Moon Magic Monday: So Many Lunar Conjunctions!

Read on to find out what the moon has in store for you this week!

Conjunction junction, what’s your function?! There are so many lunar conjunctions this week, we may as well be on School House Rock. That joke went right over Gen Z’s heads. Read on to find out what these conjunctions have in store for you!



In the wee hours of the morning, the moon in Aquarius forms a conjunction with Mars also in Aquarius. Under this conjunction, we feel on edge and irritable. Mars rules our instincts and defenses. When coupled with lunar Aquarius, our vindictive nature can get the better of us. We must be mindful of these tendencies or else we can become argumentative or in the worst cases, violent. Exercise and meditation can aid in our stress relief since this transit can cause emotional and physical tension.

Around breakfast time, the moon forms a conjunction with Venus in Aquarius. Under this conjunction, we feel particularly compassionate. The moon rules our emotions and Venus guides our values and relationships. When they are in this position, we desire and seek harmonious relationships, particularly with strong, maternal figures. We also pursue creative endeavors. Now is a wonderful time to express ourselves through art or poetry.

About twenty minutes later, the moon forms a conjunction with Saturn, also in Aquarius. The irritable energy from earlier is intensifying under this conjunction. This transit can make us feel depressed and introverted. It may be hard to communicate with our loved ones, which may lead us to feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled in our relationships. We may feel particularly isolated from an authoritative feminine figure. It may be difficult, but you might find it beneficial to reach out to a close confidant, a spiritual leader, or a therapist.



Right after midnight, the moon moves into pensive and peaceful Pisces. This placement may create feelings of empathy and introspection. Some may say that you are merely daydreaming, but you are also self-reflecting. By allowing yourself to unapologetically daydream, you are tending to your inner child. You are doing more than just fantasizing, you are meditating. Fantasizing and daydreaming are important parts of creative and spiritual meditation. Allow the ambitions of the real world to slip away for a few hours and revel in your dreams. Remember your dreams are what allow your ambitions to prosper.

Later in the morning, the moon forms a sextile with Uranus in Taurus. This sextile grants us ambition and a can-do attitude. We are more than happy to help out with projects, both at work and at home. Thanks to our pragmatic sensibilities, we are able to persuade others easily to our way of thinking. We also may have a great desire to travel at this time. We crave a bit of freedom and are curious to see what the world has to offer. It may be time to plan a small getaway or take a day trip



Around lunchtime, the moon forms a fiscally-favorable conjunction with Jupiter, who is also in Pisces. Under this conjunction, we trust our instincts. We are flourishing thanks to a wholesome work-life balance. Our relationships with our family, friends, and significant others are healthy and thriving. We do not feel burdened financially. We are stable and secure. This security allows us to indulge in artistic pastimes. Take time to practice a hobby that brings you joy.

Later, the moon in Pisces forms a conjunction with Neptune who is also in Pisces. This placement has us feeling hypersensitive and secretive. We may feel a great deal of social anxiety. We may also feel the need to withdraw and isolate ourselves. You might want to step away from social interactions for a while. You are not required to be “on” 24/7. It is okay if you need to self-isolate to recharge your social batteries. That is a form of self-care. You, and only you, will know when you feel recharged.



Early in the morning, the moon forms a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. Under this sextile, our tender disposition reawakens. We feel every emotion deeply and distinctively. We desire to travel to new places where we have never been. Give in to these desires. Be open to new experiences. 

As we wake up, the moon moves into Aries. This moon reinvigorates our confidence and perseverance. We enthusiastically tackle projects both old and new, easy and difficult. We are equal parts spontaneous and sensible. Though on the surface we may demonstrate a devil-may-care attitude, we have a sharp mind and keen senses.

Later in the evening, the moon forms a conjunction with Mercury, also in Aquarius. At this time, Mercury feels secure and at home in this constellation. This conjunction can inspire our business sense. We are discerning, capable, and mentally aware. Now is a wonderful time to create a business plan. This preparation will lead to success in the future.



Early this morning, the sun in Aries forms a conjunction with the moon, also in Aries, creating an unpredictable new moon. Under this placement, we are on edge and easily agitated. We may experience intense mood swings. This new moon may cause friction with our loved ones. Arguments with our friends and family may occur. We may feel restless, and struggle to find our peace of mind. At this time, it may be beneficial to find some quiet solitude. We may find peace in meditation. Or it may be wise to take a personal day.

Around dinnertime, the moon forms a strong sextile with Mars in Aquarius. Under this sextile, we feel like we can take on anything. We handle our issues in a pragmatic way and have the courage to face situations that once intimidated us. We feel open and honest with ourselves as well as others.

Later on, the moon forms a sextile with Saturn in Aquarius. Now is not the time to be impetuous. We must set our intentions using great deliberation. We are taking ownership of the things that are in our control. Our organizational talent is thriving under this sextile. Now is a great time to lead a project at work or tackle any projects at home.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.

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