The “Daisy Jones and the Six” Zodiac!

the cast of Daisy Jones and the Six
Are you a leader like Billy? Or are you creative and chaotic like Daisy? Read on to find out!

Daisy Jones and the Six had taken Amazon Prime by storm! Fans are loving the fictional series based on the novel of the same name! 

Today, we are pairing the zodiac signs with the tumultuous characters in the show. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun sign. You can check your birth chart here.

Aries- Daisy Jones


Some say that Aries are nothing but stubborn balls of anger. Some say that they are misunderstood sweethearts. But in reality, they are passionate chaos goblins! And all three of those descriptions fit Daisy Jones to a T. Like the cardinal fire sign, Daisy is temperamental and fiercely dedicated to her passion and creativity.

And as an Aries, I certainly don’t regret pairing my sign with this chaotic character.

Taurus- Teddy Price


As the homemakers of the zodiac, Taureans are usually happy to open their home and space up to the ones they love. Teddy Price is also happy to open his home up to Daisy when she needs inspiration. And even if he wasn’t happy about it, it wouldn’t matter because Daisy would break into his house anyway. Teddy would be a Taurus because he is dependable and always ready to help a friend in need.

Gemini- Rod Reyes


Geminis are mutable signs, which means they are adaptable. And as the manager of a volatile rock band, Rod Reyes had to be adaptable. Like the air sign, he is knowledgeable about the music industry, but he is also erratic. He showcases his erratic behavior when he tells the band to move to California, only to insult them once they finally move there and reach out to him.

Cancer- Camilla Dunne


I may call Taureans the homemaker of the zodiac, but Cancer would fight them for that title. Cancerians care a lot about their chosen and biological families. So it only makes sense to pair them with Camilla Dunne. Camilla is Billy Dunne’s wife and mother to his child. She does everything she can to keep her family and the band together. Yes, she may have taken things a bit far, but after all the stuff that Billy puts her through, can you blame her?

Leo- Lisa Crowne


Lisa does not appear in many episodes, but she is still iconic. She is a movie star who introduced the band on Saturday Night Live. At the after-party, she connects with Warren the drummer, and they hit it off. I paired her with Leo because all Leos have that star quality. I also paired her with Leo because that would make her compatible with Warren. And yes, I do realize that I spoiled which sign I paired Warren with.

Virgo- Simone Jackson


Virgos make exceptional friends, and Simone is a wonderful friend to Daisy. Even though Daisy isn’t always a good friend to her. Like the mutable earth sign, Simone is a bit too timid and anxious to be open about her sexuality. She would also be a no-nonsense Virgo because she is able to dole out a good dose of tough love to Daisy when she needs it.

Libra- Warren Rojas


Is anyone really surprised that I paired Warren with Libra? Libras are social butterflies who are happy just to go along with what everybody else is doing. And I feel like that is a perfect description of the laid-back drummer. Like the cardinal air sign, Warren does his best to get along with everyone in the band. Also, if he is a Libra, that means that he is compatible with Leo Lisa.

Scorpio- Eddie Roundtree


Scorpios are known to be as envious and vengeful as they are sexual. And all three of those words describe Eddie perfectly. Eddie is envious of Billy’s talent and natural charisma. He is also jealous of Billy’s relationship with Camilla. He even tries to get revenge on Billy by sleeping with Camilla. I mean, technically, they would be compatible since they are both water signs.

Sagittarius- Karen Sirko


Sagittarians have a reputation for being a bit surly. But that caustic demeanor is usually hiding a softer, sweeter side. And that is certainly the case with the band’s pianist Karen Sirko. Like the mutable fire sign, she is broody, sarcastic, and indiscreet. But her willingness to bail Daisy out of jail speaks to her ability to be charitable and compassionate like a Sagittarius.

Capricorn- Billy Dunne


I paired Capricorn with Billy for a couple of reasons. Like the cardinal earth sign, Billy tends to be a bit of a control freak. Capricorns are also natural-born leaders, and Billy appoints himself as leader of the band. And if he is a Capricorn, that means that he is compatible with Cancerian Camilla.

Also, if he is a Capricorn, that could explain why he is constantly butting heads with Aries Daisy, despite having so much in common. Aries are just chaotic Capricorns, after all.

Aquarius- Bernie


Sometimes Aquarians feel like outsiders. And as an out member of the LGBTQ+ community in the 1970s, Bernie may feel like an outsider. Bernie is an accomplished DJ and co-owner of Haven Nightclub. I paired her with revolutionary Aquarius because she is not afraid to unapologetically be herself. When her girlfriend, Simone, tries to keep their love a secret, Bernie encourages her to be loud and proud about who she is and who she loves. 

Pisces- Graham Dunne


Deciding which rock star would be paired with the musical mutable sign was difficult. But the honor goes to the youngest Dunne brother. Graham is the sweetest, most pure soul in the band. So I’m sure no one is surprised that I paired him with one of the sweetest signs in the zodiac. Like the empathetic fish, Graham tries to be there for everyone in the band.

Also, if he is a Pisces, that means that he and Karen are planetary twins.

Ophiuchus- Nicky

Nicky is the absolute worst! So he gets paired with a sign that does not exist! I couldn’t even find a video clip of Nicky because no one likes Nicky!

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