Moon Magic Monday: The Full Moon Wants Us to Take Care of Our Mental Health

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Read on to find out what the moon has in store for yo

We have talked about how lunar aspects affect our emotions. And we have talked about what our personal moon placements mean. If you are still unsure of what your moon sign is, you can check it here.

Let’s talk about this week’s lunar transits and how they may affect our daily lives.

Monday, March 6th

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Our week starts off with the moon in Virgo forming an opposition with Mercury in Pisces. Under this opposition, we may not use our talents and resources responsibly. When earth signs face off with water signs, our thoughts can be muddy. Our minds can be, if you’ll excuse the pun, mercurial and ever-changing. Because our thoughts and opinions are constantly changing at this time, it may seem like we are being deceitful. We are not necessarily lying, our own truth is just unclear. This lack of clarity can cause us to lash out. If you feel yourself on the verge of losing your temper, take a step back and try your best to collect your thoughts by taking deep breaths or meditating.

Tuesday, March 7th

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Early this morning, the moon forms a trine with Uranus in Taurus. Under this trine, we think outside of the box. When two earth signs form such a high-spirited trine, we are endowed with the ability to fulfill anything. We use our persuasion, our can-do attitude, and our newfangled ideas to achieve all that we can. Nobody can tell us what we can and cannot accomplish. We decide that for ourselves.

A couple of hours later, the moon in Virgo becomes full. This full moon brings with it an increased irritability. We desire peace more than anything under this moon, but we are having trouble finding it. Our anxiety is increasing and so is our likelihood of getting our feelings hurt. We have a tendency to lose our temper under this moon. Thankfully, our work ethic can also flourish during this time. We may also feel particularly dedicated to taking care of our physical and mental health.

Around dinner time, the moon forms a square with Mars in Gemini. This square brings out our passion, but it can also bring out our competitive spirits. We feel particularly argumentative especially with the opposite sex. We try to mask our emotions with hasty decisions. It is important that we acknowledge our own feelings at this time, rather than repressing them. Journaling or talking to a trusted confidant can help.

Just before midnight, the moon forms an opposition with Neptune in Pisces. Under this placement, we may feel emotionally unbalanced. We may find it difficult to assert ourselves. At this time our feelings can be easily hurt, but we may have trouble expressing our hurt. It may be beneficial to communicate our thoughts and feelings openly and honestly.

Wednesday, March 8th

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Around breakfast time, the moon forms a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. We are feeling a lot of emotions right now. Others may not understand our feelings, but that does not matter as long as we understand them. We have a desire to have new experiences and travel to new places. Satisfy your curiosity. Set out on an adventure.

About an hour later, the moon moves into congenial Libra. Under this moon, we feel light-hearted and open-minded. Just as Libra craves balance, we too, desire harmony. At this time, we are concerned with matters of love and our relationships. We are feeling particularly romantic. Spend quality time with your partner. Or if you’re unattached, venture out and meet someone new.

Thursday, March 9th

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Around lunch time the moon forms an opposition with Jupiter in Aries. Under this opposition, we do not like to be ordered around. We may behave in a defiant manner towards authority figures. We are on edge, and this edginess may lead to arguments and problems with our loved ones. Our short temper may alienate us from the ones we love. When we feel alienated, we may be tempted to indulge in substances like alcohol. We must be careful not to overindulge because our liver is especially vulnerable at this time.

Friday, March 10th

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In the wee hours of the morning, the moon forms an opposition with Venus in Aries. Under this opposition we feel every emotion intensely. We feel very passionate but also incredibly inhibited in our relationships. We might find ourselves dissatisfied in our personal lives. It is important that we practice caution because serious injuries could occur at this time.

Later, the moon forms a trine with Mars. Under this trine, we are endowed with great physical and mental energy. You may have struggled with hardships recently, but you are pushing through and persevering. Your feet are firmly planted on the ground and nothing can get in your way.

In the evening, the moon forms a square with Pluto. Under this placement, we feel anxious and hypersensitive. At this time, it may be tempting to get lost in our own imaginations. A little wishful thinking never hurt anyone. But be careful not to neglect your real world obligations.

About thirty minutes later, the moon moves into passionate Scorpio. This moon is increasing our sensuality and spontaneity. However, it is also enhancing our resentment and aggressiveness. Our friskiness can quickly give way to conflict. Lunar Scorpio is also inspiring our adventurous side. We have a strong desire to visit new places and have new experiences.

We end the week with the moon forming a trine with Saturn in Pisces. Under this trine, we see things clearly and tackle our goals with a great level of dedication and care. We feel organized and responsible. We are setting our intentions with care and consideration and we are happy to take methodical and deliberate steps in achieving our goals.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.

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