Astrology Meets Tarot: What’s in the Cards for Sagittarius?

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Calling all archers! It's Sagittarius season, and today we're taking a look at the tarot cards associated with this bold and fiery zodiac sign.

Did you know that each zodiac sign has correlating tarot cards? I don’t mean just one card. Every sign has a specific card for them, their ruling planet, and their element. But what do these cards mean? Let’s find out.

It’s Sagittarius season, so today we are talking about the archer. The clever sign deserves a little attention from our trusty tarot deck. A couple of weeks ago, we listened to a fun Sagittarius playlist. But today, we are going to kick off the weekend by seeing what the cards have in store for our entertaining yet introspective sign. 

Sagittarius is connected to the Temperance card, the Wheel of Fortune card, and the Wands suit. Now let’s dive in a little deeper and find out why.


The wands tarot suit

Every fire sign is connected to the wands suit, the suit of self-expression and individuality. Wands represent independence, creativity, and spontaneity. But they can also represent instability and inattentiveness.

This suit truly speaks to Sagittarius’ ambition and charitability. When a wand card comes up in a reading it can represent creativity and innovation. A wand card could also represent frustration and resentment towards our fellow humans. But worry not, fire signs. This is not just a “me me me” suit. Wand cards can represent success and generosity which fits perfectly with Sagittarius’ philanthropic energy.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune tarot card

Sagittarius’ ruling planet is Jupiter, and the tarot card for the celestial giant is the Wheel of Fortune. This card represents opportunity and luck. When this card pops up in your reading, it usually denotes a positive turn in, well, fortunes! However, your luck will change on its own. The Wheel of Fortune also represents a risk-taking opportunity. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

The Wheel of Fortunes illustrates Sagittarius’ ambition, drive, and courage to face challenges head-on.   


Temperance tarot card

The tarot card associated with Sagittarius is Temperance. When you first read the description for this card you may assume that it is associated with balanced Libra. However, this card speaks more to the archer sign’s wisdom and self-reflection. 

The Temperance card inspires Sagittarius to make healthy choices when it comes to their own physical and emotional well-being. This card will not help them let go of their darker emotions and impulses, but it will motivate them to understand the cause and reasoning behind them. The card also encourages the mutable fire sign to communicate their needs and break generational curses.  

There you have it, Sagittarius! An insightful tarot spread for the zodiac’s auspicious archer! Whenever these cards pop up in your reading, know that they may have an extra special message for you.

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