A Sensual Playlist for Scorpio Season

It's Spooky Scorpio season! Let's party!

Halloween is here and so is Scorpio season! What better way to celebrate than with a list of spooky, scary songs that the sensual scorpions can rock out to?! 

Warning: Explicit lyrics throughout this playlist.

You will love this playlist if you have Scorpio in a prominent place in your birth chart. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun sign. You can check your birth chart here.

For fun, try to find the hidden bonus track in the list.

I Put A Spell On You


Written and performed by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Co-written by Herb Slotkin.

I paired a version of this song with Pisces on another list. But it’s a new day and this is a new playlist. We are starting off with a sexy and spooky hit! And no, this isn’t the Disney version. It’s the original! With its entrancing lyrics and steady rhythm, this song will certainly keep Scorpios warm on chilly Halloween nights.

I Wanna Tear You Apart


Written and performed by She Wants Revenge.

Scorpios are known for their… shall we say “adventurous” spirit? And have no fear, this song will awaken their primal urges. It has a beat that makes you want to slow dance and headbang to it at the same time. 

Jack’s Lament


Written and performed by Danny Elfman.

Like all water signs, Scorpios are ruled by their intense emotions. And sometimes these emotions cause them to retreat within themselves. This Halloween favorite will inspire nostalgia and some much-needed self-reflection.

Montero (Call Me By Your Name)


Written and performed by Lil Nas X. Co-written by Denzel Baptiste, David Biral, Omer Fedi, and Rosario Lenzo.

You can’t have a Scorpio playlist without this hit! Scorpio, you have garnered a reputation for yourself as being the most sensual sign in the zodiac, and this song speaks to that passion inside of you. The lyrics are not only visceral, they are catchy as… ”heck.” You will find yourself dancing to it all winter long.

Blood in the Cut


Written and performed by K.Flay

This song expertly combines Scorpio’s sensuality, brooding nature, and adventurousness. Scorpios won’t stop dancing to this song and they won’t be able to get the dark lyrics out of their heads.  



Written and performed by Bishop Briggs. Co-written by Ian Scott and Mark Jackson.

I often imagine Scorpios as rivers. But I will talk more about my reasoning behind that imagery in another article. Scorpio’s ancient ruler is Mars, the planet of passion. But the planet is also named for the Roman god of war. This song exudes the water sign’s passion as well as their fighting spirit. Maybe they can listen to this song with their planetary twin, Aries.

Mr. Brightside


Written and performed by The Killers. 

Scorpios are known to be one of the most sensual signs in the zodiac as well as one of the most jealous signs in the zodiac. So they will relate to this song about a man watching the person they love fraternizing with someone else. I’m sure they will have fun yelling this song at the top of their lungs.

Only Happy When it Rains


Written and performed by Garbage.

I can imagine the fixed water sign listening to this song while enjoying a nice autumnal storm. Scorpios are sensual, sweet, and loyal. But they can also be dark and brooding. Listen to this song during a rainstorm and live your Byronic fantasy. Pour your misery down on me!

Constant Craving


Written and performed by k.d. lang. Co-written by Ben Mink.

Much like the lyric “maybe a great magnet pulls all souls to what’s true,” Scorpio’s inherent animal magnetism pulls people to them. This song helps to remind Scorpios of the hypnotic hold they have over people. Fun fact, k.d. lang is a Scorpio!



Written and performed by Radiohead. Co-written by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood.

Sometimes Scorpios can feel like creeps and weirdos, and this song allows them to reflect on their more morose feelings. But always remember, Scorpio, you definitely belong here. You are so very special.



Written by Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hemansen, Sandy Wilhem, Ester Dean, Britney Spears (remix). Performed by Rihanna.

Scorpios are not that bad, but they are perfectly good! As one of the sexiest and most sensual signs in the zodiac, the fixed water sign will enjoy running or dancing to this Rihanna classic. And if whips and chains excite you, Scorpio, I bet you will love dressing up like this Transylvanian for Halloween!



Written and performed by Meg Myers. Co-written by Doctor Rosen Rosen.

If there is one thing that Scorpios are most in-tune with, it is their own desires. This song speaks to Scorpio’s uncanny ability to communicate their desires, no matter how carnal and hedonistic.

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