Which Grease Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Rest In Peace, Sandra Dee.

The world has lost one of its brightest shining stars. The incomparable Olivia Newton-John passed away on August 8th, 2022. She will always be remembered as a pop icon, a muse, and a gorgeous Pink Lady.

In honor of her, we will be comparing the zodiac signs to her the characters in one of her most iconic films. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun sign. If you don’t know your birth chart, you can check it here.

We will miss you, Sandra Dee. 


Aries – Rizzo


Like Aries, Rizzo is aggressive and temperamental. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of passion, and Rizzo is nothing if not passionate. She also garners quite a reputation for herself, but like I have said about the cardinal fire sign before, she doesn’t give a “darn” about her bad reputation.

Taurus – Jan


Everybody loves a Taurus, and everybody loves Jan. She is possibly the sweetest member of the Pink Ladies, so the earthly zodiac mom friend will relate to her. Also, like a quintessential Taurean, she enjoys her creature comforts and gives into her own delectable whims like twinkies and dessert wine.

Gemini – Marty


Marty has many romantic pen pals and, just like an indecisive Gemini, can’t choose which one she loves more. The mutable air sign loves to put pen to paper, so they will relate not only to Marty’s erratic love life, but also her love of letter writing.

Cancer – Kenickie


Kenickie is rough around the edges, it’s true. He always tries to come off as the tough guy, but underneath the hard exterior, he is a big old softie. Like an unshakable Cancerian, he doesn’t run from his responsibility when he thinks he got Rizzo pregnant. And also like the sensitive moon-child, he can’t hide his hurt when she implies it’s not his baby. He is also incredibly devoted to his friends.

Leo – Teen Angel


Are you really surprised that I paired the fabulously theatrical Leo with Frenchie’s Teen Angel? The Teen Angel sings the iconic showstopper “Beauty School Dropout.” And if any zodiac sign should sing a show-stopping number it is an energetic and entertaining fixed fire sign.

Virgo – Patty 


Virgos can be incredibly kind-hearted and loyal. But, they can also be a bit overly critical and judgemental. Like the mutable earth sign, Patty has a kind nature, but she also judges Rizzo when she is thought to be pregnant. But, in the stage musical, she also judges Sandy after she gets her Pink Lady makeover.

Libra – Danny


Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and luxury, so it is only fitting that they should be paired with the lascivious Danny Zuko. But that is not the only reason I paired him with the cardinal air sign. Danny would be a Libra because he is constantly trying to make Sandy happy while simultaneously trying to live up to his friend’s image of him. Plus, if he’s a Libra, that means he will be compatible with Aquarius Sandy.

Scorpio – Cha Cha


I don’t know about you all, but I have never met a Scorpio who couldn’t dance. And Cha Cha is the best dancer at St. Bernadettes. She may have the worst reputation, but that doesn’t seem to bother her too much. Like the fixed water sign, she is incredibly sexy and a shameless flirt.

Sagittarius – Blanche


Sagittarians may be a little broody. But they are also incredibly entertaining and are always quick with a joke. So I have a feeling they will relate to Principal McGee’s assistant and the film’s brilliant comic relief, Blanche. I can totally see the mutable fire sign playing a xylophone solo on the announcements for the pursuit of comedy.

Capricorn – Principal McGee


Capricorns have exemplary leadership skills, and Principal McGee is the head disciplinarian at Rydell High. She is strict but warm-hearted like the cardinal earth sign. Though she often comes off as no-nonsense, she is not afraid to cut loose every now and then.

Aquarius – Sandy


Sandy could have easily been paired with Cancer due to her devotion or Pisces because of her naïveté. But she ultimately gets paired with Aquarius because she is an outsider amongst the Pink Ladies and the Thunderbirds. Aquarians are also known for their compassionate nature, and Sandy displays her compassion for Rizzo during her difficult time. Also, if she is an Aquarius, that means she will be compatible with Libra Danny.

Pisces – Frenchie


Frenchie gets paired with the mutable water sign because she is one of the only characters that sympathize with Sandy’s plight. She also displays a bit of Pisces’ naïveté when she drops out of high school to attend beauty school. Also, all of the Pisces I know could rock pink hair.

Ophiuchus – Tom


Ophiuchus gets paired with Tom, because no one likes Tom. I bet you don’t even remember who Tom is! He’s the guy that Sandy uses to try to date to make Danny jealous. And you didn’t remember him because no one remembers him — because NO ONE LIKES TOM!

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