Picture It! The Golden Girls’ Zodiac Signs!

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Let's celebrate the lives of the Golden Girls by examining their birth charts!

Betty White has passed on and now all of the Golden Girls are reunited and eating that big cheesecake in the sky! Let us remember these great ladies by pondering the sun, moon, and rising signs of their characters. Read on to find out if any of their placements match your own.


Dorothy Zbornak

Sagittarius Sun

I know there is one episode that suggests that Dorothy is a Leo, but she demonstrates many traits of a wise and self-reflective Sagittarius. As a broody, know-it-all fire sign, she takes her job as a substitute teacher very seriously and is constantly seeking more mentally sophisticated company. She is incredibly opinionated and has a tendency to judge her roommates rather harshly. Though she is easily annoyed by her friends, she is always ready to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on when they are in need of emotional support. 


Gemini Moon

Though all of the Golden Girls have the gift of gab, one could argue that due to Dorothy’s intellectual nature, she is the most eloquent and verbally expressive of the four women. Because of this, it stands to reason that she would be a lunar Gemini. Lunar Geminis are poetic in nature and Dorothy admits to writing poetry in high school. In fact, in the episode “Big Daddy’s Little Lady,” Dorothy lends her lyrical skills to help Rose win a songwriting contest.


Capricorn Rising

I believe that Dorothy would be a Capricorn ascendant due to the self-confidence she displays in the episode “Questions and Answers,” where she attempts to get on Jeopardy, only to have her dreams shattered by her own over-competitive nature. She also demonstrates a Capricorn ascendant’s no-nonsense attitude when she refuses to entertain her roommates’ foolish antics.  


Sophia Petrillo

Taurus Sun

Sophia exudes the wholesomely hedonistic nature of a Taurus. I know you must be thinking, “isn’t Blanche the hedonistic one?” And yes, she is carnally hedonistic. But Sophia is hedonistic in that she takes pleasure in all earthly delights, not just the romantic ones. She takes great pleasure in cooking, playing games, gambling, and yes, even “physical” activity. She also embodies Taurean energy in her need to set down roots and find a home. As long as that home isn’t Shady Pines.


Aquarius Moon

Lunar Aquarians are known for their compassion for marginalized groups, and despite her surly and cantankerous ways, Sophia is one of the most compassionate women in the house. In the episode “Sister of the Bride,” Sophia convinces Blanche to be accepting of her brother’s marriage to a man by saying, “everyone wants someone to grow old with, and shouldn’t everyone have that chance?” Lunar Aquarians are also seen as outsiders. And while Sophia is a member of the group, she is often left out of certain schemes.


Aries Rising

Despite being the oldest character on the show (though she was played by the youngest cast member) Sophia is the most adventurous of the four roommates and that is why I believe she is an Aries ascendant. In the episode, “The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo,” Sophia turns a trip to the grocery store into an all-day adventure of volunteering at a hospital and leading a musical band of octogenarians. That is something only an Aries ascendant could do. 


Blanche Devereaux

Scorpio Sun

Of course, the sexy and sultry Blanche Devereaux would be a Scorpio. Her passion, arrogance, and sensuality radiate Scorpio energy. Like the fixed water sign, she is in tune with her mental, emotional, and physical (especially physical) needs. She knows exactly what she wants and she goes after it without reservation.  She also embodies Scorpio’s loyal nature. Though she can be a bit selfish at times, she is a loyal friend to her roommates and she was a loyal wife to George. 


Libra Moon

Blanche’s moon has to be ruled by Venus. She would be insulted if one of her big three was not ruled by the planet of romance and beauty. But that is not the only reason I believe that she is a lunar Libra. Lunar Libra’s strive for harmony amongst their family and friends. Blanche puts on a facade of southern civility and rarely causes conflict amongst her roommates — unless one of them tries to steal her boyfriend. In the episode “Blanche’s Little Girl,” she tries desperately to avoid any arguments with her formerly estranged daughter because she doesn’t want to be cut out of her life again. 


Leo Rising

Beautiful and bombastic Blanche Devereaux has to have Leo somewhere in her big three. Like many Leo ascendants, she is the life of the party. Though her emotional authenticity is sometimes called into question, she has a big heart and altruistic tendencies, and she likes to express these tendencies through grand gestures. Sometimes the gestures can be a little…questionable. Like the time she gave her roommates a boudoir calendar.


Rose Nylund

Pisces Sun

Rose’s empathy, naiveté, and love of music make her the ideal Pisces. Rose is often the target of the other women’s ire due to her perceived dopiness and long-winded stories of St. Olaf. Like many Pisces, her friends don’t take into account how emotionally intelligent she really is. She is so emotionally intelligent that she works at the grief counseling center. Also like a Pisces, she is often underestimated. In the episode “Old Friends,” no one expects it when Rose snatches back her teddy bear from a conniving Sunshine Cadet.


Virgo Moon

The grief counseling center is not the only job she has throughout the series. In true lunar Virgo fashion, Rose proves herself to be quite the workhorse. She briefly works as a waitress and she even gets a job working for the consumer reporter, Enrique Más. Her Virgo moon may also be the reason why she gets so detail-oriented when recounting her life in St. Olaf. 


Cancer Rising

As a Cancer ascendant, Rose is a sensitive soul and a homebody. She likes her home to be a safe place for herself as well as the rest of her roommates. In the episode “Before and After,” she moves into a new house in pursuit of a more exciting life, only to be disappointed when she realizes her new roommates don’t see the house as a real home and they don’t see her as a real friend. 


Stan Zbornak

Have you heard of the supposed 13th zodiac sign? If not, don’t worry too much about it, because it’s not real. So Stan is obviously an Ophiuchus sun, moon, and ascendant because he is a yutz!


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