named after. As the warrior of the zodiac, the cardinal fire sign will appreciate and revere this strong deity.

Taurus – Flora, The Goddess of Flowers and Spring


Flora was known for her association with the, well, flora. But she was also known for her festival Floralia. This was a six-day celebration consisting of flowers, drinking, costumes, and hunting. A rose festival was also held in honor of her. Taureans will be able to connect with this deity’s earthly nature, but they will also appreciate the luxurious parties held in her name. 

Gemini – Minerva, The Goddess of Education and Poetry (Among So Many Other things)

Minerva is the goddess of so many things that she could have easily been paired up with any sign on this list. But Gemini ultimately won out because just as the air sign is known as the most studious and poetic sign in the zodiac, Minerva is known to be the goddess of wisdom and poetry. 

Cancer – Diana, The Goddess of the Moon


There are many Greco-Roman goddesses associated with the moon, but I think we can all agree that Diana is one of the most well-known. And as all astrology buffs know, Cancer is ruled by the moon. Some also regarded Diana as the goddess of family, which is a fact that the sweet and sentimental Cancerians will appreciate.

Leo – Aurora, The Goddess of the Dawn


The goddess Aurora often gets eclipsed (see what I did there?) by Apollo, the sun god. But as the goddess of the morning, she too is associated with the sun. Since the fixed fire sign is ruled by the giant ball of fire in the sky, they will appreciate being paired with this heavenly goddess.

Fun fact: The main character in Sleeping Beauty was named after this goddess.

Virgo – Vesta, The Goddess of the Hearth and Home


Virgos are known for their helpful nature. If any sign has the ability to make a house a home, it’s Virgo. Speaking of homes, the mutable earth sign is paired with the goddess of the hearth and home. But that is not the only reason they’re paired with this goddess. Virgo is represented by The Virgin, and Vesta was so well known as a virgin goddess that her priestesses were known as Vestal Virgins.

Libra – Venus, The Goddess of Love and Beauty


Libra is ruled by the planet named after the goddess of love. So naturally, I had to pair Libra with Venus. There could have been as many as three festivals that were dedicated to the Roman love goddess and if there is anything that the social butterfly of the zodiac loves, it’s a good party. 

Scorpio – Proserpina, The Goddess of Fertility and Wine  


The Greek equivalent to Proserpina is Persephone. Since Persephone is known for her dualistic nature, I paired her with Gemini in my Greek Goddess article. But the Roman goddess is more closely associated with fertility, wine, and the god of the underworld, which is perfect for the sensual yet broody Scorpio. 

Sagittarius – Fortuna, The Goddess of Fortune and Personification of Luck


Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune. So it is only fitting to pair them with the goddess of fortune, the daughter of the Roman god Jupiter. 

Fun fact: many depictions of Fortuna show her veiled or blindfolded because it was believed that luck was blind. 

Capricorn – Juno, The Goddess of Marriage and Protector and Special Counselor of the State


Juno is said to be married to Jupiter, the king of the gods, which would make her a queen. She is the goddess of marriage but she is also regarded as a protector of the state. This is the perfect pairing for Capricorn because they are known not only for their leadership skills but for their protective nature.

Aquarius – Justitia, The Goddess of Justice


This goddess could have easily been paired with Libra, but Aquarius works just as well. Aquarius is known for their compassion and their revolutionary ideologies. They will always fight for what they believe is right no matter what the cost. For this reason, they get to be paired with this righteous goddess.

Fun fact: the figure Lady Justice is modeled after the goddess Justitia. 

Pisces – Salacia, The Goddess of Salt Water


Pisces, the mutable water sign, gets paired with Salacia, the salty water goddess… er, I mean she is the goddess of saltwater. I’m not saying she’s salty. Salacia is the wife of Neptune, for whom Pisces’s ruling planet is named after. 

Fun fact: Salacia gave birth to Triton, so I guess that means that she is The Little Mermaid’s grandmother!

Ophiuchus- Ro-Man, Not a Goddess

Ophiuchus is not a real zodiac sign so they don’t get a real Roman goddess. They get stuck with Ro-Man, the alien robot from the 1953 film Robot Monster, which I am sure all of you have seen. And if you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you have seen the MST3k riff of it.

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