Easy Ways to Improve Your Bathroom on a Budget

From fixing shower heads to throwing on a new coat of paint, here’s how to go from a fixer-upper bathroom to a show-stopping bathroom in no time.

Bathrooms always seem to get the least amount of love. Homeowners are eager to spruce up the living room, the kitchen, and the bedroom, but often leave the bathroom for years down the road.

And let’s face it, renovating or fixing up a home is expensive. Between new appliances, furniture, paint… it all adds up. But, while it may feel like you need to win the lottery in order to finally fix up your bathroom, that’s not necessarily the case.

In fact, there are simple and easy ways to improve your bathroom, no matter your budget. From fixing shower heads to throwing on a new coat of paint, here’s how to go from a fixer-upper bathroom to a show-stopping bathroom in no time. 

Change the Shower Head


First thing’s first, does your shower have good water pressure? If not, change up the showerhead. You can purchase a new shower head for around $30 to $40, but it will change your life. I promise.

Plus, a new shower head just looks better.

Add Plants and Flowers


Though you probably don’t want to go to the bathroom in a jungle (or maybe you do, I don’t know), adding a few plants is a great move.

They instantly brighten up any room and show off your personality. Place a small vase of flowers on your toilet or a cute succulent on your vanity and voila, you have yourself a new and improved bathroom.



Is your bathroom paint chipping off? Does the color bother you? If so, it’s time to slap a new coat of paint. Take an afternoon, go grab your favorite paint color, and go to town.

Though it’s not going to drastically alter the look of the bathroom, it will help it to look fresh and sleek. There’s truly nothing a new coat of paint can’t fix.

Add a New Mirror


Old bathroom mirrors often look dingy and clunky. Instead, replace it with a cool, vintage mirror. About a year ago I managed to find a really cool mirror at a thrift store for $20 (though it looked like it could be $200) and decided to use it in my bathroom. It immediately added character to the space and gave it a bit of flare.

Removable Wallpaper


If you’re wanting to add a little bit of personality to your bathroom, consider removable wallpaper. You can find a design that fits your style and decide whether you want to cover the whole room in the pattern or just do one wall.

Depending on the size of your bathroom — or the size of the wall you choose to cover — you can easily complete the project for less than $100.

Get Rid of Stuff…Now 


Let’s be honest for a second, you probably have way too much stuff in your bathroom. Between hair products, cleaning products, makeup, haircare… I know from experience it can get out of control. If you want to fix your bathroom quickly, take it upon yourself to get rid of all your stuff.

Only keep what you absolutely need, throw out anything that’s old, and find a new home for stuff that doesn’t need to be in your bathroom. Getting rid of clutter will instantly improve the look of your space. Trust me, nobody wants to see your 10 haircare products scattered across your vanity. They just don’t!

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