All Those Who Wander: In Defense of Pisces

Are Pisces naive escapists? Or are they creative empaths? Read on to find out!

We all have our preconceived notions about certain zodiac signs. I mean, I write articles based on some of these notions. Some of the conceptions are so deeply ingrained in us that we end up treating people a certain way. I have had people physically and deliberately walk away from me when they learn that I’m an Aries. (We are nice, I promise!) Are these beliefs warranted? There must be a kernel of truth to them, right? Well, let’s discuss it.

Today, we are going to talk about stereotypes most commonly attributed to Pisces. Are they kooky escapists? Or are they insightful wild-cards who enjoy dancing to the beat of their own drum?

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Pisces: The Empath of the Zodiac


Try to picture a Pisces in your mind. Perhaps you envision a prodigy sitting at a piano and playing Mozart by heart. Or maybe you see a person covered in glitter and chunky jewelry shuffling a deck of tarot cards. Heck, maybe you even imagine a hippie dancing around with their Libra friend. No matter how you picture them, there is no denying that there is something zany and magical about them.

Pisces are mystical, musical, and empathic. There are many astrologers out there who believe that people who have Pisces in a prominent place in their birth chart have psychic abilities. Though there are many Piscean people out there who are attracted to more metaphysical beliefs, there is no real way to prove their psychic inclinations.

That being said, people with Pisces in their charts seem to have an inordinate level of empathy for their fellow humans. On the flip side, there are many Pisces that require a high amount of empathy from those around them due to their hypersensitivity. One could argue that this heightened empathy drives every bit of their personality and tastes. They tend to be more musically inclined. Where others may hear chords and notes, they hear emotions. 

But there is another side to these sympathetic sirens. Pisces are mutable signs, meaning that they are adaptable and a little bit unpredictable. They are also ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, intuition, and delusion. Their mutable Neptunian nature can make them hard to understand sometimes. Their ideas can seem a little bizarre and they have the tendency to wander whenever they become too overwhelmed in a space. They are like a trickle that is happy to go with their own flow. Some may write them off as kooky, but they prefer to be called creative.

Pisces at Work


In school, Piscean people may have excelled in subjects and assignments where they were allowed to express their opinion and creativity freely, rather than being confined to a strict set of guidelines. As mutable signs, it can be difficult for Pisces to find a work environment that they feel comfortable in. They can easily adapt to their space and the people around them, but their adaptability may lead their employers and co-workers to believe that they are easy to take advantage of. Their empathy makes it easy for them to work with vulnerable groups of people like children or the elderly. But their hypersensitivity makes it hard for them to be around the same people for eight hours every day. That is why many of them like to work from home.

An immature Pisces will find it hard to keep a job for long periods of time because they can’t stand to stay in a place where they can’t be happy or themselves at all times. There is nothing wrong with leaving a place where you are not celebrated, but an immature Pisces may quit in a rather hasty way. They also may try to turn a creative hobby into a career. This can be admirable if they do not grow to resent the hobby and experience burn-out.

A mature Pisces can turn a creative hobby into a career if, and only if, they are able to set boundaries. Just because you love what you do, does not mean you have to do it 24 hours a day. Some may even get a part-time job or a work-from-home job to help pay the bills while they focus on their more artistic pursuits. Again, this works best if you set boundaries with your employer.  

Pisces in Love


When it comes to romance, Pisces fall in love easily and people easily fall in love with them. It is nearly impossible not to be charmed by their kind hearts and sweet nature. They go to great lengths to make sure that their partners feel comfortable and they always try to anticipate their needs. Once they get to know you, they will easily be able to intuit your moods and feelings. They love to express their emotions and expect their significant others to do the same.

An emotionally unevolved Pisces will take offense to any slight criticism you give them. Because they are naturally good at reading other people’s emotions, they will be very upset when you don’t know how they are feeling or why they are upset. They may victimize themselves during arguments.

An emotionally evolved Pisces will communicate their emotions with their partners. After being in a relationship for a little while, they might expect you to pick up on a cue here or there, but for the most part, they know you are not a mind-reader. They will always try to see your point of view in an argument and seek mutual emotional validation.

Just a warning for all people with heightened levels of empathy. Narcissists are often attracted to empathetic people because they feel like they are easy to manipulate. If you feel like you are in an unsafe situation, find help. 

Pisces and Friendship


It is always good to have a Pisces in your corner. They are always willing to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on. They will always try to get you to open up and express yourself. And in turn, they will freely express themselves to you. Though they are very expressive, they can be a little hard to understand sometimes. One minute they are dancing at a party and the next minute they are wandering off to decompress themselves.

A juvenile Pisces may party a little too much because they like to feel the positive emotions of their fellow party-goers radiating off of them. This can be fun, but if they insist that you go out with them more times than you are able, you may need to set a boundary with them. On the flip side, they may ghost you seemingly out of nowhere.

A more sympathetic Pisces will always communicate with their loved ones if they are feeling the need to disconnect for a while to recharge their batteries. They will always invite you but never push you to go to a party. They want you to feel included, not obligated. 

Pisces do not want to swim against the stream, they are happy to just go with the flow. Whether they behave like a waterfall or a soft mountain trickle, they are always happy to follow the water wherever it goes. It may seem like all they do is wander, but as Gandalf once said, “not all those who wander are lost.”

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