These TV Shows Will Inspire the Garden of Your Dreams

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Seeking some garden inspiration? These seven TV shows focus on all types of gardening: Planting flowers, designing the landscape, and growing food.

Need a little gardening inspiration? We all do from time to time! As personal as designing a garden can be, it’s nice to see how other people like to cultivate theirs. Most everyone you meet who has a green thumb will offer some trick or tidbit of information that will help you take your yard to the next level.

Check out these awesome TV series available on a variety of streaming platforms that are sure to get you in the mood to plan the garden of your dreams.

The Big Flower Fight

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The first season of this incredible series premiered in 2020. The program features ten pairs of florists, garden designers, and sculptors facing off in the ultimate gardening battle. You’d be surprised at how competitive florists can be! Who can create the most impressive garden sculptures with their simple tools? Who has the most impressive green thumb? Get inspired with this creative and dazzling show that draws gardening inspiration from insects, fashion, sea creatures, fairytales, and a whole lot more.

Gardeners’ World

Fans of the BBC are likely quite familiar with Gardeners’ World, an iconic show that first aired in 1968. This stunning series recently upgraded its formatting; instead of half-hour episodes, the show now features hour-long journeys into the lead presenters’ very own gardens. This very personal look at the various styles of different gardening virtuosos is sure to get you in the mood for some outdoor time. You can now find this series on Amazon Prime Video!

Yard Crushers

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On Apple TV, check out this gem of a reality television show from 2008. Yard Crashers, which originally aired on the DIY Network, features host and licensed contractor Matt Blashaw helping homeowners complete the backyard makeovers of their dreams. Think Queer Eye, but for plants!

The Victory Garden

Another long-running program worth revisiting is The Victory Garden. This show aired on PBS from April 16, 1975 until the year 2015. Pretty impressive, right? The series contains years of wisdom about the art of gardening. The show focuses on planting, potting, pruning, pest control, guest segments, and travel stories. This series can also be found on Amazon Prime Video.

Grow, Cook, Eat

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Calling all veggie fanatics! This series is much newer than the rest; Grow, Cook, Eat premiered in 2019. Each episode focuses on just one vegetable. The hosts will show you how to grow that specific vegetable in raised beds and containers. A guest cook then walks viewers through three recipes you can make with your crop once it’s finished growing in your garden.

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Martha Knows Best

HGTV’s Martha Knows Best features none other than Martha Stewart as the host. The show is filmed at Martha’s personal farm in New York. Episodes feature Martha Stewart planting trees, growing vegetables, building a path out of stone, and building the yard around her pets. Celebrity guests will usually come in to help Martha with her home projects.

Whether your focus is drawn toward flowers, food, or sculpture and design, there’s a show here that will help inspire you to get outdoors and build your perfect garden.

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