Here’s What the Upcoming Wolf Full Moon in Leo Could Mean for Your Zodiac Sign

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This week's Wolf Full Moon in Leo might not come with literal wolf-summoning powers, but that doesn't mean it's not incredibly potent. Read on to find out what could be in store for your sun and rising signs.

This week – on January 28 to be exact — we’ll be experiencing a super-mystical sounding Wolf Moon in Leo. And while, unfortunately, this moon doesn’t involve literal wolf-summoning powers, it is rather potent, thanks in no small part to its aspects with Mars and Uranus in Taurus, as well as a T-square between the sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.

The specific themes of this full moon are avoiding impulsiveness and anger, and instead exercising patience and self-control when our emotions are running amok.

In general, all full moons can be a bit challenging. The sun is opposite the moon, which pits our identities (sun) against our emotional natures (moon). It also illuminates issues that we sometimes would rather stay hidden. So it can be a time of conflict, but also of immense growth, and an ideal opportunity to recognize things in our lives that are no longer serving us, and releasing them to the universe.

Read on to see how this full moon will affect your sun — and rising — sign.  


This full moon is bringing attention to your sector of creativity and passion. If you don’t find a creative outlet, you might feel like you’ll burst! Take some time today to devote to a new project. You might also have a breakthrough regarding an important relationship in your life.


Expect this moon to draw attention to your sector of family and domestic issues. This could illuminate areas of your domestic life that you haven’t noticed until now. This could have to do with your family’s current needs, or something from your history that will be a new discovery.


This full moon highlights your communication sector. If you’ve spent the last weeks seeking to escape the mundane, this is when it catches back up to you. Take time to do some housekeeping today so you’ll have room for adventure tomorrow.


Cancer, tonight’s moon will focus on your money sector. If you’ve been dealing with power struggles over joint finances, they may come to a head today. It’s time to find common ground and focus more on the give and take of sharing responsibility.


This Leo full moon occurs in – surprise! — your sector of identity and self. You’re looking for support and attention and could feel frustrated at the lack of it. This full moon is about self-sufficiency. How can you best fulfill your own needs without looking to others?


Virgo, you can expect for this moon to draw attention to your sector of healing. After so much focus on relationships with others and on your work life, you have a strong craving for time alone to process. It’s time to work on yourself for a bit. There are inner worlds that need tending.


For you, Libra, this moon is all about your tribe. It’s bringing your focus on the importance of your community, and how much you all bring to each other’s lives. Gathering isn’t all that easy right now. Get creative so you can see their faces.


You’re bound to be recognized for your work life under this full moon. That’s because it occurs in your sector of career achievement. Just keep in mind that when you’re under the spotlight, missteps are noticed by everyone. Tread lightly.


This full moon is bringing attention to your sector of philosophy. If you feel you’ve been focusing too much on mundane matters lately, this full moon will bring your attention to more universal topics. It’s time for expanded horizons.


This moon occurs in your sector of transformation. You’ve been focused on amassing wealth and possessions as a form of security, but this full moon wants you to strike the balance between your comfort levels and those of others in your life. You might need to settle some debts.


This moon could feel like it’s testing you, Aquarius. It will bring attention to your sector of balance. An opportunity could be revealed that will allow you to strike balance between your own needs and the needs of another person in your life. Now is the time for negotiation and compromise.


This full moon will bring attention to your sector of health and work habits, Pisces. You could be reaching a breaking point. Whether you’re fed up with your poor diet, your lack of motivation to exercise, your overloaded workdays, or with how your boss is treating you – something’s gotta give.

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