A Calming Playlist for Cancerians

Let's listen to some mood music with the moody Moon Children!

Summer is officially here and so is Moon Child season! Let’s celebrate this season with a calming and creative playlist for the sweet and sentimental Cancerians! These songs will speak to you if you have the cardinal water sign anywhere in your big three. Be prepared for a lot of moon songs!

The Tide is High


Written by Bill Padley, Howard Bennet, Tyrone Evans, John Holt. Performed by Blondie.

We are kicking off this playlist for the cardinal water sign with a song covered by an iconic Cancerian singer, Debbie Harry, that is chock full of romantic ocean imagery. This song also speaks to the water sign’s unshakable energy with lyrics like “I’m not that kinda girl who gives up just like that.”

This is a cover but you can hear the original here.

I’m Your Moon


Written and performed by Jonathan Coulton.

Buckle in folks, like I said earlier in the article, there are A LOT of moon songs on this list. Cancers are ruled by the moon so they will love the song’s moon energy.  Cancerians are also known to be supportive and sentimental, so they will adore this song’s sympathetic energy.

Side note, this song could also work for Scorpio because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and the song is supposed to be sung from the point of view of one of Pluto’s moons.



Written and performed by Edwarde Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Cancerians are not only known for their connection to the moon or their watery nature. They are also known for their need to provide a home and a safe space for their loved ones. Sometimes people feel at home just by being near them.

Pretty When You Cry


Written and performed by Lana Del Rey. Co-written by Blake Stranathan.

So…I’m calling myself out on a mistake I made last month. I said that Lana Del Rey is a Gemini when she is in fact a Cancer, but she was born right on the cusp. To make up for my mistake, I’ve given the singer a spot on this playlist. This song will speak of the Moon Child’s heightened sensitivity and poetic side. 

Take Me Home, Country Roads


Written and performed by John Denver. Co-written by Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert.

As I mentioned earlier, Moon Children love to provide a safe space for their friends and family. But they love to provide a safe space for themselves as well. This song will appeal to their nostalgia and homebody proclivities.

Candle on the Water


Written by Joel Hirschhorn and Al Kasha. Performed by Helen Reddy.

Who remembers the Disney classic Pete’s Dragon? And no I don’t mean the new one, I mean the one from 1977. Cancerians will adore this stunningly beautiful song from the film that is sung from the perspective of a woman trying to guide the man she loves back home.

Moon River


Written by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer. Performed by Audrey Hepburn.

Who is ready for another moon song? If I may use my best Stefan impression, this song has everything that Cancers will love. It has watery imagery, allusions to the moon, and lyrics that evoke longing for a place to belong.

Bark At The Moon


Written and performed by Ozzy Osbourne. Co-written by Jake E. Lee and Bob Daisley.

This is the last moon song on the list, I promise. I already talked about this song on my sporty playlist and it is the only song on the list that cannot be described as “calming.” Cancerians are often called moon children because they are ruled by the moon, so this wild song about a man turning into a werewolf at the sight of a full moon will get them howling and hopping. 

Crowded Table


Written and performed by Highwomen. Co-written by Lori McKenna.

Moon Children like to feel safe and taken care of. And since they are highly empathetic, they like others to feel safe and taken care of as well. So naturally, I had to include a song that has the lyrics “I want a house with a crowded table, and a place by the fire for everyone.”

What A Wonderful World


Written and performed by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss. Performed by Louis Armstrong.

My grandfather would roll over in his grave if I did not include a song from the iconic Cancerian singer Louis Armstrong. I’ve talked a lot in this article about how Cancerians need a sense of home and belonging, and this song will help them feel at home in this big beautiful world.

Beach House on the Moon


Written and performed by Jimmy Buffett.

I lied. This is the last moon song on the list. There are a lot of poetic songs on this list and this song is no different. Moon Children are incredibly creative so they will enjoy the creative musical storytelling of this song.

Strawberry Wine


Written by Matraca Berg and Gary Harrison. Performed by Deana Carter

I lied again. There is moon imagery in the lyrics. Cancer, you are filled to the brim with compassion and sentimentality. And this song about a brief summer romance, embodies both of those qualities. Its rustic melody and poetic imagery will give you tender feelings all summer long.

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