Houseplants That Are Safe to Have Around Your Dogs and Cats

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While there are a number of houseplants that aren't safe for your pets, there are a handful that are! Here’s a list of some of the houseplants you can safely keep around your animals.

Pets and plants don’t always get along. In fact, there are a number of houseplants that are not safe for animals. They can not only cause seizures, but in more serious situations, they can cause death. And while these “toxic” plants can benefit your home in a number of ways, it’s not worth risking your furry friends’ health.

So, if you’re wondering if your houseplants are safe for animals, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of some of the houseplants you can safely keep around your animals.

Rattlesnake Plant

Rattlesnake Plant

If you’re wanting some vibrant green colors in your home, the rattlesnake plant is the way to go. The leaves are very unique, so you won’t get them confused for another plant. As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about watering these bad boys 24/7 — they follow a very easy watering schedule. And they don’t even need to be in direct sunlight!

Banana Tree

banana tree

If you’ve been in the market for a bigger plant to put by your window or in the corner of a room, here’s an awesome, pet-safe choice. Go for a banana tree! While a lot of bigger plants are toxic to animals, the banana tree is not. All they require is frequent watering and natural sunlight. That’s not too much to ask for a beautiful plant, right?!

Spider Plant

spider plant

Spider plants aren’t just safe for your animals–they’ll also help you out, too! In fact, spider plants are known for being great natural air purifiers, so you won’t even need to buy a gadget to keep the air in your home clean. They’re also very resilient plants, which means you can neglect them for days and they’ll stay alive–though we don’t recommend neglecting your plants, of course.

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Boston Fern

boston fern

Pets like to gnaw on the fronds of Boston ferns, but you don’t have to worry about it harming your dogs or cats! Though your pets may ruin your Boston fern, these lovely plants are non-toxic. So, go ahead and put them in your home if you’d like, but I would suggest hanging them somewhere your pets won’t be able to reach. 

African Violet

African violet

Wanting another color in your houseplants besides green? Snatch up an African violet. Their beautiful purple flowers will brighten up your space and won’t harm your pets. However, just remember to keep them away from windows or floor vents. All these guys need to bloom is indirect sunlight. 



Not only do orchids last forever, but they also won’t harm your animals. Win, win! Orchids are also a great plant to have in the winter months because they don’t require a lot of sunlight to thrive. With the proper care, your orchid bloom could last for months on end.

Purple Waffle Plant 

purple waffle plant

Another houseplant with great color, these plants are great all year round and only require a bit of sunlight. However, if you want them to become more purple, put them in sunlight a little bit longer. Much like spider plants, they’re great air humidifiers!

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