A Beyoncé Playlist for the Zodiac

Happy Belated Birthday, Beyoncé!

41 years ago on September 4, the earth was blessed with Beyoncé! Let’s celebrate Queen Bey by pairing each zodiac sign with one of her iconic songs. 

Don’t forget to check your moon and rising as well as your sun sign.

Also, I didn’t know what sign to pair with the wonderful song “Halo,” but I wanted to include it anyway. So you all get an extra song!


Aries – Hold Up


I’m not going to lie. I only paired Aries with this song because of the music video. Aries are known to be extremely loyal and incredibly angry. So I can imagine them walking down the street smashing things with a baseball bat with a smile plastered on their face. However, they would do it in a red dress rather than a gold one.

Taurus – Single Ladies 


If there is one sign in the whole zodiac who deserves something shiny, like a diamond ring, it is the luxurious Taurus! I paired Taurus with this song, not only because of the allusions to jewelry, but also because the song is about marriage. The earth sign has to be paired with a marriage song since they are ruled by Venus.

Gemini – Say My Name 


I bet all of the Geminis who were born in the 90’s are happy to be paired with this song. The air sign gets matched with one of the most nostalgic songs from Beyoncé’s girl group, Destiny’s Child. Geminis are known to be the most communicative sign, so they will love a song about proper romantic communication.

Cancer – Break My Soul


Cancerians are water signs, so they can be quite emotional. However, they are also cardinal signs, so they are strong and unbreakable. So naturally, I had to pair them with a song that demonstrates Beyoncé’s mental and emotional fortitude.

Leo – Pretty Hurts


I often joke that Leo is one the most flamboyant and one of the most attractive signs in the zodiac. Seriously, I have never met an unattractive Leo. But there is a darker side to beauty, and I think the fixed fire sign will appreciate this song that sheds light on that darker side.

Virgo – Gift From Virgo


I think it is safe to say that Beyoncé is one of the world’s most celebrated Virgos! This song is perfect for the more romantic Virgos. Not only does this song have the word “Virgo” in the title? It also glorifies two of the mutable earth sign’s most important values, loyalty and stability.

Libra – Irreplaceable


I wonder if Libra’s scales lean a little… to the left. Libras are known to be loving individuals. I mean, they are ruled by Venus, the planet of love. But, if they are hurt one too many times by a partner, they become ambivalent. And this song perfectly captures that ambivalence as well as the resilience befitting a cardinal sign.

Scorpio – Haunted


Scorpios are known to be one of the sexiest signs in the zodiac, so I had to pair them with this slow and sultry song. The broody Scorpio will like the spooky title of the song. But they will LOVE the sensual music and lyrics. I can see them playing this song when they are trying to seduce somebody.

Sagittarius – Freedom


This pairing is a fairly simple one to explain. Sagittarians are driven by their sense of wanderlust and need for independence. So a song titled “Freedom” will resonate well with them. They are also ruled by Jupiter, a planet of storms. So they will love the lyrics “tryna rain on the thunder, tell the storm I’m new.”

Capricorn – Formation


This song by the fabulous earth sign, Beyoncé, speaks to Capricorn’s ability to achieve anything that they put their minds to. You know how to dream it, work hard, grind until you own it, and twirl on your haters. Whenever you are feeling low, play this song and remember just how awesome you are! 

Aquarius – Alien Superstar 


Unique! That’s what you are, Aquarius. Sometimes you are just too classy for this world. Due to their eccentricities, the fixed air signs often get equated with aliens, but it is a title they wear proudly. Aquarius, listen to this song when you need to be reminded of the superstar that you are!

Pisces – Sandcastles


The list started with a Lemonade song, and it’s going to end with a Lemonade song. Well, sort of end, because there is technically one more song on the list, but you all know how I feel about Ophiuchus. Pisces gets paired with one of the most emotional songs on the list. The water sign will love the simple yet beautiful lyrics like “We built sandcastles that washed away.”

Ophiuchus- Crazy In Love (but the Fifty Shades of Grey version)


Beyoncé’s music is for everyone… even the signs that don’t exist. Ophiuchus gets paired with one of Beyoncé’s most well-known songs, but they are stuck with the weird Fifty Shades of Grey version.

Dear Editor, should I write a Fifty Shades article? I mean, I already did a Twilight article, I might as well pay homage to the smutty fanfiction version right?

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