A Voracious Playlist for Virgo

It's time to dance Virgo!

Virgo season is here! What better way to celebrate than with a carefully cultivated playlist that all the veracious Virgos will enjoy? 

You will love this playlist if you have Virgo in a prominent place in your birth chart. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun sign. You can check your birth chart here.

For fun, try to find the hidden bonus track in the list.

Gift From Virgo 


Written and performed by Beyoncé. Co-written by Shuggie Otis

Yeah! I’m going big and starting this list off with Beyoncé, one of the world’s most celebrated Virgos! This song is perfect for the more romantic Virgos. Not only does this song have the word “Virgo” in the title. It also glorifies two of the mutable earth sign’s most important values, loyalty and stability.

Manic Monday


Written by Prince. Performed by The Bangles

All earth signs can be admired for their work ethic. But Virgo exemplifies industriousness. But even workaholics need to complain about Monday every once in a while, and what better way to do it than screaming this song at the top of your lungs?

Lean On Me


Written and performed by Bill Withers. 

Not every song on this playlist needs to be about work. Virgos have the innate tendency to take care of others who they perceive are in great need of help. This song speaks to that tendency to allow others to lean on them for guidance. It may also inspire them to lean on others when they themselves need help.

9 to 5


Written and performed by Dolly Parton

Wow, Beyoncé and Dolly on one playlist! You’re welcome, Virgo. Dolly may not be a Virgo, but she is an earth sign. This typewriter-laden tune will help keep you sane during even the most tumultuous work week. This is the perfect song to play as you pour yourself a cup of ambition.

Virgo Tendencies


Written and performed by Keke Palmer 

Another awesome Virgo song by another awesome Virgo singer. You got to love how unapologetic this song is. The mutable sign can listen to this song when they need to reclaim their power. This song will have everyone feeling like a Virgo.



Written and performed by Rihanna. Co-written by Jahron Brathwaite, Matthew Samuels, Allen Ritter, Rupert Thomas Jr., Aubrey Graham, Monte Moir.

It seems like Virgo’s work is never done. This song not only speaks to Virgo’s incredible work ethic, but also speaks to their loyal nature. The lyrics tell the story of someone whose loyalty was taken for granted. The mutable earth sign can play this song to remind others that they are not to be trifled with. Plus, this song is just really fun to dance to, and I know you earth signs can bust a move.

Summertime Blues


Written by Eddie Cochran and Jerry Capehart. Performed by Eddie Cochran, The Beach Boys, Johnny Chester, Hep Stars, Blue Cheer, T. Rex, Mick Farren, Alan Jackson, Johnny Hallyday, and Rush… This song has been covered A LOT!

Virgo, being as you are the true workaholic of the zodiac, this song must have been written just for you. It can be hard for you to relax in the summer, when there is still so much work to be done. Thankfully this song sympathizes with your plight. Feel free to “raise a fuss” when you listen to its lyrics.

We’re Going To Be Friends


Written and performed by The White Stripes

School starts back right at the start of Virgo season. And what better way to observe than by listening to this wholesome song about two classmates forming a friendship? Virgos are known to be incredibly loyal, and this song speaks to their true-blue nature.

Honey, I’m Home


Written and performed by Shania Twain. Co-written by Robert John “Mutt” Lange

We know you have been working hard, Virgo, and you deserve a rest. This song laments the long work day in the same way “9 To 5” does. But this song focuses on resting after a long day. I’m sure all the earth signs can agree that they need more self-care days.

A Sunday Kind of Love


Written by Barbara Belle, Anita Leonard, Stan Rhodes, and Louis Prima. Performed by Etta James.

I’ve already mentioned a few times how loyal a Virgo can be. And this song exemplifies that loyalty. The earth sign will love listening to the dulcet tones of Etta James as she sings, “I want a Sunday kind of love, a love to last past Saturday night, and I’d like to know it’s more than love at first sight.”

The Girl I Mean to Be


From the musical The Secret Garden. Music by Lucy Simon and lyrics by Marsha Norman. 

This song can inspire all the overworked Virgos out there to take care of themselves. This type of care goes beyond naps or drinks at the end of a long week. This song reminds you to hide away for a little while and take care of your inner child.

The Long Day Is Over


Written and performed by Norah Jones. Co-written by Jesse Harris. 

The long day is over, and so is this playlist. After a full day of laboring and loving, it is time to take a rest. Curl up with a good book and a nice glass of wine or a mug of hot cocoa and listen to the soft and sweet voice of Norah Jones. You have earned it!

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