Moon Magic Monday: The Moon Is Looking for a Fight!

The moon is forming a lot of oppositions this week. Read on to to find out what that means for you!

The moon woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and decided to make it everybody’s problem. It’s forming oppositions with six different planets this week! These oppositions are going to make us feel especially restless and on edge. 

A full moon on Friday is going to add to this restlessness. But thankfully, our week is going to end on a high note as the moon drifts into romantic Libra.

Monday, March 14 


Happy Pie Day! While we were sleeping, the moon in Leo formed an opposition to Mars in Aquarius. Under this placement, we may be particularly excitable. We might be reckless with our decisions, and become belligerent when things do not go according to plan. Be careful when repressing your feelings. Keeping it all inside now could lead to an outburst later.

A couple hours later, the moon forms an opposition with Venus in Aquarius. Under this opposition, we feel every emotion intensely. We feel very passionate but also incredibly inhibited in our relationships. We might find ourselves dissatisfied in other areas of our personal lives as well. And physically, It is important that we practice caution because serious injuries could occur at this time.

Around lunchtime, the moon forms a square with Uranus in Taurus. Our moods continue to be unpredictable under this square. This instability is causing a rift with our romantic partners. Our heightened sensuality and growing irritability are making our relationships run hot and cold. When we feel moody, it is easy to slip into old habits that bring us comfort. This coping mechanism is perfectly alright, as long as it does not lead to self-destructive tendencies.

Tuesday, March 15 


As we wake up, the moon forms an opposition with Saturn in introverted Aquarius. Under this opposition, we may feel restricted and unsatisfied with life. It may be difficult for us to be honest with others about how we feel. We may find it hard to trust others as well. This distrust of others may cause us to feel isolated from our community, especially our loved ones. It may be time to reach out to a close confidant, a spiritual leader, or mental health professional.

Wednesday, March 16 


Right after midnight, the moon moves into pragmatic Virgo. The lunar Virgo makes us methodical and inquisitive. We feel especially productive and accountable at this time. Under this moon, we are health conscious. We want to take care of ourselves both physically, emotionally, and mentally. We may be busy, but we enjoy the challenge. Fulfilling obligations and promises are at the forefront of our minds.

In the middle of the morning, the moon forms an opposition with Mercury in Pisces. Under this opposition, we may have an abundance of spiritual gifts, but we run the risk of not using them correctly. At this time, our minds are constantly changing so we may not know exactly what we want. It is important to think before we act or speak during this transit because we run the risk of acting hastily.

About an hour later, the moon forms a high-spirited trine with Uranus. Under this trine, we feel sharp and ambitious. We are forging our own path. We are eager to help our friends and colleagues. Our amicable demeanor is helping to influence people in a positive way.

Thursday, March 17 


Around breakfast time the moon forms an opposition with Jupiter in Pisces. Under this opposition, we do not like to be ordered around. We may behave in a defiant manner towards authority figures. We are on edge, and this edginess may lead to arguments and problems with our loved ones. Our short temper may alienate us from the ones we love. When we feel alienated, we may be tempted to indulge in substances like alcohol. We must be careful not to overindulge because our livers are especially vulnerable at this time.

As the sun begins to set, the moon forms an opposition with Neptune in Pisces. Under this opposition, we may suffer from imposter syndrome. We may feel a little off-kilter. Our feelings can be easily hurt, but we may not be upfront with others about how we feel. If your loved ones say or do something that hurts you, tell them. If they get mad at you for standing up for yourself, they are not worth your time.

Friday, March 18


In the wee hours of the morning, the moon becomes full. It may be difficult to find peace under this full moon. We may feel irritable and our moods may have more phases than… well… the moon! Conflict may arise amongst our loved ones and we may find ourselves in several arguments at once. Now is a good time to step away from any negative energy we encounter. When we feel emotionally overwhelmed, we should take some alone time to center ourselves and clear our thoughts.

About an hour later, the moon forms a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. Under this trine, emotions and desires that have laid dormant within us are brought to the surface. We crave adventure and new experiences. Now is the perfect time to eat at that new restaurant or take part in an activity that you have never tried before. It may be fun to visit a new town and meet new people.

As the sun rises, the moon moves into pleasant Libra. Under this moon, we are full of good cheer. Our hearts and minds are open, and we crave balance more than anything else. Libra fills us with a desire for harmonious relationships. Romance and friendship are our main priorities during this transit. If we are in a relationship, we may feel remarkably sentimental towards our partner. We delight in their company and are happy to spend time with them. If we are single, we are optimistic and eager to meet new people. 

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.

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