Astrological Forecast for March!

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Find out what the stars and planets have in store for you this month!

Here is our astrological forecast for March! After years of residing in Aquarius and Capricorn respectively, Saturn and Pluto are moving into new signs. Read on to find out which signs they are moving into! Click here to learn more about aspects and transits. And follow this link to find out more about Pluto!

March 1st-7th

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Venus is Conjunct Jupiter

March starts off with Venus in Aries forming a conjunction with Jupiter, also in Aries. Venus rules our romantic inclinations and our aesthetics. While Jupiter governs our good fortune. Under this conjunction, we are lucky in love and finances.

Mercury is Conjunct Saturn

At this time, we may feel particularly suspicious of our loved ones. We also fear failure at this time so we may not want to do something unless we know we will be good at it. 

Mercury is in Pisces

Mercury rules our communication and when it resides in Pisces our heads and hearts may be at odds with one another. We are good friends at this time and are eager to listen and help them. But we may struggle with helping ourselves.

Sun is Sextile Uranus

The sun rules our energy and vitality, while  Uranus rules our innovation and ingenuity. When these two planets form a sextile we are driven by revolutionary ideals. Our can-do attitude may make us invaluable at work. Now is a great time to tackle our ambitions.

Saturn is in Pisces

Saturn rules our obligations, morality, and authority. When it resides in Pisces we may become interested in metaphysical and supernatural ideas. We may also withdraw from society because we feel misunderstood. At this time, a lack of confidence may hinder our creativity. But if we are able to push past our insecurities, our artistic talents can flourish.

March 8th-14th

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Venus Is Sextile Mars

Under this sextile, open and honest communication will help to close the gaps in your relationship. We feel inspired by the beauty and art around us. If you are tackling a creative project, try listening to a song or podcast you have never heard before to wake up your artistic spirit. Maybe check out a museum or a show. Just be mindful of how much money you are spending on creative adventures. This celestial placement can make us a bit too carefree with money.

Mercury Is Sextile Uranus

At this time, our ambition and sense of individuality are flourishing under this transit. Our confidence is increasing and now is a great time to go after what we want. When these celestial bodies form this sextile, we reject tradition and embrace more progressive and new-age ways of thinking. We have a strong intuition and aptitude for STEM studies. Now is the perfect time to forge our own paths and try new things. Start that new creative project. Apply for your dream job. Learn a new skill that you have been meaning to try. The sky’s the limit!

March 15th-21st

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Sun is Conjunct Neptune

We don’t have to be wary of the Ides of March during this transition. Neptune rules our dreams and spirituality and when it forms a conjunction with the sun, we are sensitive to the needs of other people. We may be eager to resolve old conflicts at this time. Any psychic abilities will flourish at this time. It’s important to meditate and spend time with nature during this transit.

Mercury is Conjunct Neptune

Under this conjunction, it may be hard to concentrate, but it is important that we try to concentrate on our dreams and goals. We feel particularly joyful at this time and we are eager to shower our loved ones with unconditional love. Be careful not to make promises or business decisions at this time.

Sun is Square Mars

Mars rules our passion and when it forms a square with the sun we tend to pick fights. We may feel especially volatile towards authority figures. It is important not to overexert yourself physically, mentally, or emotionally at this time.

Venus Is Square Pluto

Under this square, we need to be careful with who we trust. Be aware of any old enemies who would want to ruin your finances or reputation. Don’t be too reckless with your trust, your wallet, or your heart.

Venus is in Taurus

Venus is going home to Taurus! When Venus resides in one of its two home signs, we are generous and friendly. At this time, we know exactly what we want in a partner and we set out to find a significant other who is perfect for us.

Mercury is Square Mars

Under this square, we are particularly excitable. We may feel aggressive or sarcastic, and we don’t respond to criticism well.

The Sun Is Conjunct Mercury

Under this conjunction we have great mental energy. We find it is easier to concentrate and recall important details. At this time, we have an intense appreciation for art and the written word. If you find yourself overcome with inspiration, try writing a poem or some prose.

Venus is Sextile Saturn

Under this sextile, we are sincere and genuine with our words and actions. When these two celestial bodies work together, we do not feel the need to make grandiose declarations of love to the ones who mean the most to us. We are content with simple yet meaningful gestures.

Mercury is Sextile Pluto

We may feel existential and introspective under this aspect. Now is a good time to deal with finances. It is also a good time to free yourself from negative forces and focus on the positive.

Mercury is in Aries

When Mercury is in Aries, we have a sharp mind. We are passionate and sometimes act before we think. At this time we are able to focus and accomplish whatever we put our minds to.

The Sun Is Sextile Pluto

Under this sextile, these celestial bodies are working hard to increase our energy and social standing. At this time we may feel particularly lively and popular. Our happy outlook on life can lead to personal and professional success. This optimism can also have a positive influence on those around us. We are happy to share our good fortune with others. 

Sun is in Aries (Vernal Equinox)

I said earlier that the sun rules our vitality and energy. And when it resides in Aries we feel passionate and adventurous. This is also the vernal equinox, so we may feel like new life has been breathed into us. Our senses feel awakened just as nature feels awakened.

March 22nd-28th

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Mars is in Cancer

Mars rules our passion and our willpower. When it resides in Cancer, we fantasize about accomplishing great things. Though we may not actually accomplish them, this fantasy stage is still important. Though we may fight with our chosen families at this time, we still feel protective and empathetic towards them. Our freedom is important to us under this transit.

Pluto is in Aquarius 

Pluto is the planet of creation, destruction, and transformation. When it resides in Aquarius we are dedicated to freedom and social justice. We may become more involved in politics, science, and humanitarianism. We may feel more rebellious and revolutionary.

Mercury is Conjunct Jupiter

Under this conjunction, we are overcome with an insatiable wanderlust. Now is a good time to learn new things. We may want to consider taking some classes in subjects that have always interested us.

March 29th-31st

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Mars Is Trine Saturn

Under this trine, we are rational, energetic, and enthusiastic. We are successful and ready to take decisive action.

Venus is Conjunct Uranus

Under this conjunction, we may feel unusually sensual and perhaps a little jealous. We may feel romantically uninhibited and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Now is a good time to meet someone online…just make sure you do a thorough background check.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.

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