Rebellious Aquarius Season Is Here. What Will It Mean for You?

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When the sun is in Aquarius, our minds turn toward freedom, independence, and bucking the status quo. What will the next four weeks shake up in your life? Read on to find out what's in store for your sign.

Aquarius season is here, and convention is flying out the window. Aquarius brings in an overall spirit of independence, individuality, and innovation – and that energy is here to shake things up after a month of Capricorn’s laser focus on things like work, finances, and stability.

The sun moving into Aquarius is intensifying that overall theme, which will reach a fever pitch around mid-February, with six planets aligning in the sign, forming what’s called a stellium. This is just a continuation of the Age of Aquarius energy we were ushered into with last month’s Great Conjunction.

All of these events are expected to intensify Aquarius’ futuristic and progressive influence on the world at large. But what about you as an individual? Read on to see what areas of your life could turn over a new leaf – or be shaken up completely – over the next month. And don’t forget to check out the horoscope for your rising sign in addition to your sun sign if you know it.


The sun is moving into your 11th house of community. Expect the next month to be light-hearted and social. New connections are likely, and networking will be very beneficial. Even your romantic relationships should take on a more playful tone. Doesn’t that sound like a breath of fresh air right now?


With the sun moving into your 10th house, for the next month, your focus will largely be placed on your career and your advancements in it. You crave attention and accolades for the hard work you’ve put in, and it’s very likely that that recognition will come your way.


The sun is now in your travel and education sector, Gemini. This sets up four weeks of looking outside of yourself. Adventure is the name of the game, and you’re seeking new experiences and higher meaning. Taking risks and broadening your horizons are wise moves.


For the next four weeks, you may find yourself focused on areas of personal growth. The sun has moved into your house of rebirth, and you might feel like taking a step back from the rat race and focusing on family, a partner, or your own emotional healing.


Aquarius season will place the focus on your 7th house of partnerships. For the next four weeks, you may be hyper-focused on finding a partner. At a time of so much self-discovery, someone to bounce ideas off of would be incredibly helpful. Keep your eyes peeled and your mind open.


The sun has moved into your sector of work and health habits. This is a productive time for work and health routines, and you may take pride in what you accomplish over the next month. You can make vast improvements to the whole by focusing on the details.


Your sector of creativity and romance will be highlighted this month, and things are looking up! Expect to be filled with creative energy for the next four weeks. After a time of staying in your shell and playing house, it’s time to take risks and get out and play in the sun. (Or, you know, snow.)


As the sun moves into your 4th house of home, you’ll be drawn towards nesting and devoting your next four weeks to beautifying your space and taking care of domestic issues. This is a time to take pride in your home and your family.


This transit takes place in your sector of thought and communication. For the next four weeks, expect a fuller social calendar than you’ve had in recent months. Take time to tend to the relationships that haven’t been as active lately. There are bound to be several.


The sun has moved into your 2nd house of financial stability. For the next month, your attention will be on material matters, comfort, and security. This might spur you on to accumulate a lot of “stuff.” Be mindful of your spending. Find better ways to comfort yourself.


Aquarius, the focus is now on your sector of identity and self. It’s a new dawn; a new day. For the next four weeks, you’ll feel an increase in energy and confidence as you turn over a new leaf. It’s time to seize the brand-new opportunities that will present themselves to you.


Today, the sun moves into your 12th house of healing. This marks the beginning of four weeks of much-needed rest and retreat. Dream a little, Aquarius, and give yourself space to recharge your batteries. You’ll feel more outgoing when the sun moves into your native sign next month.

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