Kitchen Organization Hacks That Will Significantly Reduce Your Anxiety

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If your kitchen is giving you capital A anxiety, fear not! Here are some simple ways to organize the space.

Do you ever walk into your kitchen and find yourself instantly anxious? Between the dishes piling up the sink, the dishes haphazardly placed in the cabinets, and the random knickknacks taking up the counter space, it can all be very overwhelming. 

And don’t even get me started on the junk drawer.

I’m a fairly clean person, but for years I could never get a handle on my kitchen. There was just so much stuff everywhere. Thankfully, I recently moved and decided to get a handle on my kitchen space once and for all.

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The good news is there are so many incredible kitchen organization hacks out there, some of which instantly transformed the space. Though I still have days where my dishes pile up or things get misplaced, I now feel a lot less anxious every time I step into my kitchen.

After you’re done organizing your refrigerator, here are some of the best ways to get your kitchen in order:

Tension Rod Under the Sink

Most of us choose to keep our cleaning products under the sink, which can get a little cluttery from time to time.

To keep everything organized and easy to reach, hang a short tension rod inside your cabinet. You can then hang your cleaning products, gloves, and towels on this rod for quick and easy access.

Hang Your Measuring Cups and Spoons

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Prior to my move, my measuring cups and spoons were thrown into random drawers with little rhyme or reason. I could never find anything and would have to dig — yes, literally dig — to get the size I was looking for.

I then learned about hanging measuring cups and spoons on the other side of your cabinet doors and let me tell you, it’s a total game-changer. 

Now, whenever I need my ¾ measuring cup, all I have to do is just open my cabinet door, and boom, it’s hanging right there! You can grab a set of command hooks from Target or Walmart and use those on the inside of your door.

Oh, and remember — you don’t need three different ½ measuring cups. You just need one!

Metal Organizer For Baking Sheets

Do you have way too many baking sheets, cutting boards, and pan lids?

If so, grab a metal organizer at your local drugstore and use it to keep all your items in order. It’ll also make it easy to grab whatever it is your looking for, rather than having them pile on top of one another. 

Wall Hooks

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I don’t know about you, but I have specific pots, pans, and even coffee mugs that I use every single day.

Instead of continuously shoving them in drawers or cabinets, I keep them on hooks attached to my backsplash. This allows me to have more storage space while also keeping every-day items accessible. 

Pull Out Shelves

pull out shelves
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If you don’t have enough room in your cabinets and drawers for all your appliances, invest in pull out shelves. 

(Actually, go through your appliances and get rid of anything you don’t need first, then invest in pull out shelves)

You can find pull-out shelves for under $50 and they make a world of a difference when trying to keep your kitchen in order. Not only do you not have to dig around for whatever it is you’re looking for, but you’ll be able to see your items much easier. 

Lazy Susans Galore

Stop digging in your drawers trying to find your turmeric bottle or jar of coconut oil. Instead, buy a few lazy Susan spinners to house your oils, spices, and other kitchen items. 

Keep these lazy Susans inside your cabinets or on your countertops (if you have space). You’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in a short amount of time and it’ll allow you to have more items in a smaller space. 

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