Famous Birth Chart Friday: The Sister Wives

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What do the moon and stars have in store for the Sister Wives?

I was never a huge fan of Sister Wives. I didn’t hate the show or anything, I just never watched it. But recently I have found myself completely enthralled with the drama that is ensuing over at Coyote Pass. Three of Kody Brown’s wives have left him, leaving him with only his legal wife Robyn. 

Watching all of the drama unfold, I began to wonder if any of the Browns were astrologically compatible and I was intrigued by what I found. So today we will be discussing each of the Brown’s sun and moon placements. I could not find their exact time of birth so I won’t be writing about their rising signs.

Read on to see if the moon and stars were working against the Browns from the very start. You can check to see if you have any of the same solar or lunar placements here.

I also want to state that this article was written for entertainment purposes only. I am not a therapist or relationship counselor and I am not diagnosing any of the Browns. 

Kody Brown


Our solar placements determine our energy and vitality and his sun sign is in Capricorn. Capricorns are known to have great leadership skills and to be financially shrewd.

This may be why he insists on bringing patriarchy back to his plural marriage. It can also explain the only thing that scares him is poverty. But Capricorns who have not reached emotional maturity yet can also be self-important. This could explain his histrionic behavior and his utter inability to show his wives a shred of empathy.

Our lunar placements govern our emotions and inner self. His moon sign is also Capricorn. People with this placement connect their emotions to their goals and aspirations. This could explain Kody’s inability to go with the flow. This could also explain why everything needs to be exactly how he wants it or else he’s not happy.

Meri Brown


Like Kody, Meri’s sun sign is also in Capricorn. Capricorns are organized and self-disciplined. This may explain why Meri is concerned with the cleanliness of her kitchen. It would take a self-disciplined person to share one spouse with three other people. Capricorns can also be controlling and condescending. This could explain her alleged bad behavior towards her sister wives and their children.

Her moon placement is in Virgo. People with this lunar placement are detail-oriented and dedicated to finding solutions. They can also become overwhelmed when dealing with emotional situations. Because of this placement, Meri may have difficulty seeing the big picture.

It should also be noted that Meri is the only person that has a mutable sign on this list. This could explain why she was happy to go along with whatever Kody wanted.

Janelle Brown


Janelle is not a Capricorn, but she is an earth sign. Her sun sign is Taurus. Taureans are determined and crave stability. This could explain why she was the most budget-conscious one in the family. Taureans are also the homemakers of the zodiac. This could explain her ability to feel at home anywhere including an RV.

It’s worth noting that as a Taurus, she is compatible with both Kody and Meri.

Like her ex-husband, her moon sign is Capricorn. Since she and Kody had the same lunar placement, this could explain she was seemingly able to understand his feelings. And since her moon is in a stable earth sign, this could explain why she tried to stay in the marriage as long as she could until she reached her breaking point.

Christine Brown


Christine is the first member of the Brown’s plural marriage who is not an earth sign. Her sun sign is in Aries. Aries are passionate and fiercely protective and loyal to their loved ones. This could explain her outspoken nature as well her dedication to her children and her sister wives’ children. Aries are also known to be temperamental and this could explain why Christine is open about her more negative feelings.

Her moon placement is happy at home in Cancer. Since Cancer is ruled by the moon and our moon placements rule out emotions, you could say that people with this placement are ruled by their emotions. Even though Robyn has garnered a reputation for crying a lot on the show, one could make the argument that Christine is the most emotional sister wife because she is most in tune with her needs and feelings.

Lunar Cancerians care a great deal about their family. This could explain why she was so angry at Kody for missing their daughter’s surgery. Though to be fair, I think anyone would be mad about that.

Robyn Brown


Like Kody, Meri, and Christine, Robyn is also a cardinal sign. Her sun sign is in Libra. Libras crave harmony and are known to be quite diplomatic. But they are also known to be a tad bit wishy-washy. This could explain why she wants there to be peace in their plural marriage.

This could also explain why she equivocates so much whenever a dilemma arises.

Like Kody and Janelle, her moon sign is in Capricorn. Like I said with Janelle, sharing a lunar placement with her husband probably allowed Robyn to understand Kody’s emotional needs better than some of the other wives. Having the same moon sign as your husband while also having an adaptable sun sign is probably why she is the only wife who hasn’t left him…yet.

Final Thoughts

There is a ton of Capricorn energy in this plural marriage. Capricorns can make excellent partners. But anyone with eyes can see that there is an overabundance of Sea-Goats in Coyote Pass. I have often said that Capricorns are the executives of the zodiac. And it can be hard to have four people who all want to be the “marriage executive” in a five-person relationship.

There is also a lot of earth energy in this situation. Kody, Meri, and Janelle have both their solar and lunar placements in earth signs, and Robyn has her moon in an earth sign. This could explain why they aren’t very flexible or adaptable to the needs of their spouses. This could also explain why they don’t take the needs or emotions of the one sister wife who is an Aries sun/Cancer moon seriously. 


Lastly, there is a ton of cardinal energy. Three members of this plural marriage have both their sun and moon placements in cardinal signs. Cardinal signs are leaders and trailblazers. But four of the people in this relationship want to blaze their own trails and don’t really care about what the other spouses want.

Poor Janelle is the only fixed sign in the bunch. Being the only fixed sign I can imagine that she felt a lot of pressure to bring financial stability and emotional security to the family. The only mutable sign accounted for is Meri’s Virgo moon, so there is not a lot of adaptability or cooperation amongst the Browns.

If there had been more fixed and mutable signs and a wider array of elements presented in this relationship, this could have been a more balanced marriage.

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