What Twilight Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Read on to find out if you are a vampire or a werewolf or... Bella!

A real conversation between my editor and me.

Me: Should we take advantage of the Twilight Renaissance? I can match up the characters with the zodiac signs.

Jenny: …I didn’t even know the Twilight Renaissance was a thing. 

Yeah, so I guess Twilight is, like, a thing again. Thanks Tiktok. Between the Twilight Renaissance and the My Chemical Romance reunion tour, I feel like I’m a highschool freshman again.

So are we doing this? I guess I’m doing this. Let’s see what Twilight character you would be based on your sign.  Don’t forget to check your moon and rising as well as your sun sign.

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Aries – Jacob


Aries are known to be a little volatile and angry from time to time. Does that sound like a certain immature werewolf we know? Jacob Black has the ability to turn into a werewolf whenever he is angry and I’m sure there are tons of Aries who wish they could turn into a werewolf when they are angry. But hopefully, most Aries know not to kiss someone against their will.

Also, Jacob is part of the Quileute tribe, and you can learn more about the tribe here.

Taurus – Esme


Taureans are known to be the quintessential mom friends so, naturally, I had to pair them with the literal mom of the group, Esme. Like the fixed earth sign, she is sweet, nurturing, and dependable. She always wants to make sure that her adopted vampiric children are looked after and taken care of. 

Gemini – Laurent 


Laurent tried to be a decent person by warning the Cullens about James and Victoria. He also tried to live the “vegetarian” lifestyle with the Denali vampires. However, he does a heel turn when he tries to kill Bella in the meadow shortly before his own demise. His dualistic nature is why I paired him with Gemini. 

Cancer – Jasper


Cancers are known to be quite empathetic but they are also known to be a bit broody and moody. And if that doesn’t describe the empath vampire Jasper Hale, I don’t know what does. As an empath, Jasper is able to feel the emotions of everyone, so you can’t really blame him for being moody.

Leo – Rosalie


All vampires are gorgeous in the Twilight universe, but Leos get to be paired with the most beautiful vampire in the whole Cullen family. Like the fixed earth sign, Rosalie is conceited and tenacious. But under that hard exterior lies a warm heart which is another staple of the bombastic lion.

Virgo – Carlisle


As a doctor, Carlisle is gifted with a kind and helpful nature. And if there is one thing that Virgos are known for, it is their kind heart and willingness to help anyone in need. The vampire dad is also quite pragmatic like the mutable earth sign. Also, if Carlisle is a Virgo that means he is compatible with Taurean Esme.

Libra – Emmett


As social butterflies, Libras are usually the life of the party. And jovial Emmett Cullen certainly brings the party with him everywhere he goes. Like the cardinal air sign, he is sweet-natured and trustworthy. He is also always trying to be the mediator between Rosalie and whoever she’s arguing with. And, if he is a Libra, he’d be compatible with Leo Rosalie.

Scorpio – Victoria


Like a Scorpio, Victoria, one of the nomadic vampires, is not afraid of a little adventure and she is not above getting a little revenge. After Edward kills her mate, James, she goes on a mission to destroy Bella as payback.

Sagittarius – James


When given the choice between fight or flight, Sagittarians will always choose both. And as a tracker and a nomad, James certainly chooses both as well. Like the mutable fire sign, James is incredibly ambitious and lacks discretion.

Capricorn – Edward


Edward would be a Capricorn because he is fiercely protective of Bella, almost to an overbearing degree. Damaging Bella’s car to prevent her from seeing her friend was pretty ridiculous. He is also a tad bit patronizing. But he is self-disciplined and is always ready to hold himself accountable.

Aquarius – Bella


As one of the only humans in her community of friends and loved ones, it is easy for Bella to feel like an outsider, as Aquarians often do. This air sign also has a tendency to shut off their emotions when they are feeling too many things at once, and Bella shuts down for four months after Edward leaves. Also, as an Aquarius, she would be compatible with Aries Jacob. I’m sure Edward would hate that.

Also, yes I know that canonically she is a Virgo! Don’t come for me!

Pisces – Alice


Anyone with Pisces in a prominent place in their chart is often believed to hold some sort of psychic ability. So I paired them up with the resident psychic of the Cullen family. Even though Jasper is the resident empath, Alice shows a great deal of empathy for those around her. She is also quite creative and expresses her creativity through fashion. And, as a Pisces, she would be compatible with Cancerian Jasper. I am nailing the romantic compatibility in this article!

Ophiuchus – Renesmee


Little Ravioli should have never been written into the series. The character should not exist just as Ophiuchus does not exist. Seriously, I don’t care if little Robitussin is technically canon, that robot baby was an abomination. Why would you even consider a robot baby?! Just cast a real baby! And why is the little Loch Ness monster aging so quickly?! Make it make sense!

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