What Is in the Cards for Leo?

What do the Strength card, the Sun card, and the Wands suit have to do with Leo? Read on to find out!

Every week I pull one card from my grandmother’s tarot deck and write about what that card can mean for each sign. But today, I want to focus on one sign in particular: Leo. Each zodiac sign has specific tarot cards assigned to them. I don’t mean just one card. Every sign has a specific card for them, their ruling planet, and their element. But what do these cards mean? Let’s find out.

So let’s talk about our favorite zodiacal lion. Last week we jammed out to an awesome Leo playlist. But this week, we are going to continue celebrating the fixed fire sign’s season by talking about Leo’s tarot spread.

It may seem obvious why Leo would be connected to the Strength card, the Sun card, and the Wands suit, but let’s dive in a little deeper.

Even if Leo is not your sun sign, this spread may speak to you if you are a Leo moon or a Leo rising. Check here to see if you have Leo in a prominent place in your chart.



Every fire sign (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) is connected to the Wands suit, the suit of self-expression and individuality. Wands represent independence, creativity, and spontaneity. But they can also represent instability and inattentiveness.

A wand card advises us to nurture our own dreams and desires. This suit wants us to take charge of our own careers and destiny. If a wand card pops up in a reading, it can signify joy being achieved by taking control of your own life.

This suit truly speaks to Leo’s confidence and selfishness. When a wand card comes up in a reading, it can represent artistic pursuits or theatrics. A wand card could also represent frustration and resentment towards our fellow humans. But worry not, fire signs. This is not just a “me me me” suit. Wand cards can represent revelry and comradery, which fits perfectly with the charismatic energy that Leo brings to any party.

The Sun


Leo’s ruling planet is the sun, (yeah, I know the sun is a star, not a planet… JUST GO WITH IT!) So naturally, the tarot card for the sun is, you guessed it, the Sun card! I don’t really know why the sun gets the Sun card but the moon doesn’t get the Moon card, but I digress.

This card belongs to the Major Arcana, and it is believed that Major cards hold deeper and more specific meanings. This card is often depicted as a young child riding a white horse. The child holds a large red flag in their hand. Behind them are a row of sunflowers and a giant yellow sun with a face.

Though the card’s image may vary from deck to deck, the meaning is often the same. This card represents persevering through the many obstacles of life. The flag in the young child’s hand depicted in the card is no ordinary flag. It is a banner of victory. When this card is drawn, it can mean that you have the ability to triumph over your hardships. It can also mean that you need to take pride in the things you have already accomplished. This card reminds Leo that it is okay to revel in your success.

This card represents untapped possibilities. The sunflowers depicted in the card remind us that the sun gives life-sustaining nutrients to little plants so that they have the potential to grow into something strong and beautiful. This card speaks to Leos, who sometimes must be reminded of their potential.



Of course, the card for Leo is Strength. I mean, there is a lion right there on the card… depending on which deck you use. This card is often depicted as a golden-haired feminine figure in a white gown that is decorated with colorful flowers. They wear a flower crown on their head, and a lemniscate (an infinity symbol) hovers above them. They calmly hold a lion’s mouth open. Rather than appearing fearful of the creature, they appear serene.

Much like the Sun card, the Strength card reminds Leos of their ability to overcome their troubles. This card can also inspire Leos to be a strong presence in other people’s lives. It is good to remember our own strength, but it is also important to remember that our loved ones may need us to be strong sometimes too.

This card also represents a quiet strength. This is an important lesson for Leos to heed. When drawn, this card reminds us that we do not have to ostentatiously show off our talents. Leos may feel like they are the lion depicted in this card, but sometimes they need to be the figure in white. We can show fortitude through patience and quiet perseverance.

There you have it, Leo!

We have a powerful tarot spread for the zodiac’s wayfaring warrior. Whenever these cards pop up in your reading, know that they may have an extra special message for you. Your spread is all about victory and innovation. If a Wand is pulled, know that you must follow your own path, nurture your creativity, and take control over your own life. If the Sun card is pulled, you need to tap into your power and use it to its fullest potential. And if the Strength card is pulled, it is time to strengthen your resolve and overcome any hardship or obstacle that is in your way.

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