What Is in the Cards for Cancer?

What do The Chariot, The High Priestess, and the Cups have to do with Cancer? Read on and find out!

Every week I pull one card from my grandmother’s tarot deck and write about what that card can mean for each sign. But today I want to focus on one sign in particular. Each zodiac sign has specific tarot cards assigned to them. I don’t mean just one card. Every sign has a specific card for them, their ruling planet, and their element. But what do these cards mean? Let’s find out.

Today, we are talking about Cancer. The compassionate sign deserves a little attention from our trusty tarot deck. Later on this month we will listen to a sentimental Cancer playlist. But today, we are going to explore the traits of the cardinal water sign by seeing what the cards have in store for our moody yet creative sign. 

Cancer is connected to the Chariot card. Its ruling planet, the moon (yes I know the moon is not necessarily a planet) is connected to the High Priestess card. And its water element is connected to the Cups suit. These cards can hold significance for you if you have Cancer anywhere in your big three. Now let’s dive in a little deeper and see what these cards mean.

The Cups


Every water sign is connected to the Cups suit. Cups represent harmony and matters of the heart. Though the suit can represent love and friendship also represent peer pressure and hypersensitivity.

A Cup card advises us to lead with our heart rather than our heads. It reminds us to form emotional attachments with those around you. But it warns us against codependency and peer pressure.

The Cups speak to Cancerian’s compassionate nature. When a Cup card is pulled during a reading it can mean heightened intuition and/or romantic relationships. It can also mean a dissolution or lack of harmony in certain relationships. This is the suit of emotional connection, and touches on Cancers need to harness and provide emotional stability for themselves and others. 

The High Priestess


The tarot card for Cancer’s ruling planet is The High Priestess. Now I know it may seem strange that the moon does not get paired up with the Moon tarot card. That is because the meaning behind the Moon card does not line up with the astrological significance of our lunar satellite. You can learn more about the meaning behind the Moon card here.

In some decks the High Priestess is depicted as a feminine figure dressed in blue and white robes. She wears an ornate silver crown and a silver cross around her neck. Two pillars sit on either side of her, one black with a “B” engraved upon it, and one gray with a “J” engraved on it. She sits on a pedestal in front of a wall of pomegranates. She holds a silver scroll in her hand and a crescent moon sits at her feet.

Though the card’s image varies from deck to deck, the meaning is often the same. The High Priestess card represents the need to go our own way and do our own thing. This card asks the question “what do you really want out of life?” When this card pops up in a reading, it usually means that it is time to reconnect with our inner child and our personal dreams. It can also mean that there is something that we need to heal from.

In astrology, the moon governs our emotions and inner self. The moon can be seen at a time when most of us are asleep and getting in touch with our dreams and our deepest desires. Which is probably why it is paired with a card that encourages us to listen and heal our innermost self. This card speaks to Cancer’s introspective and sympathetic nature.

The Chariot


Though the Chariot’s image may vary from deck to deck, its meaning is often the same. The Chariot represents a notable life change. This may be a major or seemingly minor life change, but it is significant either way. This change is more than likely positive, but it is definitely necessary. The Chariot can also represent a change that needs to happen within. When this card pops up in a reading, you must ask yourself “Am I the one driving the chariot?” If the answer is “no,” it is time to put yourself back in the driver’s seat.

The Chariot could speak to Cancerian’s for a couple reasons. Cancer is ruled by the moon and the moon goes through many cyclical changes. Like the moon, Cancer’s moods can go through many changes as well. The cardinal water sign’s moodiness should not only be equated with crabbiness (see what I did there?) Their moodiness is more of a product of their empathy. Just as water takes the shape of whatever vessel it resides, so too does Cancer match the emotional energy of the people around them. The Chariot card reminds Cancer that they must hold the reins on their own mood. They must be in control of their emotions.

There you have it, Moon Children!

We have therapeutic tarot spread for the healer of the zodiac. Whenever these cards pop up in your reading, know that they may have an extra special message for you. When a Cup card is pulled, you may be in need of emotional connection or stability. If the High Priestess is pulled, you or someone close to you may be in need of healing. If the Chariot is pulled, know that you must handle change as it comes.

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