Famous Birth Chart Friday: Neil Gaiman, Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio

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Welcome to Famous Birth Chart Friday!

Right now, we are right at the tail end of Scorpio season. Scorpios are water signs that are ruled by Pluto and Mars. They are known to be sensual, mysterious, and loyal. They are also secretive, broody, and envious. Others may assume that they are shameless flirts, but in reality, they are just incredibly passionate. 

Today we are going to be talking about three famous Scorpios — Neil Gaiman, Katy Perry, and Leonardo DiCaprio. But rather than focusing on just their sun signs, we are going to be discussing their Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and ascendant signs as well.

Check here to find out if any of your inner planet placements match these three celebs!

Neil Gaiman, born on November 10, 1960, in Portchester, England


I have written about Lucifer and Good Omens. But now I want to discuss the person who brought those great works to us, Neil Gaiman! Neil is a solar Scorpio, but he has prominent placements in both fire and air signs. He could probably do with more earth in his chart, but maybe that’s why he spent so many years married to a Taurus.

His moon is in Leo. The moon rules our emotions, and lunar Leos often wear their emotions on their sleeves. They also love to entertain and make other people smile. Though I can’t be sure how emotional he is in his personal life, he seems to truly enjoy entertaining others with his brilliant stories.

His Mercury placement is in Scorpio. Mercury governs our communication, and people with this placement tend to prefer deep conversations. This may explain why he loves to write about mythology.

His Venus placement is in Sagittarius. Venus governs our romantic inclinations and aesthetic tastes. People with this placement are known to be adventurous lovers. They are also known to have a great love of travel and music. This may be why he was able to stay in a long-distance marriage with musical artist Amanda Palmer for so long.

His Mars placement is in Cancer. Mars rules our passion and drive, and people with this placement tend to be moody or passive-aggressive. But this placement may also allow him to be confident in his creative abilities and proud of his personal and professional achievements.

His ascendant is in Gemini. Our ascendant signs determine how the rest of the world sees us, and I have to say, this is a pretty perfect placement for such a prolific writer. Gemini ascendants are known to be some of the best storytellers. I wouldn’t be surprised if he told amazing dad jokes.

Katy Perry, born on October 25, 1984, in Santa Barbara, California


Katy Perry is not only a Scorpio, she is a SUPER Scorpio! Her big three (her sun, moon, and rising) are all in Scorpio. It’s pretty safe to say that what you see is what you get with her!

Her moon is in Scorpio. People with this placement tend to feel their emotions a bit more intensely than others. But they are also endowed with emotional fortitude and undying loyalty. So she may be a great friend to have in your corner.

Like Neil Gaiman, her Mercury placement is also in Scorpio. People with this placement are not only deep conversationalists, they are also brutally honest. This could explain why she gets so blunt in some of her songs like “Hot n Cold” and the ever-problematic “Ur So Gay.”

Again like the aforementioned writer, her Venus placement is in Sagittarius. As I mentioned earlier, people with this placement have a great love for music, which may be why she has such an impressive career as a singer.

Her Mars placement is in Capricorn. People with this placement work hard 24/7. This may be why she accomplished so much in her musical career before the age of 40.

Her ascendant is in Scorpio, so it’s no big secret that she is intense and passionate. People who know her personally may say that she comes off as a bit mysterious.

Leonardo DiCaprio, born on November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles, California 


Hollywood’s favorite Casanova is a solar Scorpio! Though he is not a SUPER Scorpio like Katy Perry, he does have a Scorpio stellium, meaning he has Scorpio in three planetary placements.

His moon is in Libra. Lunar Libras have an intense emotional need for peace. This may be why Leonardo always seems so calm, cool, and collected in public. He even kept his emotions in check when he finally won an Oscar.

His Mercury placement is also in Libra. People with this placement try really hard to keep the peace. This may be why he laughs off all of the jokes about how young his girlfriends always are.

His Venus placement is in Scorpio. People with this placement tend to live rather intensely. But sometimes those intense romances can burn out rather quickly. This may explain why he has an impressive list of exes.

His Mars placement is happy at home in Scorpio. People with this placement love a good challenge and they have a good go-getter attitude. This may be why he takes on such physically and emotionally challenging roles in movies like The Revenant and Titanic. This passion may also be why he kept filming a scene in Django Unchained even after he cut his hand on a piece of glass.

His ascendant is in Libra and people with this placement are often seen as social butterflies. They also tend to be calm and sweet-natured. Maybe that’s why so many women like him.

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