How To Practice Self Care According to the Zodiac

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Self care can look different for different people. Care to hear what the stars and planets have to say about it?

Can we all admit that the last two years have been stressful? “Stressful” may even be an understatement. If you are like me, you have needed a lot of self-care days the last couple of years, but maybe you are not quite sure where to start. Sure, tidying up, eating right, and exercising are all great self-care methods, but maybe you need something a bit more fun and relaxing.

I have compiled a comprehensive list of self-care methods based on the zodiac signs. Keep reading to see if these methods will work for you. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs, as well as your sun signs.  

Aries – Hiking


Sometimes the cardinal fire sign feels a bit burnt out. When this happens, they need to satiate their need for adventure and reignite the spark within them. Hiking indulges this need and allows them to keep their bodies moving, since they absolutely abhor sitting still.

For extroverted Aries, you can hike with a buddy. For more introverted Aries, you might want to go to their favorite park or a beautiful mountain trail to satisfy your sentimental nature.  

Taurus – A Hearty, Healthy Snack (But Not Too Healthy)

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Taureans love a good meal, and creating a good meal may be the perfect self-care if they already enjoy cooking as a hobby. If they don’t enjoy cooking as a hobby, then fixing themselves a tasty, easy snack may be the best option. It can be a healthy snack, but it doesn’t have to be too healthy.

For extroverted Taureans, share a charcuterie board with some friends. For introverted Taureans, turn on a good romantic comedy and keep that charcuterie board for yourself.

Gemini – Journaling


I already mentioned in my gift guide article that journals are the perfect gift for Geminis, and that is because Geminis are the most verbally expressive sign in the zodiac. When they are stressed, they may feel like they have a million words and feelings tumbling around inside of them and the best way to relax is to get them all out on paper.

For extroverted Geminis, you could start a journaling group. For introverted Geminis, just journal from the comfort of your own home.   

Cancer – A Luxurious Nap


Cancerians are ruled by the moon, so they may appreciate rest the most out of any sign in the zodiac. At the end of a long and stressful week, put on your favorite pajamas, get your softest blanket, put some relaxing music or an ASMR video on in the background and curl up in bed.

Admittedly, this self-care tip is more geared towards introverts, but if you are more extroverted, you can always cuddle up with your significant other.

Leo – Clubbing/Small Get Together


Leos love being the life of the party, and after a hard week, they just want to blow off steam. They want to be surrounded by good people and good music.

Extroverted Leos may want to get a group of friends together and go dancing and/or bar hopping, maybe even sing a little karaoke. But for more introverted Leos, it may be better just to invite some close friends over and just shoot the breeze. Invite Taurus and see if they can bring their charcuterie board. [Editor’s note: Don’t worry, we will.]

Virgo – Word Puzzles


Let me tell you a little secret about Virgos. Their minds are never fully at rest. The powerhouse of the zodiac constantly has their wheels turning. So it may be a bit too much to expect them to completely sit still and relax. A word puzzle or sudoku will allow them to physically rest while keeping their mind sharp.

Introverted Virgos can just chill with a sudoku book. But extroverted Virgos may enjoy playing scrabble with their loved ones.

Libra – Listening To Music


After a long day of playing peacekeeper, Libras need to do something for themselves. Listening to their favorite song or album will allow them to shut the world out and leave their worries and their diplomatic obligations behind.

Extroverted Libras may enjoy going to a concert. But an introverted Libra will enjoy putting on headphones, closing their eyes, and meditating on every note and lyric.

Scorpio – Dancing


Scorpios are just as adventurous as Aries and may enjoy a hiking trip with the aforementioned fire sign. But if hiking isn’t your thing, dancing may soothe your restless spirit.

You can go out dancing at a club with friends. Or if you’re craving something a bit more structured, you can take a ballet class, or a ballroom class with your significant other. If you are more introverted, just turn on some music and dance around your bedroom.

Sagittarius – Road Trip

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Sometimes, after a particularly difficult week, Sagittarians are overcome with the desire to run away for a little while. Plan a weekend trip to your favorite city, or venture to a place you have never been to before.

You can bring along a group of friends or just explore your new surroundings by yourself. If you are taking this trip by yourself, be sure to let people know where you are going, just to be safe. 

Capricorn – Gaming


Capricorns feel like they have to be serious and on their game at all times. Sometimes they just want to unwind and do something mindless and fun. So take a couple hours to play your favorite sport or video game!

If you prefer to play games with others, see if Virgo needs another person for scrabble. Or you can host a DnD game. I bet Capricorns make the best Dungeon Masters. 

Aquarius – Podcasts/Audiobooks


Aquarians love reading and expanding their minds because they are already naturally studious. But sometimes it can be hard for them to read for pleasure because it feels like another assignment or task. That is why they are so thankful for podcasts and audiobooks.

They allow them to sit back, relax, and take in a story. It gives them a sense of comfort because it feels like they are being read to. It may be a bit hard to do this with other people if you are an extroverted Aquarian, but it’s not impossible.

Pisces – Reading In A Bathtub


All the mutable water sign needs after a long day of work is a good book and a bubble bath. I’ve stated before that Pisces love poetry books because they are long music but in book form. Run the tap, read some Nikita Gill, and maybe even put on some calming instrumental music.

For extroverted Pisces, it may be a bit awkward to cram more than one person into a bathtub, but a big hot tub can be a nice alternative.

Ophiuchus – Existential Dread

You can sit in a dark room and contemplate the fact that you are not a real zodiac sign.

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