9 Fashion Pieces Every Working Woman Needs to Own

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Working from home during the time of COVID-19 certainly has its pros and cons. While it’s nice to be able to roll out of bed and begin the workday, I do have to admit I miss the days of putting on a real outfit and feeling like a working woman.

Whether you’re a lawyer, teacher, doctor, marketing manager, or anything in between, I think we all can agree there’s something empowering about having a stellar wardrobe. It’s essential to have a closet full of versatile pieces that’ll help you to always feel your best. 

If you’re looking to add some new pieces to your wardrobe, or you’re starting from scratch, here are clothing items every working woman should own. 

Sheath Dress

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A sheath dress is a great staple to have in any closet because it’s perfect for interviews or meetings. Go for a dress in a neutral color, as it’ll look more put together and professional.

Straight Black Pants

Every person needs a go-to pair of black pants that just work with everything. Whether you’re going for something a little fancier or you want to keep it casual, black pants are a great option.

Make sure to invest in a pair that is flattering and feels comfortable, as you’ll probably wear them more often than you think. 

Chic Blazer

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A chic blazer is a really great item to own because it can make any outfit look more work-appropriate. Plus, it’s great to have on hand if you have an interview or need to dress up an outfit for an important meeting.

Shift Dress

We all have those days where we lack the motivation to put together a complete outfit, which is why shift dresses are so great.

They’re sleek and simple — and also comfortable — which make them great for the spring and summer heat. If you have a less formal work environment, grab a couple of shift dresses that you can rotate through.

White Button-Up 

A white button-up is an absolute must for every wardrobe. It can be worn with truly any bottom, as well as layered underneath jackets, cardigans, or blazers.

Statement Blouse

If you’re wanting to add a little pop to your outfits, try grabbing a few statement blouses. These can be worn with neutral slacks, jeans, or skirts, and they’ll add a little personality to your look.

Simple Cardigan

a woman in a cardigan
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Offices can be very cold, so it’s really important to have a cozy cardigan on hand. Grab one in a black or tan (as it’ll go with anything) and even consider leaving it at your office if you’re able to. That way, if you ever get a little cold, you’ll always have it on hand.

Dark Washed Jeans

A pair of dark wash jeans are great to own as most offices have casual Fridays or times where you’re allowed to wear something more informal.

The dark-wash makes them look a little more put together, but just make sure these jeans don’t have any holes or embellishments. 

Versatile Flats

Who wants to wear heels to work? OK, maybe some of you do, but always make sure to have a comfortable pair of flats on hand. In fact, just like the cardigan above, leave a pair of flats at your office so you’ll always have them if you need them.

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