Find Inspiration

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”― Eleanor Roosevelt

What makes you feel inspired? For some of us, it’s the beauty of the natural world and the many wonders that can be found even in the most ordinary places. Others prefer to look toward inspiring figures—celebrities, loved ones, and everyday folks who have achieved incredible things—as their guides.

We are so delighted to share what inspires us here on HeyPumpkin and to learn from each other. We’re always looking for ways to lift each other up and inspire our readers—and ourselves—to reach new heights. We challenge each other—and you—to dream bigger and dare more. And most of all, we find inspiration in the journey, not just the destination. Let these stories be the sparks that ignite the next step in your personal journey.

Weekly Inspiration: Enjoy a quick dose of inspiration from the world’s greatest, most creative minds. From quotes that get you moving in the morning to thought-provoking challenges, HeyPumpkin is here to motivate you every week and help you think about something from a brand-new perspective.

Incredible Leaders: We can learn so much from other women. That’s why HeyPumpkin turns the spotlight on both famous faces—like Dolly Parton—as well as conducting exclusive interviews with artists, entrepreneurs, and business leaders from communities across the country. Learn the secrets of their success, the struggles they overcame, and the advice they’d offer their younger selves.

Real Women, Real Stories: The most important thing we can learn from each other is that, no matter what happens, we’re never alone in our journeys through life. Someone else has walked the same path before you, and you can learn from their experience. We talk to real women about their struggles and triumphs, as well as the things about their lives that they wish more people understood.

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