Earth Is a Libra: The Good Omens Zodiac!

Read on to find out which apocalyptic character you are!

Last week, we celebrated the birthday of one of the greatest writers of all time (in my humble opinion) Neil Gaiman! Mr. Gaiman has brought us so many wonderful stories over the years. But today we are highlighting the story that he wrote with the late, great Terry Pratchett, Good Omens.  

Read on to find out which character your zodiac sign is paired with. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun sign. You can check your birth chart here.

Happy belated Birthday, Mr. Gaiman. And thank you for the brilliant stories!

Aries – The Four Horse Persons of the Apocalypse (War, Famine, Pollution, and Death)


Aries gets paired with four characters! I often refer to Aries as the Warrior of the Zodiac. So naturally, I had to pair them with the harbingers of the ultimate final battle, Death, Pollution, Famine, and of course War. As the angel Sandalphon says “You can’t have a war without War!”

Also, I know Aries would be mad if they didn’t get paired with one of the wielders of the flaming sword.

Taurus – The Them (Pepper, Wensleydale, and Brian)


Like Aries, Taurus gets paired with more than one character. There are so many characters in this story, that a couple of signs had to be paired with multiple characters. The faithful friends of Adam Young get paired with the fixed earth sign because they are dedicated, dependable, and they keep a level-headed attitude when Adam starts acting a little hellish.

Gemini – Sister Mary Loquacious (A Satanic Nun from the Chattering Order of St. Beryl)


Geminis are known to be quite linguistically talented… which is just my nice way of saying they are a bit verbose. Does that sound like a certain satanic nun we know? Sister Mary Loquacious gets paired with Gemini because she is, well, loquacious. She is also quite adaptable. After the order is dismantled she starts her own business.

Cancer – Adam (The Antichrist)


You are probably wondering why I didn’t pair the Antichrist with the sea-goat. Let me explain. Cancerians are one of the biggest and most dedicated home-makers of the zodiac and Adam certainly loves his home. He uses his supernatural abilities to make his home of Tadfield the perfect place for kids to play. 

Leo – Crowley (A Demon, or an Angel Who Sauntered Vaguely Downwards)


Any demon with a fiery car has to be paired with a fire sign. Crowley’s choice of vehicle is not the only reason I paired him with Leo. Crowley gets matched with the fixed fire sign because he is nothing if not dramatic. He is also incredibly warm-hearted where his dear friend Aziraphale is concerned.

Virgo – Aziraphale (A Principality Who Misplaced the Flaming Sword)


I always seem to pair leads from Neil Gaiman adaptations with Virgos. Everyone’s favorite soft angel gets paired with the mutable earth sign. Like Virgo, Aziraphale is incredibly timid and a bit overly practical. But he is also insanely loyal to his oldest friend, Crowley.

Libra – Madame Tracy (A Psychic Medium/“Intimate” Relaxation Professional)


Libras are known for their dualistic nature, and we all know Madame Tracy lives quite an exciting double life. Some evenings she gives strict discipline and intimate massage to discerning gentlemen. But on other evenings she peeks beyond the veil as a psychic medium. The cardinal air sign will relate to her adaptability as well as her friendly and lascivious nature.

Bonus pairing: According to the story, Earth is also a Libra. Though I still don’t understand why Earth isn’t an earth sign!

Scorpio – Leslie (The International Express Postman)


Okay, I know Scorpios are probably not too happy with this pairing, but put the pitchforks down and hear me out. Scorpios are incredibly adventurous and Leslie the postman traveled all over the world to deliver packages to the four horse persons. They are also known to be quite sensual and you know that he and his wife Maud had an exciting love life. I mean, she does call him “Tiger.”

Sagittarius – Agnes Nutter (Witch)


Sagittarians are known to gravitate towards the more metaphysical and philosophical studies. They are also ruled by Jupiter, the planet of fortune. So they are a perfect fit for the witch who foretells the events of the apocalypse. Also, only the mutable fire sign would blow up an entire town as an act of revenge.

Capricorn – Shadwell (Witchfinder Sergeant)


Capricorns are known to be great no-nonsense leaders who are just as charming as they are self-disciplined… and Sergeant Shadwell would certainly describe himself that way. 

And honestly, being a witchy astrologer writer myself, I don’t want to get on Shadwell’s bad side, so I’m just pairing him with the sign I think he’d want to be paired with.

Bonus Pairing: The Archangel Gabriel would be a Capricorn, because obviously!

Aquarius – Newt Pulsifer (A Witchfinder)


Newt gets paired with Aquarius for two reasons. The first reason being that he is often labeled an outcast by his work colleagues and peers. The second reason being, Aquarians are known for their technological prowess and Newt is a computer engineer… though not a very good one.

Pisces – Anathema Device (An Occultist)


Pisces are empathic, intuitive, and just a little bit kooky. And if that doesn’t fit the witchy descendant of Agnes Nutter to a T, then I don’t know what does. Everyone who has Pisces in a prominent place in their chart is known to have psychic tendencies. So I just had to pair them with the character that can read auras.

Also, if Anathema is a Pisces, that means she and Agnes are planetary twins!

Ophiuchus – Warlock (Son of the Cultural Attaché to America)


Warlock was not actually the Antichrist, and Ophiuchus is not actually a zodiac sign.

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