A Pride of Lions: In Defense of Leos

Are Leos hot headed drama queens? Or are they warm-hearted sweethearts? Read on and find out!

We all have our preconceived notions about certain zodiac signs. I mean, I write articles based on some of these notions. Some of the conceptions are so deeply ingrained in us that we end up treating people a certain way. I have had people physically and deliberately walk away from me when they learn that I’m an Aries. (We are nice, dammit!) Are these beliefs warranted? There must be a kernel of truth to them right? Well, let’s discuss it.

Today, we are going to talk about stereotypes most commonly attributed to Leos. Are they prideful? Or are they just sociable extroverts who are looking for their pride? 

Leo season just started! So let’s celebrate by diving a little bit deeper into what makes these luxurious lions tick. And if your sun, moon, or rising sign is in Leo, then this is the article for you! If you do not know your birth chart, you can check it here.

Leo, The Sovereign Of The Zodiac


Picture a Leo in your mind. You’re probably picturing a regal character making a grand entrance at a party. It doesn’t matter if it is a small get-together or a black-tie affair. They will walk in as if they are at the Met Gala. Their outfit would have been picked out weeks in advance, and they would have spent hours perfecting their expertly coiffed mane… I mean, hair-do.

Leos are charming, warm-hearted, and willful. They are ruled by the sun, the celestial body that governs our energy and vitality. And anyone who has ever met the lively Leo knows that they are filled to the brim with energetic fervor and vitality. They take up all the space in the room. They laugh the loudest, flirt the hardest, and always have a good story to tell. You can’t help but bask in the glow that radiates from them.

But they cannot be left alone. Leos always need someone there to hang on their every word. They need someone else’s attention. They are a fixed fire sign, so I want you to picture them as the flames in a cozy fireplace that will warm and comfort you. But if you leave them unattended, they will burn your house down. This is just a metaphor, I am in no way saying that Leos are arsonists. Now Aries and Sagittarius on the other hand… I’m just kidding… or am I?

So what conclusions can we draw from this? Are Leos needy, bombastic drama queens? Well… yes and no.

Leo at Work


Fire signs often excel in leadership positions or as independent contractors. But not all fire signs can be the boss. It’s statistically impossible. And when Leos are not in charge, they can feel like they are in a cage at the circus. They can get easily agitated and restless when they “pace the cage.”

For Leos to feel fulfilled at work, they need to feel like they are part of the team. They need to feel like they can trust and talk openly to their co-workers. Work friends are very important to a Leo’s wellbeing. If a Leo feels isolated, or feels like they don’t have a pride, their work performance suffers.

An immature Leo will voice their opinions and problems they have with their workplace, but not always in a professional manner. Their hotheadedness can alienate the very people at work that they are trying to bond with.

A mature Leo will be forceful but professional when voicing their opinions. As fixed signs, Leos like to make others feel safe, so they will reach out to and speak up for their work colleagues who are unable to do for themselves.

Leo in Love


How can you not fall in love with a Leo? They are charming, generous… and I’m going to be honest, I have never met an unattractive Leo. They are fun and free-spirited partners who are always up for an adventure, and they are also so much fun to flirt with… but therein lies the problem.

Leos may love you with their whole heart, but they are still going to flirt with everyone around them. That doesn’t mean they’re not loyal. On the contrary, they are fiercely faithful. But they have flirtatious personalities. They don’t mean to flirt, it just happens naturally. My advice is not to dull their shine. They will resent you if you try to smother their natural pride and charisma. Remember, they may flirt with everyone at the party, but you are the one they chose to go home with.

An emotionally unevolved Leo won’t really care if their shameless flirting hurts their significant other. And if they do care, they won’t see it as their problem. They may have a “deal with it” mentality when confronted about it.

An emotionally evolved Leo will know that a truly supportive partner is not trying to smother them, even when they voice their concern. And though they may not be able to give up their flirtatious ways, they will always do their best to make their partner feel special. 

Leo and Friendship


It can be hard being friends with attention-seekers. You may feel like you can’t get a word in. You may feel like you are constantly in their shadow. And Leos will never shrink themselves around others. But here’s the thing. Leos are lions, and lions need their pride. I have mentioned the word “pride” a lot in this article, but I don’t mean “dignity” or “honor.” I mean they need their friends. Their chosen family. Their Pride.

Tyrannical Leos will demand your attention in not-so-cute ways. They can also get a little bossy and domineering if they feel like they are not getting their way.

Regal Leos will never shrink themselves, but they will build their friends up so that everyone can shine. Sure they may be the quintessential dramatic friend, but life isn’t fun without a little drama.

So yes. Leos are needy, bombastic drama queens. But they are also affectionate charmers who, at the end of the day, wish to lay out in the sun surrounded by the people whom they love the most. I, for one, am grateful for all the Leos in life.

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