The Best (and Worst) Love Matches for Pisces

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Hey Pisces, are you looking for your perfect match? Read on to find out which signs you are most compatible with!

Are you a Pisces or do you have Pisces in a prominent place somewhere in your birth chart? Do you dream of meeting your ideal partner? Are you yearning for someone who likes the same genre of music as you? Do you want to find someone who loves watching classic 80’s rom-coms at a drive-in? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are in luck! Because I have a list of best and worst zodiac matches for you!

What makes a good zodiac love match? When calculating your compatibility with a potential partner based on their zodiac sign, it is important to look at their element (fire, earth, air, or water) and their modality (cardinal, fixed, and mutable.)

Pisces is a water sign, so they mesh really well with other water signs and most earth signs. Water seeks its own level, so it is really easy for Pisces to find common ground with other water signs. Speaking of “ground,” earth signs have a lot to offer water signs. Water signs and earth signs enrich each other’s lives.

Pisces is also a mutable sign, meaning they are adaptable and are more than happy to go with the flow. Because of this, they tend to get along well with cardinal and fixed signs. Mutable signs often seek guidance from cardinal signs and stability from fixed signs. Though they will not always get along with every cardinal and fixed sign. It is possible for two mutable signs to find love with each other, but due to their sometimes too-flexible nature, the relationship can be a tad bit wishy-washy.

Before I get into the best and worst love matches, I want to preface this article by saying that I am in no way implying that these matches will be right for every Pisces. If you have found a healthy and stable relationship with an Aries or a Virgo, then by all means, stay where you are loved and celebrated. This list only serves as a bit of advice for those who have not found love yet.

Read on to find out what romantic advice the stars have for you!

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Best Match: Cancer


Cancerians fit a lot of the above criteria for a suitable Piscean match because they are cardinal water signs. Their cardinal modality helps to guide and provide you with stability. And your mutability will keep them on their toes. Their hugs will literally feel like home to you and every day with you will be a new adventure for them. You are both water signs, so your empathic tendencies will compliment Cancer’s compassion.

Worst Match: Gemini


Unlike Cancer, Gemini fits none of the above criteria for a proper match, because they are mutable air signs. A Gemini could be a wonderful friend for you and possibly even a fun, casual fling. But a serious relationship may prove to be troublesome. Their mercurial and erratic ways may clash with your constant need for emotional security. To avoid any hurt feelings, it is probably better to just stay friends.

Best Match: Capricorn


On the surface, it may seem like you do not have much in common with the cardinal earth sign. But once you get to know them, you will come to realize that you bring out the very best in each other. Capricorns will make you feel emotionally and physically safe. And you will gradually erode away their hard exterior. They will feel like they can be vulnerable around you. 

Worst Match: Libra


On the other end of the emotional security spectrum, Libra may not provide you with the stability that Capricorn can. Like Gemini, they could be a good platonic companion for you. You have a lot in common and share a love of art. However, also like the aforementioned air sign, Libras are a bit flighty and will not ground you in the way that you need.

Best Match: Taurus


This may be the perfect match. Like Libra, Taurus will share in your love of art. But unlike Libra, you will be able to nurture each others’ creative and emotional needs. You are able to provide each other with stability and freedom. Taurus does not tie you down, they just want to provide you with a safe space. And you will inspire them to follow their dreams and try new things.

Worst Match: Sagittarius


Not going to lie to you Pisces, this match may leave you with hurt feelings. Sagittarians do not like to beat around the bush and because of this, they may be a bit too blunt with you. Their bluntness paired with your sensitivity is a recipe for disaster. Sagittarius’ need for adventure and freedom may leave you feeling lonely and neglected. If it is any consolation, their introspective ways will make them feel really bad for hurting your feelings. 

Best Match: Scorpio


This is another sign that meets all of the above criteria. The fixed water sign will tend to every one of your emotional and intimate inclinations. You both have powerful needs and desires. You have an intense need for emotional connection and attachment, and Scorpios have an intense need for closeness and sensuality. Your watery natures will allow you to enthusiastically meet each others’ needs. 

Worst Match: Aquarius


Though Aquarians are fixed signs, this is probably not the best match for you. Aquarians prefer to be mentally and intellectually stimulated rather than emotionally stimulated. Unlike Scorpio, Aquarians may not be charmed by your emotional intensity. And their standoffish tendencies may hurt your feelings. 

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