5 Stylish Wardrobe Staples for Fall

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Is there something missing from your wardrobe, but you’re just not quite sure what it is? Take a look at these fall style staples and make sure you have your basics covered!

Does the word “style” intimidate you? You don’t have to be a fashion expert to look and feel good in what you wear. By adding a few basic staples to your wardrobe, you can elevate your style and dress to impress no matter where you’re going. Whether you’re at the office or going out with friends, the right fall wardrobe staples will have you stepping out with confidence.

Trends are trends because they don’t last long, so if you’re on a budget, don’t spend your money on something you can only wear for one season. The fast fashion industry also has a majorly negative impact on the planet, so it’s better for the environment if you avoid jumping on the trend train, too. 

Instead, spend your money on items that will make you look good and feel good year after year. It’ll simplify your life and be better for your wallet. Take a look at how to include these five fall staples in your wardrobe. 

Plaid and Belted Waist Blazers

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You don’t have to wear one of these staples just to the office. That’s right, blazers are more than just formal wear. They give your outfit an extra oomph, especially if you choose to add a plaid or belted option to your wardrobe, as those styles aren’t likely to go away in popularity anytime soon. Style them with jeans for a more casual look or with trousers to dress it up a bit. A classic black blazer is always a good idea, but don’t be afraid to buy a fun plaid one instead!

Plaid and Infinity Scarves

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Okay, I love scarves – I even wrote a whole post dedicated to the different types of scarves and their merits. Scarves are the best accessory in my opinion, but you don’t have to take it from me. Just look at fall outfits on Pinterest or Instagram for more than five minutes, and you’ll see plenty of gorgeous scarves. Plaid scarves and infinity scarves in particular are both super versatile and they add extra texture and color to your outfit. Scarves are just the best!

Leather (or Faux Leather) Boots

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A good pair of boots is a must-have for fall weather. They keep your feet warm when it’s freezing and they’re perfect for walking through leaves and snow. In fact, boots are so useful that you might want to invest in more than one pair of this fall staple. Whether you choose to buy booties, mid-calf boots, or knee-highs is entirely up to you. Just make sure you have at least one pair to keep you warm and looking cute throughout the fall!

Midi Dress

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While it might be easy to find a blazer, scarf, and pair of boots that you like, put aside a little bit more time for finding the right midi dress for your wardrobe. Long dresses sit on different body types in different ways, so you’ll definitely want to try your potential midi dress on before you buy it. It may look great on the hanger but look just “meh” on you. But once you find a style that makes you feel like a million bucks, make sure you pick it up! You can style a midi dress with everything else that’s already on this list, and you can wear it on cooler spring days, too. 

Knit Sweater

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A sweater is the fall and winter staple that you just can’t live without. Just like scarves, I love sweaters and I’ve even written an entire post dedicated to some of the different cozy, eco-friendly options out there. If you purchase a neutral-colored sweater, like a camel or white option, you can style it in so many different ways. But if you love bright colors and patterns, then don’t be afraid to buy a statement piece. If there’s room in your budget, pick up a neutral option too, that way you’ll be covered no matter what! 

These style staples will give you a solid foundation for your fall wardrobe, but if you’re looking for even more ideas, we’ve got them! A long-sleeved little black dress is another option that you should consider adding to your wardrobe because there are tons of different ways to style it. Also, don’t forget warm cardigans for the days that you don’t feel like wearing a sweater! Last but not least, a good pair of leggings is a must-have. If you don’t want to wear them as pants, that’s okay – wear them with a tunic top, dress, or skirt instead. Just don’t skip the leggings! 

Save time and money, and best of all, make your life easier, with these fashionable and warm style staples in the cold fall weather.

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